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Vocabulary Word

Word: paleontology

Definition: study of prehistoric life or fossils; CF. paleo-: ancient or prehistoric; Ex. paleography: study of ancient written documents

Sentences Containing 'paleontology'

"Acta Palaeontologica Polonica" is abstracted and indexed in: According to the "Journal Citation Reports", the journal has a 2010 impact factor of 1.949, ranking it 11th out of 48 journals in the category "Paleontology".
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica is a quarterly peer-reviewed open access scientific journal of paleontology and paleobiology.
Flood geology contradicts the scientific consensus in geology and paleontology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, cosmology, biology, geophysics and stratigraphy, and the scientific community considers it to be pseudoscience.
He addressed, in one hundred to fifty publications, a variety of subjects: from geology to paleontology, botany to malacology . These include his catalogue of flowering plants which grow wild in the Department of Charente (1860), co-written with Savatier Alexander (1824–1886).
He is one of the foremost authorities on the paleontology and systematics of Hymenoptera whose ideas have formed the foundation of the modern classification of that insect order.
In 1973, Harvard promoted him to Professor of Geology and Curator of Invertebrate paleontology at the institution's Museum of Comparative Zoology; he very often described himself as a taxonomist. In 1982 Harvard awarded him the title of Alexander Agassiz Professor of Zoology.
Maynard Smith was also among those who welcomed Gould's reinvigoration of evolutionary paleontology.
Orthogenesis was particularly accepted by paleontologists who saw in their fossils a directional change, and in invertebrate paleontology thought there was a gradual and constant directional change.
Others have emphasized the theoretical novelty of punctuated equilibrium, and argued that evolutionary stasis had been "unexpected by most evolutionary biologists" and "had a major impact on paleontology and evolutionary biology".
Paleontologist B.K. Hall has observed that the discovery of fossil fish eggs, embryos and larvae link the sciences of paleontology with evo-devo.
Postcrania (postcranium, adjective: postcranial) in zoology and vertebrate paleontology refers to all or part of the skeleton apart from the skull.
Several of these are now in the collection of the University of California Museum of Paleontology.
The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History maintains collections in the fields of:archaeology, botany, conchology cultural history, geology, mammalogy, ornithology, and paleontology.
The brickworks are well known in paleontology for the discovery of a full, intact skeleton of a "Paracyclotosaurus davidi" in 1910.
The collections are divided into eight disciplines: Entomology, Botany, Paleontology, Ichthyology, Invertebrate Zoology, Herpetology, Mammals, and Ornithology.
The hill range nestles between an elevation of 685 meters at the western end and 1,604 meters on its east. Paleontology.
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