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Vocabulary Word

Word: plumb

Definition: exactly vertical; N: weight on the end of a line; V: examine very carefully or critically in order to understand; measure depth (by sounding); Ex. plumb the depth of

Sentences Containing 'plumb'

And he said, what he had planned in his head from the start, if we got Jim out all safe, was for us to run him down the river on the raft, and have adventures plumb to the mouth of the river, and then tell him about his being free, and take him back up home on a steamboat, in style, and pay him for his lost time, and write word ahead and get out all the niggers around, and have them waltz him into town with a torchlight procession and a brass-band, and then he would be a hero, and so would we.
Dave and Thomas must drive a large dump truck backwards through a course marked by pylons, and try to put a plumb bob at the back of the truck over a target.
He's plumb crazy, s'I; it's what I says in the fust place, it's what I says in the middle, 'n' it's what I says last 'n' all the time--the nigger's crazy--crazy 's Nebokoodneezer, s'I."
However, the implementation of this idea was complicated by the fact that the weight of the plumb-bob would have to be carefully calibrated, heavy enough not to be blown back into the underside of the platform by the extreme upward winds during the fall, yet still sensitive enough to react immediately on hitting "fuzzy" terrain such as heather or long grass.
I kneeled down, and they raised a ladder from the ground to my neck; upon this ladder one of them mounted, and let fall a plumb-line from my collar to the floor, which just answered the length of my coat: but my waist and arms I measured myself.
In 1892, three years after the Great Seattle Fire, he became Seattle city engineer and began the process of paving roads, building sidewalks, and adding sewer lines (often through areas that earlier engineers could not work out how to plumb).
In 2003, Bathstore was acquired by Wolseley Plc, the global building materials company that owns brands such as Plumb Center and Build Center in the UK.
In the NUS awards it won Best Reporter (Matt Sandy), Best Feature Writer (Alastair Plumb), Best Sports Writer (David O'Kelly) and Best Photographer (Ching Sum Yuen).
It was finally found in 1956 when Professor John Plumb and the 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley discovered the book in Houghton Hall's library.
Liz White was the Animal Alliance Environmental Voters Party of Canada candidate, and Doug Plumb represented the Canadian Action Party.
Murphy, who was to have been the guest speaker at the 1971 Spirit of America Festival, died in a plane crash just two months prior to his scheduled appearance at the Festival. The award is now presented annually to an "outstanding American patriot" or "an outstanding group of individuals who most exemplify the true ‘Spirit of America.’" Past recipients of the Audie Murphy Patriotism Award include: Vietnam Prisoner of War Charles J. Plumb, Brigadier General Hallett D. Edson, General Omar Bradley, Alabama Governor George C. Wallace, U.S. Senator James C. Allen, U.S. Senator John Sparkman, U.S. astronaut John Young, Olympic track star Jesse Owens, entertainer Johnny Cash, U.S. Congressman Bob Jones, Secretary of State Alexander Haig; Vietnam veteran U.S. Senator Jeremiah A. Denton, U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, Iranian hostage Charles C. Scott, actor Gerald McRaney, and U.S. Admiral Donald Whitmire.
No, when I go to sea, I go as a simple sailor, right before the mast, plumb down into the forecastle, aloft there to the royal mast-head.
Oh, she was plumb deef en dumb, Huck, plumb deef en dumb--en I'd ben a-treat'n her so!"
Plumb Point Lighthouse is located at Great Plumb Point on the Palisadoes Peninsula.
So there I had to stick plumb until daylight this morning; and I never see a nigger that was a better nuss or faithfuller, and yet he was risking his freedom to do it, and was all tired out, too, and I see plain enough he'd been worked main hard lately.
The solution settled upon was a plumb-bob, which would dangle below the platform and activate the rockets when it hit the ground.
The weight for the plumb-bob was worked out experimentally, and so the first full-scale tests began.
This vertical can be drawn by holding a plumb line at arm's length -LRB- closing one eye, of course -RRB- and bringing it to a position where it will cover the point A on your subject.
Though still capable of blazing his way through many First Class cricket teams, Tyson struggled on the slow, plumb wickets used in the Tests.
We got her half way; and then we was plumb played out, and most drownded with sweat.

More Vocab Words

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::: kismet - fate; destiny; Ex. Kismet is the Arabic word for fate.
::: decrepitude - state of collapse or weakness caused by illness or old age
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::: unobtrusive - inconspicuous; not blatant
::: confound - confuse; puzzle
::: umbrage - resentment; anger; sense of injury or insult; Ex. take umbrage at his rudeness