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Vocabulary Word

Word: parity

Definition: equality; close resemblance; CF. disparate

Sentences Containing 'parity'

"Hard pegs" are extreme exchange rate regimes that demonstrate a stronger commitment to a fixed parity (i.e. currency boards) or relinquish control over their own currency (such as currency unions) while "soft pegs" are more flexible and floating exchange rate regimes.
2) Two smooth simply-connected 4-manifolds are homeomorphic, if and only if, their intersection forms have the same rank, signature, and parity.
A new "File History" function allows incremental revisions of files to be backed up to and restored from a secondary storage device, while Storage Spaces allows users to combine different sized hard disks into virtual drives and specify mirroring, parity, or no redundancy on a folder-by-folder basis.
A transposition has the parity (also known as signature) −1.
According to the CDC Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, LARC methods are recommended for the majority of women who are post-menarche (i.e. have had their first menstruation), regardless of parity.
Admiral Raeder argued to Hitler that Germany needed naval parity with France as a minimum goal, whereas Hitler from April 1933 onwards, expressed a desire for a "Reichsmarine" of 33.3% of the total tonnage of the Royal Navy.
After the Second War of Kappel, the two religions reached a generally peaceful parity.
Air forces unable to contest for air superiority or air parity can strive for "air denial", where they maintain an operations level conceding air superiority to the other side, but preventing it from achieving air supremacy.
All multiplicative quantum numbers belong to a symmetry (like parity) in which applying the symmetry transformation twice is equivalent to doing nothing.
Although the scalar triple product gives the volume of the parallelepiped, it is the signed volume, the sign depending on the orientation of the frame or the parity of the permutation of the vectors.
Based on a theoretical United States Navy strength of 25 battleships and cruisers, Japanese naval theoreticians postulated that Japan would need a fleet of at least eight first-line battleships and eight cruisers for parity in the Pacific Ocean.
Conditions stretched from near-parity in certain places at times, to general superiority by India.
Denoting the parity of an arbitrary permutation "π" by (−1)"π", it follows that an antisymmetric wave function satisfies where we associated the linear operator formula_12 with the permutation π.
During the campaign, Giuliani championed interstate health-insurance markets and tax parity for non-employer purchases of health insurance, both positions favored by Gratzer.
For secure transmission and to indicate the end of data transmission CRC bits or parity bits can be added.
However, some, usually called a "parity", are multiplicative; i.e., their "product" is conserved.
If a wave function is symmetric under any odd parity permutation it has no antisymmetric component.
In early August, the euro fell to near parity, at 1.00749, against the franc.
Indeed, assume that the permutation π, represented by the operator formula_12, has odd parity and that Ψ is symmetric, then As an example of an application of this result, we assume that Ψ is a spin-orbital product. Assume further that a spin-orbital occurs twice (is "doubly occupied") in this product, once with coordinate "k" and once with coordinate "q".
It can be shown that an arbitrary permutation of "N" objects can be written as a product of transpositions and that the number of transposition in this decomposition is of fixed parity.
More precisely, let us introduce the parity operator formula_12 that inverts time, formula_13.
New security features in Windows 8 include two new authentication methods tailored towards touchscreens (PINs and picture passwords), the addition of antivirus capabilities to Windows Defender (bringing it in parity with Microsoft Security Essentials).
One notable exception is diamagnetic lithium which, though exhibiting classical chaos, demonstrates Wigner (chaotic) statistics for the even-parity energy levels and nearly Poisson (regular) statistics for the odd-parity energy level distribution.
One of the most significant controllable factors for breast cancer is parity, or the number of children a woman has given birth to.
Possibly making the protective result about parity (childbearing) rather than abortion.
Quantum systems can also have additional quantum numbers corresponding to discrete symmetries (such as parity conservation from reflection symmetry).
Required the state of Alabama to hire one Black state trooper for every white state trooper until racial parity was achieved.
SCSI-1 features an 8-bit parallel bus (with parity), running asynchronously at 3.5 MB/s or 5 MB/s in synchronous mode, and a maximum bus cable length of 6 meters (just under 20 feet—compared to the 18 inch (0.45 meter) limit of the ATA interface).
Small, fast and lightly armed when compared to the impressive man o' war galleons of the Swedish Navy, excellent leadership, a fine crew and aggressive marines combined to bring the "Arka Noego" into parity with her larger opponents.
Some of the results lead the authors to stipulate: "Although our data are not compatible with any substantial overall relation between induced abortion and breast cancer, we cannot exclude a modest association in subgroups defined by known breast cancer risk factors, timing of abortion, or parity."
Strategically, the overall situation at home and abroad at the end of the battle might be considered "air parity" between Britain and Germany.
Tapes with character data (BCD) were recorded in even parity.
That is, either a permutation is always decomposed in an even number of transpositions (the permutation is called even and has the parity +1), or a permutation is always decomposed in an odd number of transpositions and then it is an odd permutation with parity −1.
The East German mark was officially valued by the East German government at parity with the (West German) "Deutsche Mark".
The extraordinary revenue, too, which every province affords to the public in time of war, ought, from parity of reason, to bear the same proportion to the extraordinary revenue of the whole empire, which its ordinary revenue does in time of peace.
The first section of Table 1 in the Melbye study: † Values were adjusted for women's age, calendar period, parity, age at delivery of a first child, and the other variables shown in the table.
The global gravitational anomalies also match up as the parity of the number of chiral fields is the same in both theories.
The newly established union took up the issues of parity in wages with other NTC mills and workers participation in management.
The original SCSI-1 version of the parallel bus was 8 bits wide (plus a ninth parity bit).
The ortho/para splitting is determined by the parity of Ka, ortho if Ka is odd and para if Ka is even.
The Pauli principle postulates that a wave function of identical fermions must be an eigenfunction of a transposition operator with its parity as eigenvalue Here we associated the transposition operator formula_8 with the permutation of coordinates "π" that acts on the set of "N" coordinates.
The tape had seven parallel tracks, six for data and one to maintain parity.
There was one John the Baptist, who was the forerunner of Jesus in accordance with the law of parity; and as Jesus had twelve Apostles, bearing the number of the twelve solar months, so had he thirty leading men, making up the monthly tale of the moon.
This also relates to the handedness of the cross product; the cross product transforms as a pseudovector under parity transformations and so is properly described as a pseudovector.
This means the product is negated if the orientation is reversed, for example by a parity transformation, and so is more properly described as a pseudoscalar if the orientation can change.
To ensure parity of the cars, the engine and gearbox are both sealed prior to being delivered to the competitors so that no private tuning could be carried out in between.
Typical quantum numbers related to spacetime symmetries are spin (related to rotational symmetry), the parity, C-parity and T-parity (related to the Poincaré symmetry of spacetime).
Unattrited this would have put the U.S. forces on rough parity with the original PAVN forces, three battalions, or about one complete brigade each.
Zig steps exist to deal with the parity issue and will be done only as the last step in a splay operation and only when "x" has odd depth at the beginning of the operation.
“As to learning, government, arts, manufactures, and the like,” my master confessed, “he could find little or no resemblance between the _Yahoos_ of that country and those in ours; for he only meant to observe what parity there was in our natures.

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