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Vocabulary Word

Word: pillage

Definition: plunder

Sentences Containing 'pillage'

Although John owed his throne to a Genoese crew, he repeatedly failed to reimburse the Genoese for debts owed to them in 1431, and in 1441 refused to provide reparations for having ordered the seizure and pillage of a Genoese ship in 1435.
At this point, the Muslims divided their forces: the bulk of the army, under Abbas, remained at Kamacha to continue the siege, while the remainder (an obviously exaggerated force of 50,000 according to the chronicler) was sent to raid further into Byzantine territory and pillage.
Competitive modes includes Dominate, where rival player Overlords attempt to capture sections of the map, and Pillage where they must capture large portions of treasure.
For the barbarians whom the Emperor Constantius had engaged as auxiliary forces against the tyrant Magnentius, having proved of no use against the usurper, were beginning to pillage the Roman cities.
He allowed his soldiers to pillage the capital and kill many imperial officials, and he also killed the son of Emperor Xiaozhuang and Erzhu Rong's daughter, Empress Erzhu Ying'e.
He then helped the British pillage the area.
He was successful both in keeping the Crusader rank and file, still eager for pillage, in check – they were not allowed into the city except in groups of ten – and in soothing their leaders through gifts and securing their pledge of allegiance to Alexios.
I was surprised to find corruption grown so high and so quick in that empire, by the force of luxury so lately introduced; which made me less wonder at many parallel cases in other countries, where vices of all kinds have reigned so much longer, and where the whole praise, as well as pillage, has been engrossed by the chief commander, who perhaps had the least title to either.
In 1416 it was sacked by Lordino, a Frenchman, exasperated by being deprived of the title of high constable of the kingdom; during the pillage the treasures of the cathedral disappeared.
In 938, there was an incident where soldiers he sent to patrol the western border mutinied once they exited Fengxiang's capital Fengxiang Municipality, and reentered the city to pillage it.
Its strategic location on the Meuse exposed Dinant to battle and pillage, not always by avowed enemies: in 1466, Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, uncle of Louis de Bourbon, Prince-Bishop of Liège, and Philip’s son Charles the Bold punished an uprising in Dinant during the Liège Wars, by casting 800 burghers into the Meuse and setting fire to the city.
Some obtain these testimonials with good intentions, others put them to a cunning use; for when they go to pillage on Christian territory, if they chance to be cast away, or taken prisoners, they produce their certificates and say that from these papers may be seen the object they came for, which was to remain on Christian ground, and that it was to this end they joined the Turks in their foray.
The Church of Our Lady of Egypt was one of the very few churches on Salsette that escaped destruction and pillage during the 1739 invasion of the Marathas, after which Secular Priests started functioning at the Church.
The game is set in 1156 BC and your father has been accused of arranging the pillage of a royal tomb.
The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants who pillage the earth and endanger humanity.
The Spanish Alarm was a period from 1739-1748 in which the Spanish Government sanctioned forces to raid and pillage English port towns along the Province of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.
There are several detailed accounts of the pillage of the Manor of Mézarnou in 1594 by Yves Du Liscouët, during which he had the owner, Hervé de Parcevaux, imprisoned in the château of Brest while he looted the richly decorated manor-house from top to bottom.
When the Dutch realized the Spaniards were ready to fight, they left the vicinity of Manila. They went on to pillage a native town in Ilocos and then left the archipelago.
While they failed to take the fort and pillage the treasury, the Marathas harried the less protected parts of the kingdom.
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