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Vocabulary Word

Word: pendant

Definition: (pendent) hanging down from something; pending; N: ornament (hanging from a necklace etc.)

Sentences Containing 'pendant'

According to the author, he originally planned the "The Magic Mountain" as a novella; a humorous, ironic, satirical (and satyric) pendant to "Death in Venice," which he had completed in 1912.
At the library, a description of the woman and pendant Cordelia saw in her vision is given to a woman there.
Billy, stretching his legs, stumbles across their camper filled with death, missing the carnage he comes across a frog pendant lying on a shag pile.
Eventually, in "Rebellion", it is revealed that Merlin's Stone is actually relatively unimportant; Gwen's Pendant is actually more powerful.
Executed around 1619, it is a pendant piece to the "Damned Soul".
Foppa is believed to have designed several pendant jewels, but there is uncertainty respecting his goldsmith's work, and little can be attributed to him with authority.
Formed from a tiny piece of the stone is Gwen's pendant.
Furthermore, they may encircle their arms with a depiction of the circlet (a red circle bearing the motto) with the badge pendant thereto and the collar; the former is shown either outside or on top of the latter.
He remained in Halifax over the winter flying his broad pendant in the "Northumberland" (Capt.
He spent the winter at Halifax, flying his broad pendant in the "Northumberland", (Capt.
He wore a snail-shell lip pendant, eagle down headdress, turquoise bracelets and golden bells on his ankles.
It was also during this period that the two huge triads of statues on the eastern and western faces of the cliff were repaired—on the southeast cliff face, a seated Maitreya with legs pendant, flanked by two standing bodhisattvas; and on the southwest cliff face, an incomplete triad of a tall standing Buddha flanked by two attendants.
It was followed by the pendant "Song of Ocol" (1970), the husband's reply.
It was rumored that he wore an earring and used the battlecry "Here is the man of the pendant earring!
Most crucially, in 1978, the character became the guardian of Edith's step-cousin Floyd's nine-year old daughter, Stephanie (Danielle Brisebois), and comes to accept her Jewish faith, even buying her a Star of David pendant.
Over 100,000 students have participated in the essay contest. The winners are awarded a diamond necklace pendant for their mom.
The Hen with Sapphire Pendant Egg or Egg with Hen in Basket is a Tsar Imperial Fabergé egg, one in a series of fifty-two jeweled eggs made under the supervision of Peter Carl Fabergé for the Russian Imperial family.
The nest is pendant and purse like, opening on the side towards the top.
The pendant lights up when near Merlin's stone.
The Sapphire Pendant Egg was sent to Tsar Alexander III on April 5, 1886 from Fabergé's workshop.
``For a man not connected with newspapers, here is the pendant to the famous sea serpent of the Constitutionnel.''

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::: brawny - muscular; having well-developed muscles
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::: conformity - harmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance