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Vocabulary Word

Word: poise

Definition: good judgment with composure; balance; V: place in a carefully balanced position

Sentences Containing 'poise'

Afterwards the trainee performs (keeping with the Coast Guard creed of poise, pride, perfection ) ceremonies that attest and demonstrate "poise" before their peers, "pride" in their uniform, "perfection" in their drills and knowledge of their job sequencing.
At length as the craft was cast to one side, and ran ranging along with the White Whale's flank, he seemed strangely oblivious of its advance--as the whale sometimes will--and Ahab was fairly within the smoky mountain mist, which, thrown off from the whale's spout, curled round his great, Monadnock hump; he was even thus close to him; when, with body arched back, and both arms lengthwise high-lifted to the poise, he darted his fierce iron, and his far fiercer curse into the hated whale.
He gave the cane another poise, and another switch; and having finished his preparation of it, laid it down beside him, with an impressive look, and took up his book.
Holt regained his poise and landed the harder cleaner shots for the rest of the evening.
In many parts of Latin America, including Colombia, ""Soda Stereo said musicality and poise of a new generation, sought to differentiate themselves from the 'thirties eighties' who liked the Dominican merengue, to begin to listen and sing rock in Spanish."" In Chile, Soda not only marked a whole generation with his look, his lyrics and music but the intense emotional relationship developed between the band and its fans, was a decisive factor for "de-nationalize" the group and make it an expression, and not only young people in a particular country, but youth as a sector uniform social issues and common languages, something that rock and roll had not been achieved so far in the Spanish-speaking countries due to language barrier.
It receives its designation (pitchpoling) from its being likened to that preliminary up-and-down poise of the whale-lance, in the exercise called pitchpoling, previously described.
Low volume flows (7 km long x 3 to 8 m thick), with small-scale flow folds and lava tubes reaching 1 to 2 m in diameter and thin dikes up to thick, owed their fluidity to liquidus temperatures in excess of 1,200°C and viscosities as low as 105 poise.
Recovering his poise, he ordered heavy reinforcements sent to the Western Tranvaal and appointed Colonel Ian Hamilton to coordinate the British effort.
She further explains that "the attitude, poise and voice are very distinct from mine and clash with the roles of young innocent girl that I am used to performing."
The 12- and 13-year-old girls were, and continue to be, judged on poise, personality and presentation.
The 18-year-old secretary from Durban enraptured the audience with her poise and beauty.
The model was hired by David O. Selznick in the 1940s to teach contract actresses, such as Jennifer Jones, about beauty, poise, and publicity.

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