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Vocabulary Word

Word: porridge

Definition: soft food made by boiling oatmeal

Sentences Containing 'porridge'

A third food that is commonly eaten at breakfast is porridge ("puuro"), often made of rolled oats, and eaten with a pat of butter ("voisilmä", lit.
And gravely glancing at Mr. Darcy,``There is a fine old saying, which everybody here is of course familiar with:`Keep your breath to cool your porridge'; and I shall keep mine to swell my song.''
Art critic Eleanor Heartney, in an introduction to Tcherkelov’s series of impasto paintings based on these images, writes that they present “symbols mined from American currency as keys to understand national dreams and fantasies.” Concentrating on details in both new and old currency, Tcherkelov “exhumes their meanings and contradictions, revealing the subliminal power that currency images have.” Artist, musician, and performer Genesis P-Orridge writes of one of Tcherkelov's paintings that "it seemed to explode with sheer exuberance."
As well as the English "Poison hemlock" and the Irish "Devil's Bread" or "Devil's Porridge", there are also Beaver Poison, Herb Bennet (not to be confused with Herb Robert), Musquash Root, Poison Parsley, Spotted Corobane, and Spotted Hemlock.
Did much of the tattooing and piercing on Psychic TV's Genesis P-Orridge and Paula P-Orridge.
During the Imperial period, staple food of the lower class Romans (plebeians) was vegetable porridge and bread, and occasionally fish, meat, olives and fruits.
He liked it very much and requested the girl to bring only the porridge everyday.
His life is a mystery to the partner of his joys and sorrows--I again allude to his wife--and if I should assure you that beyond knowing that it is passed from morning to night at the office, I now know less of it than I do of the man in the south, connected with whose mouth the thoughtless children repeat an idle tale respecting cold plum porridge, I should adopt a popular fallacy to express an actual fact.
However, there are other options such as the milk-based "mannapuuro" (semolina-milk porridge) and "helmipuuro" (starch grain-milk porridge).
It is also called "corá" () in Minas Gerais, "papa-de-milho" "corn porridge" in Rio de Janeiro, and "canjica" in the northern half of Brazil (Northeast and North regions).
Moin moin is eaten alone or with bread as a snack, with rice as a meal or with ogi (corn or millet porridge) for breakfast or supper.
On that day she took this porridge to Ayyappa, who was practising payattu in the Kalari.
One mandatory item on the menu is "Rthumathikanji" (porridge made using rice and five times the quantity of jaggery).
Rolled oats, rye or multi-grain porridge are most common.
Sane has also played with Pigface, Genesis P-Orridge, Reverend Vince Anderson s.p.a.s.m. The band has changed personnel numerous times, frequently shuffling drummers.
Shacklock built a ‘self setting’ stove with specially designed grates and flues that worked using lignite coal unlike the British and American kitset imports which were designed to run on bituminous coal. This design was a continually improved and modified product that warmed kitchens, heated water, baked scones and cooked porridge throughout thousands of New Zealand homes.
She said she is obsessed with cooking, eating and playing with food, though custard and porridge make her cringe.
Soups were added to the traditional one-pot meals and various kinds of porridge and stew only in relatively recent history.
The Christmas season introduces milk-based rice porridge ("riisipuuro"), sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and often topped with prune kissel ("luumukiisseli").
The Finnish breakfast traditionally includes a substantial portion of porridge.
They may be used as ingredients, or eaten on their own, for example, with porridge and sugar.
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