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Vocabulary Word

Word: partition

Definition: divide into parts

Sentences Containing 'partition'

/boot/ is often simply a directory on the main (or only) hard drive partition.
After that date, the ACC did not meet again, and the stage was set for the partition of Germany into two states.
After that, partition the array with the "k"th smallest element as pivot.
After the partition of India in 1947, all of the Kheras left what is now Pakistan and settled in India.
After the Second Partition of Poland in 1793, it was moved to the county Wągrowiec.
All data on the partition will be overwritten at the block level.
An example command to back up the partition table is codice_20 and to restore is codice_21.
Both the partition length and partition start address are sector values stored in the partition table entries as 32-bit quantities.
Don Quixote rose betimes, and bade adieu to his hosts by knocking at the partition of the other room.
During the partition of India, rape was an extensive issue.
FBDISK can isolate the bad sectors and partition the remaining area to at most four partitions.
He allegedly used his influence in favour of partition of the British Mandate.
He joined the Anti-Partition League of Ireland (APL) when it was founded in 1945.
He resigned from office when the partition and annexation of the territory was imminent.
He said if the partition is must, Rayala seema should be with Telangana Only and not with Andhra.
He was the most celebrated Punjabi poet at the time of the Partition of British India in 1947.
However, it may be a separate partition.
In July 1905 a partition of Bengal was announced, scheduled to take effect in October.
In order to resolve the succession issue, Baldwin I created a partition treaty.
It felt betrayed at the annulment of the Partition of Bengal, and claimed ‘Islam to be in danger’.
It is estimated that during the partition, up to 100,000 women were kidnapped and raped.
It then loads and runs the volume boot record (VBR) of the active partition.
It was created as a partition of Fürstenberg-Fürstenberg in 1441.
Letychiv passed into Russian hands during the second partition of Poland in 1792.
Linux codice_19 (on a SystemRescueCD) is able to save a backup of the primary and extended partition table.
Most Nationalists also opposed partition.
Moyne's successor in Cairo, Sir Edward Grigg, was opposed to partition.
Partition of Bengal may refer to the partition of the Bengal region during two separate occasions:
Prior to independence and partition there were a number of "Punjab regiments" in the British India.
Simple or exotic histograms are defined by four parameters, Sort Value, Source Value, Partition Class and Partition Rule.
Starting in 1706, a partition was used so that both congregations could hold their services without any mutual disturbance.
Support for an "extended partition", a special primary partition type used as a container to hold other partitions, was added with DOS 3.2 and nested "logical drives" inside an extended partition came with DOS 3.30.
That histogram would be defined as having a Sort Value of Value, a Source Value of Frequency, be in the Serial Partition Class and have a Partition Rule stating that all buckets have the same range.
The "Status" field in a partition table record is used to indicate an active partition.
The line of partition, “per bend sinister wavy”, represents the river Elzbach.
The MBR code may communicate with the user, examine the partition table.
The MBR is not located in a partition; it is located at a first sector of the device (physical offset 0), preceding the first partition.
The MBR partitioning scheme is therefore in the process of being superseded by the GUID Partition Table (GPT).
The MBR will be involved only insofar as it might contain a partition table for compatibility purposes if the GPT partition table scheme has been used.
The Muhajir community settled in Nara after the partition of India in 1947.
The partition between the choir of the Fathers and that of the lay monks was removed, and the sanctuary was gutted.
The Partition of Bengal was strongly protested in Bengal, and the people of Assam were not happy either.
The partition table supported up to four "primary partitions", of which DOS could only use one.
The partition was finally annulled by a royal decree in 1911.
The story begins a score years before the Partition of India.
They will display an error message, if more than one partition has been marked active.
This is a closed and exact expression for the partition function of the system.
This is the trivial term, which does not affect the partition function of the system.
This probability is given by the normalized Boltzmann factor where formula_14 is the partition function.
Various programs are able to create a "backup" of both the primary partition table and the logical partitions in the extended partition.

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