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Vocabulary Word

Word: parody

Definition: humorous imitation; spoof; takeoff; travesty; V.

Sentences Containing 'parody'

"Laku noć, Hrvatska" is a parody of Croatian TV news and other TV shows.
"The Magic Mountain" can be read both as a classic example of the European "Bildungsroman" – a "novel of education" or "novel of formation" – and as a sly parody of this genre.
A parody edition was published in 1888, titled, "The Mystery of a Wheelbarrow", with authorship attributed to a W. Ferguson.
A parody of "You're Beautiful" titled "You're Pitiful" was recorded by Weird Al Yankovic.
A parody version was published in 1888, and separate film adaptations were produced in 1911, 1915, and 1925.
According to Diana Crane, post-modernists do this through a variety of ways, namely through creating effects of polysemy, ambiguity, and parody.
After the ad went viral, the California Democratic Party created a parody of the ad depicting Fiorina herself as a demon sheep.
An example of this is a parodic publication running a parody ad for a product, and the parody not being well done enough or labeled clearly enough for people to realize it is not a real ad.
Bongo Comics published a parody of Gold Key in "Radioactive Man" #106 (volume 2 #6, Nov.
Captain Strong is a fictional character appearing in DC Comics; he was created as a parody of Popeye.
Cory Edwards sought to parody fast food in this episode, and described Big Dogs as "the dumbest, most hideous idea" he could think of.
For instance, the Zoo Crew operated out of "Follywood, Califurnia," a parody of Hollywood, California.
Found on that album is perhaps his most famous parody of the all-American icon, Waffle House.
He believes Hemingway's later work became a parody of the earlier work.
He performed a musical parody of the character on Dean Martin's variety show in 1966.
Hellkom is an Internet parody site about Telkom, South Africa's telecommunications monopoly.
His cantata "Der zufriedengestellte Autobus" (The contented bus) by "P.P. Bach", a parody of a Bach cantata, was given more than 40 times.
In 1960, Peter Ustinov's cold-war stage parody, "Romanoff and Juliet" was filmed.
It is a parody of "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys.
It is a parody of the Indian removal policies from the 17th century to the 19th century.
It is a parody of the war movie "The Longest Day" and stars the popular duo Ciccio Ingrassia and Franco Franchi in the leading roles.
It was the last Raffles work written by Hornung, although a number of continuations have been written by other authors in a mixture of parody and homage.
Keep The Change is the 7th album by Christian parody band ApologetiX.
Lear thought that Bunker's opinions on race, sex, marriage, and religion were so wrong as to represent a parody of right wing bigotry.
Michels stated that the parody was "very fun" to animate; "Being from New Jersey, it was a labor of love," he said in the episode's DVD commentary.
Mostly, the film was a parody of the grindhouse sub-genre, telling the story of sweet Callista who is abducted for "scientific" reasons.
On each episode contestants were assigned tasks by Oscar, the house's unseen owner who communicated over speakerphone in an obvious parody of Charlie from Charlie's Angels.
One Bollywood-parody dance number features Kane, and the main dance number features Kane and Seth.
One of the characters is "The Godpigeon", an obvious parody of Brando's portrayal of Vito Corleone.
Taylor has made occasional appearances in movies, usually in broad comedies like the R-rated "Deep Throat" parody "Chatterbox".
Thanhouser literature describes it as "A laughable parody on Sherlock Holmes."
The "Robot Chicken" episode "Adoption's an Option" featured a sketch featuring the "Inspector Gadget" characters in a parody of "The Terminator".
The artists discarded customary book materials and printed Tango on cheap wallpaper as a parody of urban bourgeois taste.
The cartoon is a parody of Warner Bros.'
The dance was originated as parody of the old Spanish men (descendants of the Conquistadors).
The Duff Gardens parade is a parody of Disneyland's Main Street Electrical Parade.
The film was conceived by Warhol as a parody of "Sunset Boulevard" (1950) so Underground USA is a jaded parody of a parody and in those terms is a successful art film.
The game Bart and his friends play is a parody of "Bakugan" (one of the kids says it makes "Digimon" look like "Pokémon").
The initial song, "And Now for Something Completely Similar," is a parody of the famous saying "And Now for Something Completely Different" from Monty Python skits.
The promotional video for Idoli song "Maljčiki" which followed the release of the compilation featured a parody of soc-realist iconography.
The same theme is also found in the fourth movement of Béla Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra in a parody of Shostakovich's symphony.
The singers at Duff Gardens (which is a parody of Busch Gardens), Hooray for Everything, are a tribute to Up with People.
The site sometimes finds itself the subject of parody at times by some media outlets.
The team is an anthropomorphic funny animal parody of the Justice League of America.
The title is a parody of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Well-Tempered Clavier".
Therefore, it was only natural for Leon Schlesinger's cartoon studio to parody the 1936 Warner Bros.
This absurd programme was itself a parody of "TopPop".
Two of Rael's three Bollywood-parody songs in the film have dance numbers.
Weisenfeld argues that this is also the case with Freleng's parody.
When they did not find any to their liking, they created their own as a parody.

More Vocab Words

::: caricature - distortion; burlesque
::: contraband - illegal trade; smuggling; smuggled goods; ADJ.
::: culinary - relating to cooking or kitchen
::: pithy - concise and meaningful; substantial; meaty
::: suffragist - advocate of the extension of voting rights (for women); CF. suffrage
::: platitude - trite remark; commonplace statement; ADJ. platitudinous
::: consanguineous - (consanguine) having a common ancestor
::: remission - temporary moderation (of disease symptoms); remitting of a debt or punishment; cancelation of a debt; pardon; Ex. The disease went into remission; Ex. Christians pray for the remission of sins.
::: decipher - decode; CF. indecipherable
::: martial - warlike; of war; Ex. martial art/law