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Vocabulary Word

Word: permeable

Definition: that can be permeated; penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through; V. permeate: spread or flow throughout; charge

Sentences Containing 'permeable'

A permeable reactive barrier (PRB), also referred to as a permeable reactive treatment zone (PRTZ), is a developing technology that has been recognized as being a cost-effective technology for "in situ" (at the site) groundwater remediation.
As the condition progresses, these may no longer provide the patient with a satisfactory degree of visual acuity, and most clinical practitioners will move to manage the condition with rigid contact lenses, known as rigid, gas-permeable, (RGP) lenses.
Because of the transition from water-permeable to impermeable rock layers several spring horizons have emerged, explaining the richness of the springs.
For example, vessels lined with a highly gas-permeable material such as palladium (which is a high-capacity hydrogen sponge) create special outgassing problems.
Funnel and gate systems are used to channel the contaminant plume into a gate which contains the reactive material. The funnels are non-permeable, and the simplest design consists of a single gate with walls extending from both sides.
It is generally permeable, and in the case of many amphibians, may actually be a major respiratory organ.
On top of this is a combination of slowly permeable and well drained fine loam over clay.
The design, typical of many PRBs, consisted of a treatment zone formed by excavating an area isolated by sheet piles, refilling the hole with a mixture of granular iron and sand, and removing the sheet pile to leave an "in situ", permeable, iron-bearing treatment zone.
The gel fragment is placed in a dialysis tube that is permeable to fluids but impermeable to molecules at the size of DNA, thus preventing the DNA from passing through the membrane when soaked in TE buffer.
The guar gum holds the iron in place before degrading, leaving a permeable zone of iron (the PRB).
The rainwater is absorbed by the ground and is filtered through hundreds of feet of soil to a layer of permeable rock that holds the water.
There are a variety of ways that permeable reactive membranes can be used in order to remediate groundwater.
These springs occur where the permeable chalk geology of the Wolds, meets impermeable mudstone and clays that underlie most of the Rase catchment.
They concluded from their testing that the underground rock wasn't permeable enough to justify large-scale production of electricity.
Ultrafiltration concentrates a protein solution using selective permeable membranes.

More Vocab Words

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