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Vocabulary Word

Word: politic

Definition: prudent; judicious; well judged; expedient; well devised

Sentences Containing 'politic'

A number of these works have been exhibited at the Chicago International Art Exposition, the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland and the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles, as well as in the exhibition "Body Politic" at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and "Issue of Choice" at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibition (LACE).
A professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that the fact that 24% of the voters are under 30 years old when official static data the 20 to 29 age group is 14% of the whole population, showed that the young generation is keen to participate in Hong Kong politic.
A small stop in that great blood-vessel, which has been artificially swelled beyond its natural dimensions, and through which an unnatural proportion of the industry and commerce of the country has been forced to circulate, is very likely to bring on the most dangerous disorders upon the whole body politic.
Although the result of the campaign turned out exactly like Chiang Kai-shek and his subordinates had predicted, and consequently the power of the warlords in this region was indeed reduced as their military forces were smashed by the communists, so that the warlord problem plagued China for so long was thus reduced for this particular region, and Chiang Kai-shek’s secondary objective was achieved here, any positive gains obtained by the nationalists were negated by the politic fallout.
At the Democratic National Convention in 1924, he spoke in favor of condemning the Ku Klux Klan by name in the party platform: "We ask you to cut out of the body politic with the sharpest instrument at your command this malignant growth which, injected, means the destruction of everything which has made America immortal. If you can denounce Republicanism, you can denounce Ku Kluxism.
But it would be hard to argue that the body politic is not enriched by the recent revelations that Mr. Edwards is not who we thought he was, even balanced against the many stories the Enquirer gets wrong."
But only for a secret and politic consideration, which we call oikonomian or dispensation.
But the whole system of her industry and commerce has thereby been rendered less secure; the whole state of her body politic less healthful than it otherwise would have been.
Further, while contemporary Canadian sociology is marked by its breadth of topics and questions – class, power, race, education, ability, work, gender – and, frankly, a commitment to a left-leaning politic, none of this was true in 1965.
His writings include "Landscape, Nature and the Body Politic" (2002) and "Nature's Ideological Landscape" (1984).
José Maria Moreira do Bonfim (priest); Dr. José Maria Bonfim Morais (Cardiologist); Dr. Hideraldo Dwight Leitão (Teacher); Rosa Ferreira de Morais (Teacher); Antonio dos Santos Cavalcante ( Deputy); Expedito Machado and Sérgio Machado (Business Man); José Lins de Albuquerque (Politic) and Dr. João Afonso Almeida Vale Filho, (Writer, Teacher and Economist).
Olwig's second book, "Landscape, Nature and the Body Politic", was published by University of Wisconsin Press in 2002; like its predecessor, it bore an introduction by Olwig's mentor Yi-Fu Tuan.
Only those countries with relatively stable politic and economic environment, modern infrastructure and acceptably compatible legal system are considered to be ideal for sourcing.
The cover design for "Landscape, Nature and the Body Politic", which adapts part of the original cover of Hobbes' "Leviathan", drew particular attention for highlighting the little-noticed role of landscape in that historically famous image.
The High Court found, in 2002, though, that allegiance to the Queen of Australia was the "fundamental criterion of membership" in the Australian body politic, from a constitutional, rather than statutory, point of view.
The market served not just as a place for commerce, but as a stage for politic debates and religious omilies as well.
They not only introduce very dangerous disorders into the state of the body politic, but disorders which it is often difficult to remedy, without occasioning, for a time at least, still greater disorders.
``I do it because it's politic; I do it on principle.

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