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Vocabulary Word

Word: pinnacle

Definition: peak; highest point; acme; Ex. pinnacle of fame

Sentences Containing 'pinnacle'

"Kelve Teen" (also known as "Kalavantin" or "Kalavantinicha Sulka") is a 500m high pinnacle on the northern edge of the Prabal plateau.
A rave review from New York columnist Walter Winchell, who saw them perform in Atlantic City, New Jersey led to a booking at the Palace Theatre in New York City, the pinnacle of the vaudeville world.
A year later the team of Robbins and Rearick established Yosemite's first 5.10 climb: the "East Chimney" of Rixon's Pinnacle.
After the decision, Pinnacle teamed up with World Sports Exchange (WSEX) to offer their US based customers an alternative to their website.
Arab sailing was at a pinnacle during ibn Majid's lifetime, when both Europeans and Ottomans had only a limited understanding of geography in the Indian Ocean.
At customer’s requests, Pinnacle willingly transferred all money left in US based accounts to new accounts at WSEX.
At the pinnacle of his career Delacenserie made the designs for the central station in Antwerp.
Casino. Although Pinnacle Sports is best known for its sports betting service, Pinnacle Sports has also operated an online casino since September 2004.
However, while species like the Borg have reached the pinnacle of technological achievement through assimilation, Species 8472 has established dominance based on its biological superiority.
In 2009, at the pinnacle of his building services career, Green spun his business savvy and love for baseball into co-founding Alliance Baseball LLC with business partner and fellow baseball enthusiast Larry Botel.
In August 2008, Pinnacle Sports entered the online poker realm, in hopes of taking advantage of the online poker phenomenon.
In June 2011, Entraction informed Pinnacle that due to changes in EU gaming regulation their Curaçao license was no longer accepted.
In late 2005, Shane Hensley announced that Great White Games would return to using the Pinnacle Entertainment Group moniker as its brand name for subsequent releases.
International critics routinely list these two among cinema's pinnacle achievements, sometimes considering them as one work.
It features a unique pinnacle-and-ledge reef network.
It is known among fans and broadcasters as "The Great Race", and is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Australian motorsport.
It works from the headwaters of the Guyandotte River downstream from the mouth of Pinnacle Creek.
July 4 is the first pinnacle event of the summer.
Many food writers and gourmets nowadays consider one particular dish, the famous turkey in mole poblano, which contains chocolate, to represent the pinnacle of the Mexican cooking tradition.
Mathrubootham was awarded the Dr. Marfatia award by the Indian Psychiatrists Association for his research on alcohol addiction and the Pinnacle award for his multilingual sex education film "Puthira Punithama".
Milyutin regarded Suvorov as a model for military commanders and the as the pinnacle of his career, elaborating these views in a detailed account of the campaign, published in five volumes in 1852 and 1853.
Moheda IF reached their pinnacle in 1979 and 1983 by playing in Division 3, which at that time was the third tier of Swedish football.
Nevertheless, buoyed by a largely successful Formula 2 and Formula 3000 tenure, Earle was now eager to enter Formula One and set about building a solid team with which to enter the pinnacle of motorsport.
On 23 May 1953, a violent cloudburst, accompanied by a tornado, destroyed the uppermost 47 metres of the pinnacle, which was rebuilt in 1961 as a metal structure faced with stone.
On December 19, 2008, Pinnacle ceased offering odds on North American horse racing.
On the morning of 15 December 1944, while submerged south of Matsuwa, "Dragonet" struck an uncharted submerged pinnacle, which holed her pressure hull in the forward torpedo room.
Once seen as the pinnacle of academic and intellectual achievement, the interest in PhD programs has picked up at the same time as the economic downturn has ended more than a decade of unprecedented global growth.
Passage of the legislation led Pinnacle to have problems with transactions involving US banks.
Pinnacle Entertainment Group is a publisher of role-playing games and wargames that is owned and operated by Shane Lacy Hensley and was founded in 1994.
Pinnacle Sports (also known as Pinnacle) is an online gaming website that was founded in 1998 and is operated by Pinnacle Sports Worldwide.
Pinnacle Sports closed their poker room on 13 June 2011 stating “the steps required to remain within the Entraction Network will necessitate a significant commitment for Pinnacle Poker.
Pinnacle Sports is able to operate under this pricing model by posting opening 'overnight' lines with smaller limits.
Pinnacle’s Sports' poker room was run and operated by Entraction software.
Regulation requires that Pinnacle Sports must maintain sufficient funds to be able to honor the winnings of their customers at all times.
Rush's popularity reached its pinnacle with the release of "Moving Pictures" in 1981.
Since its inception, Pinnacle Sports has become one of the world’s largest, fully licensed, online sportsbooks.
Specifically, Pinnacle Suite includes a standards-based gradebook; tools to help educators create, manage and align instructional content, assessments, curriculum, standards, and supplemental resources; and a platform to support continuous professional development for teachers.
The company's Pinnacle Suite combined seven modules to provide end-to-end management of student data and instructional resources.
The film is an adaptation of the story "The Pinnacle" by Stroheim.
The plain parapet is corbelled, and corner buttresses rise to a pinnacle at each corner.
The unnamed ship, which will be a new class of vessel for the line (The Pinnacle Class), will enter service five years after the last Holland America ship, the , delivered in 2010.
The year 2000 is often regarded as the pinnacle of Woods's career.
These ridges are from North to South: North Traveler Ridge, Center Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge.
They have also released through Naive in France, Absolut via Universal Music Group in Germany and both Pinnacle and Pias in the UK.
They include products such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, Pinnacle Suite, supports all aspects of managing education at K-12 schools, including a gradebook, learning management system (LMS), and teacher development, analytics and online learning.
This allows Pinnacle Sports to shape their lines according to the betting activity of 'sharp' bettors without exposing the book.
Though I could almost have consigned her to the mercies of the wind on the topmost pinnacle of the Cathedral, without remorse, I made a virtue of necessity, and gave her a friendly salutation.
To save going back by the road, he turned his horse round and spurred it to attempt a massive leap over the church, knocking off the pinnacle as he soared clear over the tower.
Virgil represents the pinnacle of Roman epic poetry.
When Pinnacle Sports began trading in 1998, most gaming companies used bonuses to lure potential customers.

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