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Vocabulary Word

Word: philanthropist

Definition: lover of mankind; doer of good; N. philanthropy

Sentences Containing 'philanthropist'

A devout Buddhist and philanthropist, Amarasuriya is a committee member of the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Fund.
A providential meeting with Lord Wakefield, founder of Castrol Oils and a Methodist philanthropist, saw his introduction to society portraiture.
Adrienne Arsht (born February 4, 1942) is an American philanthropist and business leader.
As a philanthropist, Mýa continues to devote her time and resources to various causes.
Born Casey Myers, he is the son of the Los Angeles socialite and philanthropist Lynne Wasserman and Jack Myers (formerly Meyerowitz).
Cary M. Maguire is an American businessman and philanthropist. Biography.
Catherine Eddy Beveridge (June 29, 1881 – May 28, 1970) was a socialite and philanthropist. Beveridge came from a prominent Chicago family.
Charles Field-Marsham (born Rupert Charles Field-Marsham) is an entrepreneurial businessman and philanthropist based in Toronto, Canada.
Charles Howard Vollum (May 31, 1913 – February 5, 1986) was an American engineer, scientist, and philanthropist in Oregon, United States.
David Verey (CBE) (born 1950) is an English banker and philanthropist. Biography.
DIET is established by the noted philanthropist and academician Dr. Uma Shankar Goel.
Eminent Banker, Philanthropist and Social Leader K.K. Pai became Chairman of the KLCF.
exclaimed the young man, quite astounded,``I hope no false report''``As for myself, I first heard you spoken of by my friend Wilmore, the philanthropist.
Grand Duke Vladimir, was a keen philanthropist. A talented painter himself, he became a famous patron of the arts.
He is good friends with leading philanthropist Robbie Davis, who has recently been involved in some controversial business dealings with business partner Charles Fryer.
He is the also a cousin of noted philanthropist Edward Harkness who also benefitted from his father's involvement with Standard Oil.
He was a famous philanthropist during the British Malaya era.
He was well respected, much loved, and affectionately known as 'The Elderly Philanthropist' for all the charitable work he drove and supported even at an advanced age.
He who gives himself entirely to his fellow men appears to them useless and selfish; but he who gives himself partially to them in pronounced a benefactor and philanthropist.
He who gives himself entirely to his fellow men appears to them useless and selfish; but he who gives himself partially to them is pronounced a benefactor and philanthropist.
Henry Harrison Culver (1840 – 1897) was an American businessman and philanthropist. He is best known for founding the Culver Academies.
Henry Ware Eliot (November 25, 1843 – January 7, 1919) was an American industrialist and philanthropist who lived in St.
In 1850, a Parsi businessman and philanthropist, Sir Byramjee Jeejeebhoy bought the entire area of Lands End.
In 1901, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie agreed to donate $25,000 for a library building, if the city would furnish a site and taxes to support operations.
It is named after the philanthropist Jagannath Shankarshet also known as "Nana".
It was named after merchant and philanthropist Robert Ralston (1761-1836).
It was named for businessman and philanthropist T.W. Phillips of Butler, PA who financed the university in its early years.
j786 is an American singer-songwriter, philanthropist and an aspiring writer.
Joseph Strutt (1765–1844) was an English philanthropist, whose wealth came from the family textile business.
Lorinda de Roulet (born 1931/1932) is an American philanthropist. She is the former president of the New York Mets of Major League Baseball.
Mahendra J. C. Amarasuriya is a Sri Lankan banker and philanthropist. He is the current Chairman of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon.
Major Ralph Lowell (July 23, 1890–May 15, 1978) was a World War I veteran, banker, and philanthropist from Boston.
Mill Reef was bred in the United States of America at the Rokeby Stables in Virginia of his owner and breeder the philanthropist Paul Mellon.
New York City businessman and philanthropist Ali Naqvi stars as the prince of the music video.
Nicholas J. Pritzker is an American heir, businessman and philanthropist. Biography.
Paul Goodloe McIntire (1860 – 1952) was a stock broker, investor, and philanthropist, who amassed and then gave away a substantial fortune in his lifetime.
Peter Cooper Village is named after the 19th century industrialist, inventor and philanthropist Peter Cooper, who founded Cooper Union.
Pocklington was an active philanthropist for many years in Edmonton.
Ross Thomas (born August 21, 1981) is an American actor, filmmaker, philanthropist and adventurer.
Simon Isaacs, 4th Marquess of Reading (born 1942) is an English aristocrat, banker and philanthropist. Biography.
The Ecksteins had two daughters: Johanna—a noted Seattle philanthropist and patron of the arts, who never married—and Babette, who married twice and had four children.
The famous Chinese philanthropist, Guo Mingyi was born and lives in Anshan.
The Foundation stone marking the beginning of construction work was laid in a ceremony in September 2005 by Eminent Philanthropist Dr. P. Dayanand Pai.
The Management Council continues to search for a university, philanthropist, or any other source of funding to take on or help with server costs.
The patron of Ullens School is the philanthropist Baron Guy Ullens and his wife Myriam Ullens.
The philanthropist too often surrounds mankind with the remembrance of his own castoff griefs as an atmosphere, and calls it sympathy.
The school was founded as an all-boys' military academy in 1933 by Agnes Cain Painter, a friend of philanthropist Richard J. Bolles.
There is a Charity Foundation named after one of Great Philanthropist from chennur Sri P.T. Veera Reddy.
Wilmon Brewer (1895–1998) was an American literary scholar, poet, author and philanthropist. Early life.
``My dear count,''cried Morcerf,``you are at fault you, one of the most formidable logicians I know and you must see it clearly proved that instead of being an egotist, you are a philanthropist.

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