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Vocabulary Word

Word: paradox

Definition: something apparently contradictory in nature (that may nonetheless be true); statement that looks false but is actually correct

Sentences Containing 'paradox'

A man couldn't cover himself with dust by rolling in a paradox, could he?'
And he put it to us in this way--marking the points with a lean forefinger--as we sat and lazily admired his earnestness over this new paradox (as we thought it) and his fecundity.
At the physical limit, he proposes this developmental process of accelerating change leads inevitably to black hole level efficiencies and densities, and transcension of advanced intelligence from the physical universe, rather than interstellar expansion, thereby explaining Fermi’s paradox.
Constructors have dubbed this type of puzzle a "Schrödinger puzzle" after the famous paradox of Schrödinger's cat, which was both alive and dead at the same time.
DeMatteis wrote an autobiographical, digest-sized miniseries "Brooklyn Dreams", published by DC's Paradox Press imprint.
From the structural ambidexterity’s view, organizations can solve the paradox by temporarily cycling through periods of exploitation and periods of exploration.
Géricault's work expressed a paradox: how could a hideous subject be translated into a powerful painting, how could the painter reconcile art and reality?
Having also made his debut in Romanian drama with the printed version of his "theatrical paradox" "Antractul" ("The Intermission"), Aderca left for France during the same year.
He adds, "not even the SUDDEN development of the snapping action would have been beneficial without the freely movable stalk, nor could the latter have been efficient without the snapping jaws, yet no minute, nearly indefinite variations could simultaneously evolve these complex co-ordinations of structure; to deny this seems to do no less than to affirm a startling paradox."
His more recent musical projects include Paradox, the band, with two releases on indie labels; "Time" and "Limited Edition".
However, German astronomer Heinrich Olbers asserted that if this were true, then the entire night sky would be filled with light and bright as day; this is known as Olbers' paradox.
However, the weakening is not sufficient to actually explain Olbers' paradox.
However, this creates yet another paradox and causes the universe to disappear.
In 1962, well before Nauru took over the phosphate industry and achieved independence, the United Nations offered a cautious note: "The problem of Nauru presents a paradox.
In future studies, the different organizational ambidexterity configurations can be compared to find a better solution for dealing with the exploitation and exploration paradox.
In its review of her book, "Kirkus Reviews" pointed out a paradox regarding one of Grossman's proposed solutions to issues of encroachment upon Internet freedoms.
In order to solve the paradox Buridan proposes three questions: In response to the first question Buridan states that it is impossible to determine if Socrates' proposition is true or false.
In the field of political game theory, Farquharson's main contribution was his exposition of the Condorcet paradox regarding the sincerity of voters.
In the same work Ulatowski offers a couple of humorous solutions to the paradox.
It was a long time since the magistrate had heard a paradox so strong, or rather, to say the truth more exactly, it was the first time he had ever heard of it.
It was from the probabilistic assumption alone that Boltzmann's apparent success emanated, so his long dispute with Loschmidt and others over Loschmidt's paradox ultimately ended in his failure.
It will be the first game in the series that was not published by Lighthouse Interactive, but by Paradox Inc.
It's a paradox that they were a bunch of people who in many ways were fascist, but they were the bulwark against the fall of democracy.
Its followers are very numerous; and as men are fond of paradoxes, and of appearing to understand what surpasses the comprehensions of ordinary people, the paradox which it maintains, concerning the unproductive nature of manufacturing labour, has not, perhaps, contributed a little to increase the number of its admirers.
Lance Parkin is a British author, best known for writing fiction and reference books for television series, in particular "Doctor Who" (and spin-offs including the Virgin New Adventures and Faction Paradox) and "Emmerdale".
Later, they were revealed to be time-paradox duplicates every bit as legitimate as their older counterparts.
Many cosmologists think that the fact that the Universe is finite in time, that is that the Universe has not been around forever, is the solution to the paradox.
