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Vocabulary Word

Word: placate

Definition: pacify; bring peace to; conciliate; appease

Sentences Containing 'placate'

Douglas hoped to placate southerners with this language, which allowed for the possibility of legalized slavery in the potential state without specifically addressing the issue of the Missouri Compromise.
Dr Puebla, in London, was instructed to placate Henry VII who had heard that Ayala was credulous in believing the Scottish account of the situation.
Following the assassination of Stjepan Radić, a new ruling coalition under Anton Korošec managed to ratify the treaty by a single vote on August 13, 1928, a move that came too late to placate the Italians yet further outraged the Croats.
In 1915 the Germans renounced these restrictions and began to sink merchant ships on sight, but later returned to the previous rules of engagement to placate neutral opinion.
In an attempt to placate the NCAA, the University retired Chief Brave Spirit, and replaced him with a live Native American, dressed in period-appropriate clothing and riding on horseback, in a manner similar to Florida State mascots Osceola and Renegade.
In order to placate Tamil aspirations, Kamaraj effected some measures.
In the , written in 1849, the author describes the customs of the wood-cutters of Mino Province, who used a sort of rice cake called "kuhin-mochi" to placate the "tengu", who would otherwise perpetrate all sorts of mischief.
In the next few months, with an assiduousness that belied the initial impression he gave the legislature that he intended to placate the state’s loyal white populace, Palmer carried out Lincoln’s directive to do as he pleased.
In times of crisis or change, animal sacrifices may be made to placate the anger of the spirits.
It is later revealed during a confrontation between Gloria and the management of the colliery that the decision to close the colliery had been made two years previously, and that this was to have gone ahead regardless of the findings of her report; the report simply being a P.R. exercise to placate the miners and members of the public sympathetic to their plight.
Partly to placate labor, two days later Eisenhower named James P. Mitchell, a former Assistant Secretary of the Army and labor relations executive with R.H. Macy Co.
Some US critics saw this as an attempt by the royal family to placate the kingdom’s Islamist radicals.
To placate Han, Emperor Dezong did not abolish the office of director of Yangtze-Huai River transportation and gave that office to Han as well.
To placate him, Perry suavely offers the old man a cameo in the film, which he enthusiastically accepts with humorous results.
When the Government decided to placate civilian sentiment by using the National Guard in the next sortie of 18 January 1871, their suspicions were confirmed as the National Guard panicked and fled back into Paris, provoking the civilian population to blame the Government for being incompetent and cowardly.

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