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Vocabulary Word

Word: perennial

Definition: something long-lasting; perennial plant; ADJ: lasting through the year or many years; lasting for a long time; enduring

Sentences Containing 'perennial'

In a picture the eyes can only focus at one distance -LRB- the distance the eye is from the plane of the picture when you are looking at it -RRB-, and this is one of the chief causes of the perennial difficulty in painting backgrounds.
Doorsill there was none, but a perennial passage for the hens under the door board.
Yet I rarely failed to find, even in midwinter, some warm and springly swamp where the grass and the skunk cabbage still put forth with perennial verdure, and some hardier bird occasionally awaited the return of spring.
His singleness of purpose and resolution, and his elevated piety, endowed him, without his knowledge, with perennial youth.
Annual and perennial plants, deciduous and evergreen trees, plants inhabiting different stations and fitted for extremely different climates, can often be crossed with ease.
But roses only bloom in summer; whereas the fine carnation of their cheeks is perennial as sunlight in the seventh heavens.
Yes, for replenished with the meat and wine of the word, to the faithful man of God, this pulpit, I see, is a self-containing stronghold--a lofty Ehrenbreitstein, with a perennial well of water within the walls.

More Vocab Words

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::: centripetal - tending toward the center
::: sturdy - strong and firm (in the body)
::: transpire - (of a fact) become known; be revealed; happen; give off (watery waste matter) through pores
::: representational - (of a style of art) showing things as they actually appear in real life
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