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Vocabulary Word

Word: pessimism

Definition: belief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess; tendency to take the gloomiest possible view of a situation; ADJ. pessimistic

Sentences Containing 'pessimism'

Beckett's 1930 essay "Proust" was strongly influenced by Schopenhauer's pessimism and laudatory descriptions of saintly asceticism.
Biographical. Many of Robinson's poems have a similar dark pessimism and deal with "an American dream gone away", which is attributed to his early difficulties in life.
Characters which exemplify a gloomy outlook include Eeyore, Marvin and Old Man Gloom.  The catchphrase "doom and gloom", which is commonly used to express extreme pessimism, was popularised by the movie "Finian's Rainbow" in which the leprechaun Og (Tommy Steele) uses it repeatedly.
During his time as a writer and producer for the NBC program ', based on his book ' and also set in Baltimore, Simon had come into conflict with NBC network executives who were displeased by the show's pessimism.
However, they also criticized the pessimism of the Frankfurt School: contemporary studies on mass culture accept that, apparently, popular culture forms do respond to widespread needs of the public.
Hughes concluded: "Connelly's pessimism that international institutions can ever be as accountable as national governments is hopefully unwarranted.
In 1955, against the backdrop of despair and pessimism of the Great Depression in Iran, Ali Asghar Karbaschian who known as Allameh[http://www.allameh.ir] founded the Alavi Institute as an Islamic high school in Tehran, the capital of Iran.
The Earl of Manchester, perhaps the most prominent of these, expressed his pessimism for the war as follows: "If we beat the King ninety and nine times yet he is king still, and so will his posterity be after him; but if the King beat us once, we shall be all hanged, and our posterity be made slaves".
The figure of the lazy party boss was also a prime example of 'cultural pessimism', while the darkness and dramatism of the film provoked severe criticism in the mid-1930s, and it was eventually withdrawn from circulation.
Zapffe's arguments have been understood in relation to philosophical pessimism and existentialism.

More Vocab Words

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