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Vocabulary Word

Word: plaster

Definition: paste that hardens to a smooth solid and is used for coating walls; V.

Sentences Containing 'plaster'

"Women's House", an ongoing project since 1998, displays plaster casts of the faces of abused women arranged in a semicircle.
'For instance, now,' she went on, sticking a large piece of plaster [band-aid] on her finger as she spoke, 'there's the King's Messenger.
A plaster cast of that Athena now stands in her place at the Great Hall.
A safety net was installed at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood to catch errant pieces of plaster falling from the ceiling.
All day he toiled on untiringly, and by the evening he had succeeded in extracting ten handfuls of plaster and fragments of stone.
Builders constructed some of the finest houses on the East Africa coast, with extensive elaborate plaster works.
But Don Quixote was of one mind, he of the Mirrors of another, for he just then had no thought of anything but finding some village where he could plaster himself, as has been said already.
But these are all landsmen; of week days pent up in lath and plaster--tied to counters, nailed to benches, clinched to desks.
Campus legend has it that this lack of plaster is due to fire regulations requiring a minimum width in corridors.
Cement plaster shall be removed from the walls wherever used shall be replaced with lime plaster.
Dantes carefully collected the plaster, carried it into the corner of his cell, and covered it with earth.
De Lue Completed a full plaster model in 1963 at which time it was sent to Italy to be cast. Design.
For many generations, Fanefjord's Church frescos were hidden under a covering of plaster.
His works have been executed in plaster, marble, sandstone, wood and ivory.
I was surprised to see how thirsty the bricks were which drank up all the moisture in my plaster before I had smoothed it, and how many pailfuls of water it takes to christen a new hearth.
In 1960, he created his first model, a plaster-cast, in collaboration with Dansk Akrylteknik.
In addition to work in clay and plaster, Taft taught his students marble carving, and had them work on group projects.
In lathing I was pleased to be able to send home each nail with a single blow of the hammer, and it was my ambition to transfer the plaster from the board to the wall neatly and rapidly.
In the center of the cell, in a circle traced with a fragment of plaster detached from the wall, sat a man whose tattered garments scarcely covered him.
In their construction of caravanserais, medreses and mosques, the Rum Seljuks translated the Iranian Seljuk architecture of bricks and plaster into the use of stone.
It can be brushed over a raised plaster stencil.
It is bordered on each side of a double row of arches rested on twin columns and surmounted by a carved plaster decoration consisting of floral and geometric patterns.
Kuhlo wire could be run exposed on surfaces and painted, or embedded in plaster.
Most of the murals and frescos had been buried under years of plaster and paints before being restored.
Moulds for casting may be either re-usable ceramic moulds, or else a one-use investment mould of plaster.
Native stonework can only be found beneath a layer of plaster.
Probably the wall paintings from the 13th century inside the church were covered with plaster in that time.
Some jars were lined with white plaster that was applied and self-hardened after firing.
Stand aside and let me go; I have to plaster myself, for I believe every one of my ribs is crushed, thanks to the enemies that have been trampling over me to-night."
Szaton created a full-scale plaster sculpture in his Tinley Park studio before casting the statue in bronze.
Szaton's wife donated the full-scale plaster sculpture to the Tinley Park Historical Society in 1986.
Terry returned with his arm in plaster and hanging by a sling.
The chapel is decorated with sculpted plaster that has been gilded done by local artists.
The decorative plaster of the walls also fell off due to cracks in the masonry walls and spoiled the beauty of the structure.
The drawing room had a feet high ceiling with lavish plaster work (a small portion of which survives today) and a parquet floor.
The elegant bridge displays an excellent combination of intricate plaster and metalwork unmatched by any other bridge locally.
The interior has much original trim, including plaster, carved moldings and mantels.
The internal walls of Blocks C and D were noted for their lack of plaster.
The low-frequency vibrations rattled tiles and plaster, too, leading to damage in some venues.
The original plaster version of the sculpture resided in the collection of the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, D.C. as of 1962.
The plaster sculpture is still able to be viewed in the Tinley Park Historical Society Museum.
the Queen said, as she bound the plaster round her finger with a bit of ribbon.
The undersides of the vaults and all the walls were finished internally and externally with lime plaster and lime wash, much of it decorative with arches.
The walls are of rubble-stone construction and covered in plaster, topped by battlements, and the overall appearance is that of fortress.
Their chief beauty is the deep, warm, varicolored stain with which time and the weather have enriched the plaster.
There were no carpets and no signs of any furniture above the ground floor, while the plaster was peeling off the walls, and the damp was breaking through in green, unhealthy blotches.
There were studios for ceramics and glass art, mosaics, plaster casting and goldsmithing.
Tyson Smith attended Liverpool College of Art where he studied plaster and stone carving and clay modeling.
With a prodigious noise the door flew open, and the knob slamming against the wall, sent the plaster to the ceiling; and there, good heavens!
You may wonder what his rigmarole, his amateur Paganini performances on one string or on twenty, have to do with your planting, and yet prefer it to leached ashes or plaster.

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