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Vocabulary Word

Word: plumber

Definition: one who installs and repairs pipes and plumbing(pipes)

Sentences Containing 'plumber'

"Alien" begins with Pallot lying down, it then becomes apparent that she had fallen onto a plumber's van, crushing it, and the video implies she has fallen from the sky "like an alien".
"It is an ordinary plumber's smoke- rocket, fitted with a cap at either end to make it self-lighting.
"Kurt - the Fastest Plumber in the West" and "Ronnie Lane" are examples of this.
A plumber by profession, he is fond of surfing and fishing.
After college, she stayed in Colorado, working first as a plumber's apprentice on a construction site south of Colorado Springs.
Andrew Muir is a singer from Fauldhouse, West Lothian, previously a plumber.
Father was a plumber in the Tottenham Court Road, and he left a tidy business behind him, which mother carried on with Mr. Hardy, the foreman; but when Mr. Windibank came he made her sell the business, for he was very superior, being a traveller in wines.
His father is a plumber in Vegreville, while his mother managed a restaurant in British Columbia prior to her November 2011 death.
His father, Henry Salisbury, described himself as a “plumber, decorator and ironmonger” (his mother was Susan Hawes), yet his son Frank would become one of the greatest society artists of his generation.
Hyland was shot dead at his Dublin home, along with a plumber, Anthony Campbell, who was carrying out work at the house.
It is the first album by Gessle to use a pseudonym artist name; Son of a Plumber.
It was announced on 2 September 2008 that Nathan would not be pursuing an AFL career in 2009, instead choosing to become a plumber.
John Horner, 26, plumber, was brought up upon the charge of having upon the 22nd inst., abstracted from the jewel-case of the Countess of Morcar the valuable gem known as the blue carbuncle.
John Horner, a plumber, was accused of having abstracted it from the lady's jewel-case.
She once had a one night stand with a plumber named "Tiny", with whom she had a daughter, Katherine Tina Valentine, who wasn't seen until 2008, when she emerged as Jabot Cosmetics fashionista Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).
Son of a Plumber became a defined band, with Per Gessle, vocals and guitar, Clarence Öfwerman, keyboards, Christoffer Lundquist, guitar, Jens Jansson, drums, and Helena Josefsson, vocals.
Son of a Plumber is an album released by Swedish pop-rock singer and composer Per Gessle.
Tony, was a 27-year-old former plumber and air conditioning engineer from Lancashire.
You knew that this man Horner, the plumber, had been concerned in some such matter before, and that suspicion would rest the more readily upon him.

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