Moreover, formula_151 can be proved not to exist in NFU (see the resolution of Cantor's paradox in New Foundations.)
Most peaceful of warriors, a magnificent monarch whose ideal was quiet happiness in home life, bent to obscurity yet born to greatness, the loving father of children who died young or turned out hateful, his life was one paradox.
Parkin also wrote "The Winning Side", the first in the "Time Hunter" novella series, a spin-off from Telos Publishing's line of official "Doctor Who" novellas, and "Warlords of Utopia", the third in Mad Norwegian Press's "Faction Paradox" series of novels.
Producing formation(s): Pennsylvanian clastics sections of the Paradox Formation at approximately 9,500 feet depth.
Production is from the Clastic zones within the Paradox salt section.
She discusses that the paradox of the sonnet is that the “madman” is in actuality perfectly clear about what the truth is.
She is a paradox: equal parts exotic slave girl and Asian princess, her most powerful weapon being her sexuality.
Sophism 17 is a self-referenced paradox that involves a proposition pronounced about an event that might or might not happen in the future.
The bad side of human thought will always be defined by the paradox of Jean Jacques Rousseau, you remember, the mandarin who is killed five hundred leagues off by raising the tip of the finger.
The Editor wanted that explained to him, and the Psychologist volunteered a wooden account of the 'ingenious paradox and trick' we had witnessed that day week.
The meaning of the text in "Hymne" is vague to those not aware of Baudelaire's ongoing theme of paradox (as the meaning is quite apparent in his other works): the spirituality of what is sensual and the sensuality of what is sanctified.
The Painlevé paradox (also called by Jean Jacques Moreau "frictional paroxysms") is a well-known example by Paul Painlevé in rigid-body dynamics that showed that rigid-body dynamics with both contact friction and Coulomb friction is inconsistent.
The Painlevé paradox has not only been solved by D. E. Stewart from the mathematical point of view (i.e. Stewart has shown the existence of solutions for the classical Painlevé example that consists of a rod sliding on a rough plane in 2-dimension), but it has been explained from a more mechanical point of view by Franck Génot and Bernard Brogliato.
The paradox was mathematically resolved in the 1990s by David E. Stewart.
The premise of the story creates a logical paradox similar to the unexpected hanging paradox.
There are three different paradoxes called Bertrand's paradox or the Bertrand paradox:
This definition of the French nation-state contradicts the common opinion according to which the concept of the French people would identify themselves with the concept of one particular ethnic group and thus explains the paradox to which is confronted by some attempts in identifying the "French ethnic group": the French conception of the nation is radically opposed (and was thought in opposition to) the German conception of the "Volk" ("ethnic group").
This paradox of imagery adds atmosphere to the moral dilemma facing the two lovers: loyalty to family or loyalty to love.
This resembles the resolution of the Burali–Forti paradox discussed above and in the New Foundations article, and is in fact the local resolution of Mirimanoff's paradox of the set of all well-founded sets.
Thus, she says, "True at First Light" invokes a paradox with "an aging writer for whom writing is becoming increasingly difficult in the moment of writing about the not-writing author".
Zapffe views the human condition as tragically overdeveloped, calling it "a biological paradox, an abomination, an absurdity, an exaggeration of disastrous nature."
[http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Greentown_Cross_Section.jpg] Regional setting: North-West Paradox Basin.
“The Master-Slave Sex Act: Mandingo and the Race/Sex Paradox” in The Persistence of Whiteness.

More Vocab Words

::: hapless - unfortunate; luckless
::: sleek - smooth and shining (as from good health); V.
::: trepidation - fear; nervous apprehension
::: ludicrous - laughable; ridiculous; trifling
::: impregnable - invulnerable; impossible to capture or enter by force; Ex. impregnable fort/argument; CF. take
::: consecrate - dedicate; sanctify; declare as sacred; Ex. consecrate one's life to helping the poor
::: stout - rather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
::: blatant - extremely (offensively) obvious; loudly offensive; Ex. blatant lie; N. blatancy
::: graduated - arranged by degrees (of height, difficulty, etc.)
::: sanctimonious - displaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness; N. sanctimony: hypocritical piety