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Word: parallel

Definition: similar; analogous; corresponding; N: parallel line; person or thing that is parallel (to another); similarity; Ex. know of no parallel to the case; Ex. without parallel; V: be similar to; make parallel; Ex. Your experience parallels mine; CF. unparalleled

Sentences Containing 'parallel'

2 Fo Tan and Racecourse are parallel stations.
A parallel street to the Brühl is now named "Richard-Wagner-Straße".
As with the parallel "London Gazette", the strapline was "Published by Authority".
But about inland, a ridge ran roughly parallel to the shoreline.
Chambers were also cut parallel to the main tunnel.
For the massively parallel RRM (Rewrite Rule Machine).
His paper (1818) on "The Parallel Roads of Glenroy", printed in vol.
Id programs are fine grained implicitly parallel.
If formula_4 is linear and formula_19 this is known as a parallel line model.
Improper termination is a common problem with parallel SCSI installations.
In parallel he led a career as a singer and in operetta.
In parallel he took "Management and Marketing" courses at the Plekhanov Institute.
In parallel, a member of the Committee on Environment and Human Rights Commission.
In the parallel bars competition he finished eighth.
It crosses over the M1 which it runs parallel to for the next or so.
It is a parallel street to Storkyrkobrinken, Ankargränd, Solgränd and Kåkbrinken.
It is a parallel street to Storkyrkobrinken, Ankargränd, Spektens gränd, and Kåkbrinken.
It is assumed that "G" is simple, that is, it does not contain loops or parallel edges.
It led to the development of pH, a parallel dialect of Haskell.
It stands erect or parallel to the long column.
It uses a parallel port for communication with a PC.
Multiple hulls are generally parallel to each other and connected by rigid arms.
Parallel chord ailerons were fitted only to the upper wing.
Parallel proclamations are made by the governors in each state.
Parallel SCSI (formally, SCSI Parallel Interface, or SPI) is one of the interface implementations in the SCSI family.
Parallel to all the concerts, Maria finished her studies.
Parallel to that rhythm is a calendar of religion and customs, also repeatable.
So that when you are in doubt as to what direction they should follow, draw them on the parallel principle.
Some of these problems are discussed in the following articles: Parallel version.
SPMD is the most common style of parallel programming.
The airport has two parallel runways, aligned 01/19.
The covariant derivative can in turn be recovered from parallel transport.
The Cray parallel directives were a direct predecessor of OpenMP.
The first parallel SCSI connectors were the Centronics type.
The Harz Railway ("Harzquerbahn") runs parallel from Niedersachswerfen.
The middle section is in E major, the parallel major.
The parallel port was never used as a general purpose parallel printer port.
The parallel Youngsters Pairs is for players under 21 (u-21, U21).
The paratoid glands of both are parallel rather than slanting as in the common toad.
The popping crease is in front of, and parallel with, the wicket lines at both ends.
The" America" Tribune is parallel to the" Olympic" one.
There are fine sculptured lines parallel to the margins, which are themselves smooth.
There is no parallel between their own social realities and the rest of society's promoted goals.
These can be converted to motorways by adding a parallel road.
These developmental levels are in parallel with five Partsufim.
This was called the parallel vote tabulation (PVT).
To begin the piece, Debussy uses parallel fifths.
To the two clubs can be drawn various parallel.
Toes are no longer parallel but do not recede along a continuous curve.
WEH runs parallel to the Western Line, which is on its western side.

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