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Vocabulary Word

Word: penetrate

Definition: enter into; pierce; permeate; see through; grasp the inner significance of; understand

Sentences Containing 'penetrate'

Charles Darnay, mysteries arise out of close love, as well as out of wide division; in the former case, they are subtle and delicate, and difficult to penetrate.
Energetic cosmic rays penetrate the cold, dense clouds and ionize hydrogen and helium, resulting, for example, in the trihydrogen cation.
Enrolled nurses may not penetrate the skin or body a patient without direct supervision of a registered nurse.
For all judgment and deliberation; all prosecution, or aversation is from within, whither the sense of evil (except it be let in by opinion) cannot penetrate.
For, as Plautus says, her love is like rain, whose big drops not only penetrate the dress, but drench to the very marrow.'
Free-swimming cercariae leave the snail and penetrate the skin of the fish,"Galaxias anomalus", which act as secondary intermediate hosts.
He again beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetrate the narrow opening.
He also said that English artillery could not penetrate all three fences.
He began by moving his bed, and looked around for anything with which he could pierce the wall, penetrate the moist cement, and displace a stone.
He listened for any sound that might be audible, and every time that he rose to the top of a wave he scanned the horizon, and strove to penetrate the darkness.
He sees in thinking itself an element that can be strengthened and deepened sufficiently to penetrate all that our senses do not reveal to us.
His life itself passes deeper in nature than the studies of the naturalist penetrate; himself a subject for the naturalist.
I believe,' he said this with some hesitation, 'I penetrate your motive, and it makes the thing more difficult.'
I cannot so completely penetrate the mystery of my own heart, as to know when I began to think that I might have set its earliest and brightest hopes on Agnes.
I perceive that we inhabitants of New England live this mean life that we do because our vision does not penetrate the surface of things.
In high voltage tubes, the accelerated ions can penetrate into the electrode materials.
In passing, he mentions Alyx as having "penetrate Nehwon," apparently from some other world.
Infantry were to advance behind a mass of tanks to the first two objective lines (blue and brown) by leapfrogging, to penetrate the Hindenburg line.
Infrared light can penetrate the cosmic dust clouds, allowing us to peer into regions of star formation and the centers of galaxies.
It also living in a burrow, from which a network of trails penetrate into surrounding habitat.
It can operate in the presence of obstacles that obscure the target, and can penetrate ground (sand), water, or walls.
It explains that human lung and respiratory systems cannot filter the particles emitted by wood combustion, which penetrate deeply into the lungs.
It is not fire, nor iron; nor the power of a tyrant nor the power of a slandering tongue; nor anything else that can penetrate into her.
It was credited with the nominal ability to penetrate armour.
Let thy mind penetrate both into the effects, and into the causes.
Metal "combs" are used to penetrate into the bristles of a brush to remove drying paint.
Notwithstanding his large stomach, certainly not intended to penetrate the fissures of the Campagna, he slid down like Peppino, and closing his eyes fell upon his feet.
Over this finished framework, an appropriate mixture (grout or mortar) of Portland cement, sand and water and/or admixtures is applied to penetrate the mesh.
Some legends give the name of Zennyo as Zentatsu 善達 "goodness penetration" with "tatsu" "penetrate; arrive at; reach; realize" instead of "nyo".
The "Obus G" was designed to penetrate up to 400 millimeters (15.75 in.)
The attempt by Slavs to penetrate westward into Friuli probably ended after they had been defeated by the Lombards at Lauriana, in 720.
The cartridge was deemed to have the penetration necessary to penetrate to the brain stem to provide a quick kill on whales.
The court yard of this quarter is enclosed by enormous walls, over which the sun glances obliquely, when it deigns to penetrate into this gulf of moral and physical deformity.
The First Challenge: Teams must guess the number of objects that a bullet can penetrate.
The foundation does not penetrate the deck, but the masonry is firmly secured to the surface by ponderous knees of iron bracing it on all sides, and screwing it down to the timbers.
The mounting does not penetrate the platform, making it relatively simple to fit the weapon to ships.
The purpose of Furukawa's studies was to "penetrate the essence of the racial traits of the Taiwanese, who recently revolted and behaved so cruelly".
The tail is characterized by clusters that penetrate partially into the side and partly in the boot lid.
The unhappy man uttered an exclamation of joy; a ray of light seemed to penetrate the abyss of despair and darkness.
The unknown fixed on the young man one of those looks which penetrate into the depth of the heart and thoughts.
The WISE program, which was discontinued shortly after its inception, was seen by some as a Trojan horse designed by Microsoft to penetrate the Unix market.
Their bite can easily penetrate human skin.
This allowed the station to penetrate more of its huge viewing area, most of which is a very rugged dissected plateau.
This same rod was used to penetrate her so severely that the victim's intestines had to be surgically removed, before her death thirteen days after the attack.
To pierce and penetrate into the estate of every one's understanding that thou hast to do with: as also to make the estate of thine own open, and penetrable to any other.
To recover the scrolls, the player has to find enough keys to penetrate the Quench Heart Keep, and then kill each of the 3 guards.
When wood and metal are surrounded with a covering which neither air nor moisture can penetrate, decay and rust are prevented.
Yes, their supreme lord and dictator was there, though hitherto unseen by any eyes not permitted to penetrate into the now sacred retreat of the cabin.
``Ah, now you are trying to penetrate into the mysteries of Isis, in which I am not initiated.
``And for that reason, he besought me to try and clear up a mystery he had never been able to penetrate, and to clear his memory should any foul spot or stain have fallen on it.''

More Vocab Words

::: ostentatious - showy; trying to attract attention; pretentious; N. ostentation: showy display
::: vicissitude - change (esp. from good to bad); change of fortune; CF. the last emperor of China
::: rile - irritate; vex; muddy
::: sadistic - inclined to cruelty; N. sadism: delight in cruelty
::: fringe - decorative edge of hanging threads; edge
::: pulmonary - pertaining to the lungs
::: peremptory - demanding and leaving no choice; imperative; Ex. peremptory decree/knock
::: recrimination - countercharges; V. recriminate
::: proclivity - inclination; natural tendency (esp. towards something bad)
::: overblown - inflated; exaggerated