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Vocabulary Word

Word: penance

Definition: self-imposed punishment for sin; Ex. do penance for one's sins; CF. penitent

Sentences Containing 'penance'

'It would be no great penance,' said Rosa Dartle, 'for your crimes.
A diligent and pious person who rendered appropriate devotion to each of these relics could merit 1,902,202 years worth of penance (an earthly equivalent of time otherwise spent in Purgatory, removed by indulgences).
As a penance, participants carry 'kavadis' along a processional route.
As per Hindu legend, sage Suthaba was doing penance at this place.
Bogdanovich himself considers this movie one of his worst; in an interview, he stated, "I'm not positive, but it just might be my penance for getting on the bad side of all those studio execs while shooting "Mask," three years earlier."
But if Love be a God, it follows thence That he knows all, and certain it remains No God loves cruelty; then who ordains This penance that enthrals while it torments?
He belonged to the noble family of Milliano and from his earliest years made penance the predominating element of his life.
He saluted us courteously, and in a few well-spoken words he told us not to wonder at seeing him going about in this guise, as it was binding upon him in order that he might work out a penance which for his many sins had been imposed upon him.
Here, during the days of yore, the pious rishi, Mandavaya, performed long and severe penance and practised austerities on his body, on the bank of the river Beas, near the present Mandi town.
I have traveled a good deal in Concord; and everywhere, in shops, and offices, and fields, the inhabitants have appeared to me to be doing penance in a thousand remarkable ways.
In "Time Bomb", Illyria rescues Gunn from the hell dimension he entered in penance for his role in Fred's death.
In the modern philosophy, it was frequently represented as generally, or rather as almost always, inconsistent with any degree of happiness in this life; and heaven was to be earned only by penance and mortification, by the austerities and abasement of a monk, not by the liberal, generous, and spirited conduct of a man.
It seemed like wilful ill nature, or a voluntary penance, for on these occasions it was not merely a few formal inquiries and an awkward pause and then away, but he actually thought it necessary to turn back and walk with her.
It would be an endless task to put before us now the death and the charms of the peerless Altisidora, not dead as the ignorant world imagines, but living in the voice of fame and in the penance which Sancho Panza, here present, has to undergo to restore her to the long-lost light.
Just at this moment Sancho came up, and on seeing the pair in such a costume he was unable to restrain his laughter; the barber, however, agreed to do as the curate wished, and, altering their plan, the curate went on to instruct him how to play his part and what to say to Don Quixote to induce and compel him to come with them and give up his fancy for the place he had chosen for his idle penance.
Keep it safe, my friend, for just now I have no need of it; indeed, I shall have to take off all this armour and remain as naked as I was born, if I have a mind to follow Roland rather than Amadis in my penance."
Mallasura (demon) and his brother performed a severe penance extracted from Brahma and, with a promise that they should never be harmed by any human being, began to harass the sages or rishis.
Meeting Zack in the bathhouse in Modeoheim, Angeal asks Zack to end his suffering and merges with several of his copies, transforming into Angeal Penance.
Metropolitan Serafim (Meshcheriakov) of Belorussia had been an active leader of the Renovationists before he returned to the Orthodox church with much public penance, and incurred the hatred of the state.
Next, I will explain the splendid rules pertaining to penance."
Now one of the instances in which this knight most conspicuously showed his prudence, worth, valour, endurance, fortitude, and love, was when he withdrew, rejected by the Lady Oriana, to do penance upon the Pena Pobre, changing his name into that of Beltenebros, a name assuredly significant and appropriate to the life which he had voluntarily adopted.
Osiris decides that being unable to walk must be his penance.
Rags, wool and human hair were also used as charms against sorcery, and as tokens of penance or fulfilment of a vow.
Rourke has written or co-written six scripts: "Homeboy", "The Last Ride", "Bullet", "Killer Moon", "Penance" and the latest, "Pain".
So that, senor, it is better to be an humble little friar of no matter what order, than a valiant knight-errant; with God a couple of dozen of penance lashings are of more avail than two thousand lance-thrusts, be they given to giants, or monsters, or dragons."
Suthaba requested Durvasa on the penance he had to do to get relieved off the curse.
Suthaba, as a frog, continued his penance under water in the Mendaka Theertham in the temple and Vishnu appeared to him as Sundararajan. As per another legend, Hindu god of creation, Brahma, was once of the belief that he was the most handsome individual in the planet as he created all the human beings.
That night he passed among trees again in order to give Sancho an opportunity of working out his penance, which he did in the same fashion as the night before, at the expense of the bark of the beech trees much more than of his back, of which he took such good care that the lashes would not have knocked off a fly had there been one there.
The act of penance is carried out by devotees in gratitude to Lord Subramanian or Murugan, son of Lord Siva, for granting their prayers.
The customs of countries and princes' palaces are only good so long as they give no annoyance; but the way of washing they have here is worse than doing penance.
They are in penance to attain Lord Muruga.
To conclude, Ricote liberally recompensed and rewarded as well the renegade as the men who had rowed; and the renegade effected his readmission into the body of the Church and was reconciled with it, and from a rotten limb became by penance and repentance a clean and sound one.
Upon this place the Knight of the Rueful Countenance fixed his choice for the performance of his penance, and as he beheld it exclaimed in a loud voice as though he were out of his senses: "This is the place, oh, ye heavens, that I select and choose for bewailing the misfortune in which ye yourselves have plunged me: this is the spot where the overflowings of mine eyes shall swell the waters of yon little brook, and my deep and endless sighs shall stir unceasingly the leaves of these mountain trees, in testimony and token of the pain my persecuted heart is suffering.
When Pururavas attained adulthood, Sudyumma left his kingdom to Pururavas and went to the forest for penance.

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