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Vocabulary Word

Word: perimeter

Definition: outer boundary; length of the outer boundary; circumference

Sentences Containing 'perimeter'

A catenary cable is situated around the inner perimeter of the roof structure which is tied to the masts via forestay cables.
A cycling and inline skating track runs along the perimeter of the park, which measures over 15 km long.
A firefight broke out, and the patrols quickly withdrew to the perimeter.
A high perimeter to volume ratio, such as in small wetlands, means that the surface area through which water can infiltrate into the groundwater is high (Weller 1981).
After the defeat of the North Korean forces at the Pusan Perimeter, Lee was promoted to Lieutenant General and relieved Kim Ung as the commander of the NK I Corps.
After the wounded had been evacuated, he returned to the perimeter to encourage the remaining soldiers until Company A was relieved the next morning.
All that survives of the original formation is an irregular perimeter of low, indented ridges surrounding the lava-resurfaced interior.
Also much of the perimeter track has been reduced to a single lane road.
An hour before dark three men walked up on the perimeter.
As a minimum security/pre-release facility, SMCC is not within a secure perimeter and there are no lock-in cells.
At 18:25, orders were received to secure into a two-company perimeter for the night.
Bike and pedestrian entrances exist at several points around the perimeter which are free all year long.
By this time the paratroopers had established a defensive perimeter surrounding the bridgehead.
Dogus is a strong perimeter defender and a good playmaker who has the ability to score in the lane."
Either 16 or 18 unit squares can be formed into rectangles with perimeter equal to the area; and there are no other natural numbers with this property.
Except for a few houses on the perimeter streets, most of the land was made up of meadows and cornfields.
Finally, because Biorock technology relies on electrolysis, its impact benefits all corals and ecosystems around the metal structure in a perimeter with a wingspan of about thirty meters.
He has shown regularly at the Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee; the Grace Chosy Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin; and Perimeter Gallery.
He tightened control of Chittagong and the kingdom's northern perimeter.
Herrick ordered his men to form a defensive perimeter on a small knoll in the clearing.
Hinton's world existed along the perimeter of a circle rather than on an infinite flat plane.
However, it was soon realised that VIII Corps would not be able to assemble within the small perimeter of the Orne bridgehead and the following day the plan was revised.
Immediately thereafter, Lee's division advanced to the Pusan Perimeter, where the United Nations had established defensive positions around the port city of Pusan.
In 2010, Isis Prison (a Young Offenders Institution) was opened within the perimeter wall of Belmarsh Prison.
It has an area of about 6 km2 and a maximum depth of 70 m, and a perimeter of about 10.5 km.
On 23 January the RIRA attacked Ebrington Army Barracks in Derry for a second time, firing a mortar over a perimeter fence.
On the walking path near where Queen Avenue T's into the perimeter drive around the lake, there is an "elf house" carved into the base of an ash tree.
Perimeter columns and floors were also weakened by the heat of the fires, causing the floors to sag and exerting an inward force on exterior walls of the building.
She studied music composition at Georgia Perimeter College.
Shea tended his wounded comrade and began to move him back to the safety of the defensive perimeter.
Ten finger holes perforate it in a partial ring near the perimeter.
The El Tour de Tucson was started in 1983 by cyclist Richard DeBernardis, current president of the Perimeter Bicycling Association of America.
The entire battery covered an area roughly four hundred metres in diameter and was surrounded by an inner perimeter of barbed wire, a minefield, and an outer perimeter of barbed wire as well as an anti-tank ditch.
The formation has been heavily eroded and reshaped by a long history of impacts, leaving a low, irregular ridge line around most of the perimeter.
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council began restoring the wetland in the late 1990s with the removal of willows and the construction of a perimeter fence.
The perimeter consists of high walls, cameras, and sensors.
The perimeter of the pagoda decreases as it rises, as this is seen in Indian and Central Asian Buddhist cave temple pillars and the later round pagodas in China.
The perimeter of the roof was originally crenellated all around, less for actual defensive purposes than as a symbol of Perugia's independence.
The platoon was technically under the command of Sergeant First Class Mac McHenry, who was positioned elsewhere on the perimeter.
The roads inside the park and around its perimeter have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The state land boundary forms most of the remaining perimeter except for a stretch of NY 8 on the south.
The Trigo Mountains are on a north-south stretch of the Colorado River, and form the eastern perimeter of the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge.
There is also a private hangar lodging an ultralight aircraft (as of July 2005) on the airfield perimeter near the runway's midpoint.
There is an embankment going around three-quarters of the perimeter and, outside this embankment is a tall hedgerow.
They were given the task (alongside the 37th Infantry Division and a Marine defense battalion) of holding and extending the right half of a previously established perimeter.
This included the foundation of the perimeter of the vihara or temple compound.
Those Ottoman troops which remained reverted to the defensive, while the British built an eleven-mile-long defensive perimeter around Aden.
Under heavy crossfire from 3 sides, the platoon withdrew to a small island in the paddy to establish a defensive perimeter.
With Herrick's platoon cut off and surrounded, the rest of the battalion fought to maintain a perimeter.
With mass-produced patties, it is not uncommon to find them with seemingly abnormal shapes or a bumpy perimeter.

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