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Vocabulary Word

Word: plane

Definition: carpenter's tool for smoothing and leveling wood; V. CF. flat

Sentences Containing 'plane'

A curve that is not contained in some plane is called a skew curve.
A mysterious plane crash happens nearby.
An unmarked military plane makes an emergency landing.
Analytic geometry constructions in the hyperbolic plane.
Another valuable and indispensable form of the inclined plane is the screw.
At the "GEO News" interview, Haq added that General Beg caused the wreckage of the plane to be removed to hide the effects of a missile fired into the plane from another plane.
At this point, the crew chose to bring the plane to Domodedovo Airport.
Cordelia finds Billy waiting for a private plane at the airport.
Cyclops manages to shoot the plane down.
Dockery was killed in a plane crash in 1983.
Dr. Martinez agrees to visit Gen-77, and is in the plane which explodes.
During one of his test flights his plane had a mechanical failure and he had to bail out.
Emergency services were deployed and the plane landed on runway 28R.
He agreed to return in early January, but was not on the plane with which he was scheduled to arrive.
He died 7-15-1930 after the plane he was flying crashed.
He was supposedly killed in a plane crash.
In 1944, her husband died in a plane crash.
In 1991, he survived a plane crash in Gottröra, Sweden.
In 2007, Nick ended up in a plane crash, losing his memory.
In mathematics, the Cayley plane (or octonionic projective plane) P2(O) is a projective plane over the octonions.
Later, he is presumed dead when the Flock cannot find him after a plane crash.
Let π be a projective plane of order "n".
LIB functions in the control plane of router's MPLS layer.
Merrick is arrested by the FBI with the charge of plane hijacking attempt.
Mouth is horizontal but no longer always in one plane.
Mr. Darnay presented himself while they were sitting under the plane tree, but he was only One.
One week later they're on a plane to Tenerife.
Other important designs were the RWD-10 aerobatic plane (1933), RWD-17 aerobatic-trainer plane (1937) and RWD-21 light sport plane (1939).
Pam stands at the gate and watches Michael's plane take off.
Plane tree) is a communal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.
The advantage of an inclined plane can be seen by the following experiment.
The ear is carved in more than one plane.
The ear is carved in one plane, and highly stylized.
The ear is still carved in one plane, but less stylised.
The emitted gliders fill a growing triangle of the plane of the game.
The first passenger flight was operated on the plane Tupolev Tu-134.
The most common is a rudder, a submerged plane located at the rear of the hull.
The nickname of the plane was "Kolho", "clumsy"
The plane nicked her island then crashed into her starboard side.
The point of contact will describe a curve in the plane and on the surface.
The prisoners escape with the joke on a small plane.
The quotient SO(3)/O(2) is the real projective plane.
The series climaxes when all parties meet on the physical plane of the Leyline.
The SR-71 Blackbird spy plane is featured in the film.
Their goodly, Upper plane dwelling counterparts are celestial creatures.
There are three types of planes: the light and fast plane that cannot take much damage, the evenly balanced plane and the heavy plane which is slower but can take more punishment.
This is no doubt a result of the fact that, unlike other Champions, Daker moved from plane to plane.
Using this certificate he tries to get on a plane.
When he arrives a military plane makes an emergency landing.
When the plane lands Pratt holds up the line while his bags are searched.

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