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Word: parameter

Definition: limit; independent variable; Ex. parameters of the problem; Ex. within the parameters of the budget

Sentences Containing 'parameter'

(We use the convention that any constant parameter in a model is included when counting the parameters.
A better estimate of the dispersion parameter can be made with the method of maximum likelihood.
A parametric model is a collection of distributions, each of which is indexed by a unique finite-dimensional parameter: formula_6, where formula_7 is a parameter and formula_8 is the feasible region of parameters, which is a subset of d-dimensional Euclidean space.
Another parameter for protein resistance is the film thickness.
Any changes to the source parameter could potentially result in having to re-build the histogram entirely, rather than updating the existing histogram.
As the parameter is defined in a projective line, the polynomials in the parameter should be homogenized.
Exact solutions are known for a small class of distributions, particularly when the marginalized-out parameter is the conjugate prior of the distribution of the data.
First, the statistician may remove the suspected outliers from the data set and then use the arithmetic mean to estimate the location parameter.
Here "t" represents the hyperbolic distance from "p" and "ξ" a parameter representing the choice of direction of the geodesic in "S""n"−1.
If the parameter formula_8 is "n"-dimensional, then, in general, the submanifold will be as well.
If the population is distributed as a negative binomial distribution then the required sample size is where "k" is the parameter of the negative binomial distribution.
If the population is Poisson distributed then where "t" is the Poisson parameter, "s"2 is the variance, "m" is the mean and "n" is the sample size.
In celestial mechanics, eccentric anomaly is an angular parameter that defines the position of a body that is moving along an elliptic Kepler orbit.
In chemistry, a homologous series is a series of compounds with the same general formula, usually varying by a single parameter—such as the length of a carbon chain.
In order to identify Deviations, the Study Leader applies (systematically, in order) a set of Guide Words to each parameter for each section of the process.
In statistics, a marginal likelihood function, or integrated likelihood, is a likelihood function in which some parameter variables have been marginalized.
Incorporating Taylor's law this relationship becomes Dispersion parameter estimator.
It is equal to the scale parameter when the population obeys the gamma distribution.
Let be a map from the domain of the curve formula_7 with parameter formula_8 into the euclidean manifold formula_9.
Moreover, nearly every changeable parameter can be animated over time with "flow curves" or gradient ramps.
Nachman proposed a relationship between the mean density and the proportion of samples with zero counts: where "p"0 is the proportion of the sample with zero counts, "m" is the mean density, "a" is a scale parameter and "b" is a dispersion parameter.
Research done by Poosala and Ionnaidis 1 has demonstrated that the most accurate estimation of data is done with a VOptimal histogram using value as a sort parameter and frequency as a source parameter.
Southwood has recommended regressing "k" against the mean and a constant where "k""i" and "m""i" are the dispersion parameter and the mean of the ith sample respectively to test for the existence of a common dispersion parameter ("k""c").
SPF PASS is useful for authenticating the domain for use as a parameter to a spam classification engine.
Suppose that the invertible matrix A depends on a parameter "t".
Tests for a common dispersion parameter.
That is, one considers only those measures that are selected by the parameter.
The best parameter to measure this presentation is that it was short, it seemed to have lasted ten minutes or so and people were left wanting more.
The common dispersion parameter ("k") of the negative binomial distribution is where "m" is the sample mean and "s"2 is the variance.
The continuous movement of a plane has an instant center for every value of the time parameter.
The denominator corresponds to the maximum likelihood of an observed outcome varying parameters over the whole parameter space.
The dispersion parameter ("k") is where "m" is the sample mean and "s"2 is the variance.
The dispersion parameter ("k") using the method of moments is "m"2 / ( "s"2 - "m" ) and "p""i" is the proportion of samples with counts > 0.
The mean signed difference is derived from a set of "n" pairs, formula_3, where formula_4 is an estimate of the parameter formula_2 in a case where it is known that formula_6.
The older models were marked "AL XXX"; it is the same marking, but only one number is used for parameter description.
The resulting average number of counts per second is called "dark count rate" and is the key parameter in defining the detector noise.
The solution does only depend on the ratio formula_28, therefore the original formulation uses only formula_29 as tuning parameter.
The sunlight intensity is a parameter in the Shockley-Queisser calculation, and with more concentration, the theoretical efficiency limit increases somewhat.
The third important parameter for a scanner is its density range (Dynamic Range) or Drange (see Densitometry).
The third parameter formula_53 relates to the anisotropy of the energy band structure around the formula_54 point when formula_55.
There may be BIOS settings that affect this parameter.
These estimates involve taking ratios of statistically dependent parameter estimates.
This allows for a simple parameter to test the ultra-low fouling capabilities of polymer films.
This parameter measures a patient's ability to detect and respond to discomfort or pain that is related to pressure on parts of their body.
This parameter was used to compare materials without the use of two independent parameters.
This scaling is related to the bandwidth of the kernel in statistics, where it is shown that the bandwidth is an important parameter of the generalization behavior of a kernel method.
Two geared coders with ambiguity resolution are used for each parameter.
Unlike proportional hazards models, the regression parameter estimates from AFT models are robust to omitted covariates.
While developing her thesis, in 1962 Henney researched and published such projects as "Set-Valued Quadratic Functionals" and "One-Parameter Semigroups".
You choose formula_59 looking to the parameter formula_65: formula_66.

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