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Vocabulary Word

Word: patriarch

Definition: father and ruler of a family or tribe

Sentences Containing 'patriarch'

20a); and once he ventured to convey a veiled rebuke to the patriarch for avarice (Genesis Rabbah lxxviii.
710 Makuria had become officially Coptic and loyal to the Coptic Patriarch of Alexandria; the king of Makuria became the defender of the patriarch of Alexandria, occasionally intervening militarily to protect him, as Kyriakos did in 722.
After him, the position of Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem remained vacant from 1910 to 1921, when Patriarch Yeghishe Tourian was elected.
Andrew Cathedral, Kiev, in fulfillment of the 1924 tomos of the Ecumenical Patriarch.
As patriarch he reformed church administration and bolstered clerical education.
As patriarch he resided in Beirut until his death in 1855.
Dionysius I () was Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople two times, from 1466 to 1471 and from 1488 to 1490.
During this period, Rome governed Judea through a Procurator at Caesarea and a Jewish Patriarch.
Earlier since 1949, Derderian was serving as deputy patriarch.
He imprisoned Patriarch Aimery and other bishops and looted their churches.
He is described as a big, dominant, hard-working policeman and family patriarch.
He is not at all a dominant man or a patriarch.
He was patriarch of a family of future nobles of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
He was the patriarch of "Boston Brahmin" Lawrence family.
Hui-neng did as he was told and then later returned from living with some hunters to become The Sixth Patriarch and pass on The Dharma in such forms as The Sutra Spoken by The Sixth Patriarch.
In 1846, the Patriarch sent a Metropolitan Yuyakim Mar Kurilos to Malankara.
In other cases a catholicos heads a Particular Church and is subject to a patriarch or other church head.
In religious matters, the counties of the Kingdom of Jerusalem were expected to follow the lead of the Patriarch of Jerusalem.
Initially it was governed from abroad by Patriarch Mstyslav (Skrypnyk).
It is centered at the temple complexes of Myōshin-ji (founded by Kanzan Egen, the third patriarch) and Daitoku-ji (founded by Daito Kokushi, the second patriarch) in Kyoto, and sometimes referred to as the "Myōshin-ji lineage" accordingly.
It was a synodical letter of faith, sent by Theodore, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and endorsed by Theodore, Patriarch of Antioch, and Cosmas, Patriarch of Alexandria.
Later he became Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria Patriarch of the See of St.
Lenin also insisted not to touch the Patriarch during the Shuia incident for fear it would produce another Germogen (a Patriarch who was killed by the Poles when they occupied Moscow in 1612).
Majors was the patriarch of a football family.
Miguel Grande is presented in the novel as a typical patriarch.
Next, Frederick engaged The Patriarch of Aquileia to attack Grado.
On 29 November 1895, Cassetta was appointed Titular Patriarch of Antioch.
On March 24, 1833 he was appointed patriarch of the Melkites.
On September 2, 1530, he was named Patriarch of the West Indies.
Only in 1960 did a new Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem get officially elected, namely Patriarch Yeghishe Derderian.
Patriarch Gurtegh Israelian () was Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem serving the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem as bishop under the authority of the Catholicos of Armenia and of all Armenians of the Armenian Apostolic Church from 1944 to 1949, succeeding Patriarch Mesrob Nishanian who had served from 1939 to 1944.
Patriarch Hayk, the legendary and eponymous progenitor of the Armenian people, is sometimes referred to as "azgapet".
Patriarch Vehabedian continued serving until 1910.
Patriarch Volodymyr would, during his time as patriarch, separate from the UAOC to found the UOC-KP, together with Metropolitan (now Patriarch) Filaret (Denysenko).
Peter’s replacement as temporary Patriarch after his arrest was Metropolitan Sergii.
Sergii was released in 1927 and became the new Patriarch after he signed a declaration of loyalty to the state.
Subsequent to his death in 1993, he was succeeded by Patriarch Volodomyr (Romaniuk).
Supported by Mara, Dionysius was appointed Metropolitan of Philippopolis by Patriarch Gennadius Scholarius.
The bishop is dependent to the Patriarch of Babylon.
The I-Kuan Tao and the Xiantiandao considered him as the ninth patriarch.
The Latin Patriarch, Aimery of Limoges, protested this and imposed an interdict on the city.
The name is derived from "*Podreča (vas)" (literally, 'patriarch's village'); the first element is a possessive adjective from the noun "podreka" 'patriarch'.
The Patriarch distrusted the government’s intentions, and maintained his order not to hand over the vessels.
The Patriarch was arrested in May 1922, and his chancery was taken over by the Renovationists.
The title is "Patriarch and Catholicos of Ethiopia, Ichege of the See of St.
Theistic Satanists venerate Satan as a supernatural deity, viewing him not as omnipotent but rather as a patriarch.
This branch includes the Patriarch and four diocesan bishops elected by the Holy Assembly.
Those not willing to follow this change continued the UAOC with a new Patriarch, Dymytry (Yarema).
Trotsky would continue to attack the Patriarch until he was released from prison in 1923 and made his declaration of loyalty.
Upon his death in 1949, the position of Patriarch of Jerusalem remained vacant for more than a decade, i.e. from 1949 to 1957 and from 1958 to 1960, with a very brief period when Tiran Nersoyan was elected as patriarch of Jerusalem (1957–1958), but was never consecrated.

More Vocab Words

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