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Vocabulary Word

Word: phenomena

Definition: observable facts; subjects of scientific investigation; SG. phenomenon: observable fact; very unusual person, thing, or event; marvel; wonder; CF. phenomenons; ADJ. phenomenal: very unusual; extraordinary; of a phenomenon; Ex. phenomenal strength

Sentences Containing 'phenomena'

An introduction to supernatural phenomena, beliefs and experiences published by Constable Robinson.
And a wonderful discovery it was thought to be, and was, indeed, although it seems difficult to understand where men's eyes had been for so long with the phenomena of light and shade before them all the time.
And upon that supposition, I own that such conjectures may, perhaps, be admitted as plausible solutions of the ill phenomena.
As those great phenomena are the first objects of human curiosity, so the science which pretends to explain them must naturally have been the first branch of philosophy that was cuitivated.
But whether it is true, we can judge only by seeing how far the hypothesis accords with and explains the general phenomena of nature.
Chung was the author of the book "Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena" (1898).
Convection is responsible for winds and ocean currents, for land and sea breezes, and other daily phenomena.
Feilding was convinced all of the phenomena was fraudulent and saw the second visit as totally worthless.
For if they derived it from the present phenomena, it would never point to anything farther, but must be exactly adjusted to them.
Gas-filled tubes exploit phenomena related to electric discharge in gases, and operate by ionizing the gas with an applied voltage sufficient to cause electrical conduction by the underlying phenomena of the Townsend discharge.
He also invented an apparatus for exhibiting the phenomena of the moon, which he called "Selenographia".
If a medium was caught cheating on some occasions, he says, the rest of that medium's phenomena were still genuine."
If you cannot make out this point, you allow, that your conclusion fails; and you pretend not to establish the conclusion in a greater latitude than the phenomena of nature will justify.
In Britain, the Society for Psychical Research has investigated mediumship phenomena.
In contrast to the previous séances in which he had observed fraud he claimed to have observed convincing phenomena.
In the history of science, forms of words are often coined to describe newly observed phenomena.
In the work Kepler discusses harmony and congruence in geometrical forms and physical phenomena.
Initially six committees were established: on Thought-Transference, Mesmerism and similar phenomena, Mediumship, Reichenbach Phenomena (Odic Force), Apparitions and Haunted Houses, physical phenomena associated with séances, and the Literary Committee which studied the history of these phenomena.
It is in Part IV, on natural phenomena, that there is discussion of physics as such.
Many of the phenomena of Winter are suggestive of an inexpressible tenderness and fragile delicacy.
Many of these songs have proved so popular in Western Canada that they have become popular culture phenomena.
Mr. Mivart does not deny that natural selection has effected something; but he considers it as "demonstrably insufficient" to account for the phenomena which I explain by its agency.
Mr. of Georgia or of Massachusetts, all transient and fleeting phenomena, till I am ready to leap from their court yard like the Mameluke bey.
Nuclear physics is at the heart of these phenomena.
Occasionally occur phenomena of extratropical cyclones: Institutions.
One cannot hope to measure the universe and study the phenomena.
Pure intellect seeks to construct from the facts brought to our consciousness by the senses, an accurately measured world of phenomena, uncoloured by the human equation in each of us.
Richet claimed furniture moved during the séance and that some of the phenomena was the result of a supernatural agency.
Science demands that phenomena be observed with the unemotional accuracy of a weighing machine, while artistic accuracy demands that things be observed by a sentient individual recording the sensations produced in him by the phenomena of life.
She researched phenomena such as heuristic and systematic processing.
Social theories are frameworks of empirical evidence used to study and interpret social phenomena.
The dharmakāya dakini, which is Samantabhadrī, represents the dharmadhatu where all phenomena appear.
The idea that certain mathematical proportions or relationships underlie the phenomena we call beauty is very ancient, and too abstruse to trouble us here.
The maxims of common life were arranged in some methodical order, and connected together by a few common principles, in the same manner as they had attempted to arrange and connect the phenomena of nature.
The phenomena of the year take place every day in a pond on a small scale.
The term habitat fragmentation includes five discrete phenomena: Natural causes and effects.
The various levels of the prosodic hierarchy are independently justified by the phonological phenomena that make reference to them.
Their analysis can reveal information about phenomena like the formation of our Solar System.
Their physical or computational makeup become background phenomena to use.
There must be something about feeling, the expression of that individuality the secret of which everyone carries in himself; the expression of that ego that perceives and is moved by the phenomena of life around us.
Therefore, the ordinary phenomena of magnetism and magnets have nothing to do with magnetic monopoles.
These strange phenomena also included balancing herself vertically and horizontally alongside skyscrapers and buildings.
They were intended to observe various radiation and magnetic phenomena in the ionosphere and beyond.
This explanation for spiritualistic phenomena prevailed in the SPR, and is still supported by parapsychological researchers to this day.
This is a remarkable fact considering the somewhat remote relation lines have to the complete phenomena of vision.
This means to adopt an objective, systematic approach to understanding the causal relationships between various phenomena.
To what natural laws or secondary causes the orderly succession and progression of such organic phenomena may have been committed, we, as yet, are ignorant."
While the event quickly grew into an international phenomena, little investment has been made by its founders.
With their more limited knowledge of the phenomena of vision, the early masters had not the same opportunities of going astray in this respect.
World phenomena, principles, characteristics, and the like are introduced in an entertaining way.

More Vocab Words

::: convoluted - coiled around; twisted; involved; complicated; intricate; complex; N. convolution: twist; one of the convex folds of the surface of the brain
::: variegate - change the appearance of (by marking with different colors)
::: fallacious - false; based on a fallacy; misleading; N. fallacy: false idea or notion; false reasoning; Ex. popular fallacy; Ex. fallacy of the argument
::: filch - steal (things of small value)
::: garbled - mixed up; jumbled; distorted; V. garble: mix up or distort (a message) to such an extent as to make misleading or unintelligible
::: interstice - narrow space between things
::: viscous - (of a liquid) thick and sticky; gluey; viscid; CF. consistency
::: throng - crowd (of people or things); V.
::: quench - assuage or satisfy (thrust); slake; douse or extinguish; put out; suppress
::: articulate - effective; distinct; expressing ideas clearly; having clear sounds; having joints; Ex. articulate speech; V: express thoughts and feeling clearly; pronounce clearly; unite by joints