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Vocabulary Word

Word: periphery

Definition: outside edge especially of a round surface; perimeter; Ex. periphery of the town

Sentences Containing 'periphery'

A later study reported better results could be obtained for those cones located more to the periphery of the cornea by using a single Intacs segment.
A small incision is made in the periphery of the cornea and two thin arcs of polymethyl methacrylate are slid between the layers of the stroma on either side of the pupil before the incision is closed.
Arturo Soria y Mata's idea of the Linear City (1882) replaced the traditional idea of the city as a centre and a periphery with the idea of constructing linear sections of infrastructure - roads, railways, gas, water, etc.- along an optimal line and then attaching the other components of the city along the length of this line.
As the 19th century progressed, farmers and ranchers invaded the area, and the Lacandon withdrew farther into the forest, losing more and more land on the periphery of their territory.
At this time, his work had begun to focus on life in the harsh neighborhoods of Rome's periphery, displaying a connection with the films and literature of Italian Neorealism.
Betim Esporte Clube, is a Brazilian football club based in Betim, a city with a population of 400,000 on the western periphery of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, founded on May 21, 1998, in Ipatinga (MG).
Consisting of three areas, the outer, middle and inner ear, the auditory periphery acts as a complex transducer that converts sound vibrations into action potentials in the auditory nerve.
Deep link chain Deep link chain has deeper side plates than the normal chain plates and so provides a continuous carrying edge above the roller periphery.
Dispersion of melanosomes to the periphery causes the cell to appear darker.
George S. Day and Paul J.H. Schoemaker, “Scanning the Periphery”, Harvard Business Review, November 2005, p. 135.
Holborrow points out that "not all Englishes in the centre dominate, nor are all speakers in the periphery equally discriminated against." Irish English, for instance, could be regarded as a non-dominant centre variety of English.
In the 20th century, specifically on 1 January 1911, electrical cars were inaugurated to connect the old quarter with its expanding periphery, that included the residential areas of Celas, Olivais, Penedo da Saudade and Calhabé, all of these located in the civil parish of Santo António dos Olivais.
In the context of Nigeria, Bisong holds that people in the "periphery" use English pragmatically—they send their children to English-language schools precisely because they want them to grow up multilingual. Regarding Phillipson, Bisong maintains that "to interpret such actions as emanating from people who are victims of Centre linguistic imperialism is to bend sociolinguistic evidence to suit a preconceived thesis."
Instead, they insisted the true objective of such moves along Russia's periphery was to weaken Russia's nuclear deterrent.
It is located on the entre-Sambre-et-Meuse in the periphery of Charleroi.
It is rounded at the periphery, but convex at the base.
It was notable as a rare example of the global periphery setting trends in the global center in a period when the predominant direction of cultural influence was the reverse, and also as one of the earliest producers of globally traded manufactured finished goods outside the West. Rise.
Later in 1856, the city faced a severe drought, and an edict was set out relocating all cattle to Mahim, which was the periphery of the city at that time.
Lieven is seen by some as an authority on Russian history and post-Soviet politics and on Empire and European history, notably in the areas of comparative imperial history, problems of political stability on the European periphery from 1860-1939 and Russia's confrontation with Napoleon 1807-14.
Meanwhile, on the periphery, the municipality began to grow in various agglomerations, notably around the monasteries and convents that developed in Celas, Santa Clara, Santo António dos Olivais.
Molecular motors, when signaled, will either carry melanosomes containing pigments out to the periphery of the cell, or concentrate them at the center.
Nearly 250 years of Pagan's rule over the Irrawaddy basin and its periphery came to an end.
Nearly 250 years of Pagan's rule over the Irrawaddy basin and its periphery was over.
Originally the IDPA target was marked with two 5 point zones (head and eight inch circle in center), a 4 point zone (a polygonal box around the circle), and a 2 point zone (the outside periphery of the target).
Peoples from rural areas from periphery of 20 km around come to entertain here, It is a very cheap town for shopping.
Since the plus end of microtubules are oriented towards the periphery, kinesin will carry melanosomes to the periphery.
Some brown spiral lines, especially those at the periphery, may be represented by separate streaks which curve axially.
Such courses often have slopes or barriers on the periphery to guide the tubes along a safe course.
The area has seen rapid growth since the 1980s and its southern periphery is today extended up to the National Highway-37 (NH-37) in the extreme south of the city.
The base of the shell is a little convex, excavated towards the peripheral keel, with three fine spirals at some distance from the periphery and a few, scarcely visible ones towards the central part, moreover with numerous very fine curved growth striae.
The body whorl is angular at the periphery.
The Cardiff Harbour Authority have made significant progress in the creation of bay edge walkway and have redeveloped a large portion of the previously inaccessible bay periphery.
The color is whitish or yellowish white, the body whorl below the periphery chocolate, sometimes with a white band at the base.
The knobs on the periphery are rather short, instead of terminating ribs as in "Clathrodrillia gibbosa" (Born, 1778).
The longitudinal ribs are numerous, rounded, not prominent, not interrupted on the periphery but continuous to the suture.
The motors responsible for dispersing the melanosomes to the periphery are kinesin, which are plus end directed motors.
The nine whorls off the teleoconch are flattened in the middle, and slightly rounded toward the somewhat shouldered summit and the periphery.
The normal perception and focus of awareness in the human being, flies along the outer periphery of existence, events flash past too rapidly for the mind to grasp.
The periphery and the base of the body whorl are well rounded.
The periphery of the body whorl and the base of the shell are well rounded, the latter marked by seven spiral cords.
The periphery of the body whorl is well rounded.
The richly gilded frames of stucco take up the liveliness of the picture and pass it on to the periphery of the vault. The transept shows frescoes praising the Virgin Mary in an allegorical manner.
The shell is obsoletely channeled above the periphery which is not prominently angulated.
The songs of Peripheral Eyesight are dedicated to existing people who surround us on the periphery of our day-to-day interests.
The Worcester Park post town, which is coterminous with the KT4 postcode district, covers all of the suburb and extends also into the southeastern periphery of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.
They are appressed at the summit but not constricted at the periphery.
They are marked by a double series of pits, the first of which is at the periphery, the second a little posterior to the middle between the sutures.
This is not only true of previously established residential areas such as Hillbrow on the periphery of the CBD but also of former office blocks in the heart of the CBD, that were converted to residential accommodation as businesses fled the centre in the late-1980s and 1990s.
Traditionally, inner suburbs have been home to the working class, but as manufacturing jobs have migrated to the periphery of cities, many inner suburbs have become gentrified.
When ample glucose is available, glycogen synthesis proceeds at the periphery of the hepatocytes until the cells are replete with glycogen. Excess glucose is then increasingly converted into triglycerides for export and storage in adipose tissue.

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