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Vocabulary Word

Word: pinch

Definition: squeeze between the thumb and a finger, or other edges; Ex. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. N: amount that can be held between the thumb and a finger

Sentences Containing 'pinch'

"Your experience has been a most entertaining one," remarked Holmes as his client paused and refreshed his memory with a huge pinch of snuff.
Abner came into the game in the top of the 8th inning as a pinch hitter for Lance McCullers.
An example of the application of multiple pinch rollers is the Technics-RS1520 tape recorder which utilizes two pinch rollers located on the opposite sides of a single capstan shaft in order to provide a more stable transport across two sets of magnetic heads.
And he took another gentle little pinch of snuff, and lightly crossed his legs.
And, Gross was an invaluable pinch hitter as well.
Briers added of the storyline: "It's extraordinary to pinch a marvellous idea from a great film."
Despite his historic success as a prolific pinch-hitter, Gross struggled as a pinch-hitter with the Astros in 1989, hitting just .184 (7-for-38).
Dual pinch rollers are also used (along with dual capstans) in auto reverse cassette decks to drive the tape in both directions as needed.
Experiments are underway to see if the conductor can be replaced by a z-pinch plasma or liquid metal conductor in its place.
Green made his debut as a pinch runner against the Chicago White Sox at Comiskey Park.
Gross was best known for his clutch pinch-hits as a Phillie, and holds the Phillies career record in pinch hits with 117.
He also ranks fifth on Major League Baseball's all-time list in career pinch hits with 143.
He made his debut on July 21, 1959, pinch-running in a 2-1 loss against the White Sox.
He pinch-hit for pitcher Luke Hamlin against Ivy Andrews of the St.
He recorded his first major league hit, a pinch-hit single off Tim Hudson of the Braves, on June 22.
He was more often used as a pinch-hitter, and appeared in just four games as a catcher.
He was relegated to pinch-hitting duty afterwards, and retired after the 2005 season at age 40.
However multiple pinch rollers may also be employed in association with one or more capstans.
If eyes are weak, bathe them in lukewarm water in which a pinch of borax has been dissolved.
In 1952, Woodling became the first player to pinch-hit a triple in the World Series.
In 1982, he led the league in pinch hits with 19.
In a pinch the Winchester WLRM primer or primers with similar brisance may be substituted.
In his Boston tenure, he was used mostly as a pinch runner or day-off replacement for infielders Pete Runnels and Don Buddin.
In order to prevent wagons from falling over during the tipping operation, some are equipped with track pinch bars with which they can be securely anchored to the trackbed.
In the tokamak, stellarator and most pinch devices, the plasma is forced to follow helical magnetic lines.
In this case, only one pinch roller is pressed against its corresponding capstan at a time.
Instead the wearer may be enclosed in a heavy fabric suit to protect them from joint pinch hazards.
Kunz was nicknamed "Pinches" and "Pinch."
Lees saw action as a pinch runner in the 5th inning.
Maier had a pinch-hit single Game 6 of the 1945 World Series, which turned to be his last major league at bat.
McAvoy played in 1 game, going 0-1 as a pinch hitter.
Most magnetic tape recorders use one capstan motor and one pinch roller located after the magnetic heads in the direction of the moving tape.
On April 5, , Gross rejoined the Houston Astros as a free agent, hitting .200 for the season largely in a pinch-hitting role.
On March 30, 1991, the Los Angeles Times reported that Gross had made the Padres as a pinch-hitter.
On September 5, , Gross made his major league debut with the Astros, going 0-for-1 as a pinch hitter in a 9-3 loss to the Cincinnati Reds.
On September 5, he made his debut, as pinch hitter, and flew out to the warning track.
Other ingredients may be added, such as a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of butter, etc..
Royal N. "Hunky" Shaw (September 29, 1884 – July 3, 1969) was a Major League Baseball pinch-hitter.
Six days later, in his third pinch hitting appearance, Maxwell recorded his first career base hit, a pinch-hit grand slam off an 0–2 pitch from Chris Seddon, of the Florida Marlins.
Soon it was discovered that a pinch of this fermented dough acted as a starter on a fresh batch of dough.
Take a pinch of snuff, Doctor, and acknowledge that I have scored over you in your example."
Tape recorder capstans have a function similar to nautical capstans, which however have no pinch rollers, the line simply being wound around them.
The central column is also normally used to house the solenoid that forms the inductive loop for the ohmic heating system (and pinch current).
Then Wade Boggs's pinch hit RBI single made it a one-run game in the sixth.
This enclosing suit around the exoskeleton can also protect the wearer from pinch hazards.
Thompson stole one base and scored one run in five appearances as a pinch runner.
Transport parts include, but are not limited to, the head, capstan, pinch roller, tape pins, and tape guide.
When he had said it, he took a culminating pinch of snuff, and put his box in his pocket.
When our remote ancestors saved a pinch of dough as leaven for the next baking, they were actually cultivating yeast, although they did not know it.
William Henry "Pat" Hardgrove (May 10, 1895 – January 26, 1973) was a pinch hitter in Major League Baseball.

More Vocab Words

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::: practicable - feasible
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::: extrinsic - external; not essential or inherent; extraneous; OP. intrinsic
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