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Vocabulary Word

Word: partisan

Definition: one-sided; prejudiced; committed to a party (with dislike of any others); N: strong supporter of a party; guerrilla

Sentences Containing 'partisan'

"This is the promoting of partisan, one-sided political attitudes which frankly don't serve the interests of anyone who is seriously interested in human rights."
1,941 m. Here the partisan crowd began to settle.
Active in partisan politics Carmichael was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 1916, 1928 and 1932.
After the invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941, he and a group of 32 other communist political prisoners escaped from the prison and joined the Yugoslav partisan resistance.
All city offices are technically non-partisan.
As a consequence, public confidence in government was a matter of great concern, and the differentiation between partisan assertions and reality had to be made clear.
During the Second World War, the coal mine was attacked by a Partisan unit.
During World War II Cansiglio was the seat of partisan resistance against the German occupation.
English: literary magazine "Partisan Review" (Boston).
He was an editor of "Partisan Review" and later the literary critic of "The Atlantic Monthly" magazine.
His ambitious reforms of the fractious Mexican military transformed the armed forces from a political partisan to an armed force loyal to the president and government.
However, the newspaper ultimately became non-partisan.
I became his zealous partisan, and contributed all I could to raise a party in his favour, and we combated for him a while with some hopes of success.
In 1942 he was sent to occupied Slovenia to be one of commanders of the Slovene partisan resistance.
In 1944, he joined the ranks of a local Home Army partisan unit, taking part in Operation Tempest and Operation Ostra Brama.
In 1948 he finished his memoirs of his partisan years ("Rojsty"), but the book was not published until 1956.
In 2004 Richwood elected party member and local poet Bob Henry Baber as its mayor, although this was in a non-partisan election.
In 46 BC he was sent to Illyricum with three legions and defeated Marcus Octavius, a Pompeian partisan with a large fleet, for which he received an "ovatio".
In April 1945, he was a member of the partisan delegation that tried to reach an agreement with Mussolini in the archbishop's palace of Milan.
In partisan elections for the Washington State Legislature and United States Congress, nearly all elections are won by Democrats.
It is a non-profit organization that has no partisan, ideological, religious, or commercial affiliations.
It was released in June 2013 under Partisan Records.
Local and Congressional politicians in Texas questioned if partisan politics played any role in the selection.
Meanwhile, German defensive efforts were hampered by partisan attacks to their communications and rail supply lines.
Most of the Bukovina Székelys managed to flee to Transdanubia before the vengeful Yugoslav partisan forces arrived, but again, they lost all of their property.
Officially, elections to the Trois-Rivières Council are on a non-partisan basis.
Resistance was led by a NLA Partisan named "Walter" Perić.
Slave families endured depredation not only by raiding Union and Confederate soldiers, but also by partisan guerrillas, who were the most feared as they were the most likely to be violent.
Sole famously walked his men onto the field with quiet but steely determination, to the delight of the partisan home crowd.
Soon after Hajduk became the official football club of the Partisan movement.
The "Bergamo" Division took part in Operation Alba which was an anti Partisan operations in Croatia carried out on the 12 August to he 2 September 1942, to destroy partisan groups in the Biokovo area 40 to 50 kilometres east of Split.
The "German Christians" strictly opposed that election, because Bodelschwingh was not their partisan.
The 1998 presidential election was the first to be carried out with a non-partisan National Electoral Council.
The Bush campaign asserted that the oath was valid because the president was conducting a partisan campaign event.
The contention surrounding romanisations has never been purely academic or in response to the needs of the foreign community in Taiwan, but rather clouded by partisan politics.
The election is held on a non-partisan basis.
The Kettering Foundation is an American non-partisan research foundation founded in 1927 by Charles F. Kettering.
The name "Demokraten" was taken in 1945, and the newspaper ultimately became non-partisan.
The non-partisan FactCheck.org criticized some of his comments, saying the President had "played loose with the facts".
The origins of the JNA can be found in the Yugoslav Partisan units of World War II.
The previous band broke up after their gigs became partisan with some members wanting to play at the Republican National Convention.
The project had not only changed its original goal from a partisan platform to a citizen questionnaire, but it had recruited a previously uninvolved candidate to its cause during the election.
The Soviet offensive was aided by partisan attacks behind the German lines.
The unit participated in anti-partisan actions in Yugoslavia.
The Yugoslav Partisan movement was represented in the city.
These armies were set up to perform resistance, partisan, and guerrilla activities in the event of Soviet invasion; equivalent units were set up by other NATO members in their states.
They found the communities already victims of partisan raids and even came under attack themselves.
This revival was continued by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye, a 19th-century Rime ('non-partisan') scholar and forceful partisan of Shentong, and were also advanced recently by the eminent Kagyu Lamas Kalu Rinpoche and Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche.
Vatinius was a most zealous partisan for Caesar.
Vis had been established as the Headquarters for the Partisan army.

More Vocab Words

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