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Vocabulary Word

Word: palate

Definition: roof of the mouth; sense of the taste

Sentences Containing 'palate'

A non-governmental organization, the children's medical charity provides cleft lip and palate repair surgeries to children worldwide, assists countries in reaching self-sufficiency with these surgeries, and works to reduce the occurrence of cleft lips and palates.
A palate cleanser is generally a neutral flavored element in food that enables to clear the palate from one flavor to another; in cultures where diversity of flavors in dishes is custom, a palate cleanser is a must to companion in table.
A similar line of argument holds good with fruits; that a ripe strawberry or cherry is as pleasing to the eye as to the palate--that the gaily-coloured fruit of the spindle-wood tree and the scarlet berries of the holly are beautiful objects--will be admitted by everyone.
During the fiscal year of 2009, Operation Smile provided free surgeries for nearly 13,000 children and young adults suffering from cleft lip and/or cleft palate.
He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in cleft lip, cleft palate, craniofacial deformities, and hemangiomas.
I have been thrilled to think that I owed a mental perception to the commonly gross sense of taste, that I have been inspired through the palate, that some berries which I had eaten on a hillside had fed my genius.
In 2006, Mathijssen et al. described an adult male mentally retarded patient who had calcified pinnae and a neoplasm of the palate.
In certain species of whales there is a tendency to the formation of irregular little points of horn on the palate; and it seems to be quite within the scope of natural selection to preserve all favourable variations, until the points were converted, first into lamellated knobs or teeth, like those on the beak of a goose--then into short lamellae, like those of the domestic ducks--and then into lamellae, as perfect as those of the shoveller-duck--and finally into the gigantic plates of baleen, as in the mouth of the Greenland whale.
Mutations in it are known to cause microtia, hearing impairment, and cleft palate.
Near Rochefort are the famous red marble quarries of St Remy, and Rochefort Abbey, a Trappist monastery, which operates the Rochefort Brewery, famous for brewing dark and sweet beers, especially the extremely popular Rochefort 10, whose deep dark-brown color and rich, fruity palate inspire a cult following.
Operation Smile organizes international volunteer missions to provide cleft lip and palate repair in developing countries, coordinates programs for training physicians from around the world, manages programs to assist host countries in reaching cleft lip and cleft palate repair self-sufficiency, supports education and research programs to eradicate cleft lips and palates, and organizes global volunteer programs for high-school and college students.
Palate cleansers are often used between tasting wine or cheese or other strong flavors.
Pickled ginger is used as a palate cleanser between sushi pieces.
Prior to the storm, the hospital serviced both burns patients and patients with cleft lip and palate disorders.
Some widely-used palate cleansers are sorbet, bread, apple slices, and pickles.
Stubb was a high liver; he was somewhat intemperately fond of the whale as a flavorish thing to his palate.
The back end of the incisive foramina (openings in the front part of the palate), which is located in front of the first molars, is rounded in "V. antsahabensis", but angular in "V. gymnocaudus".
The calf, for instance, has inherited teeth, which never cut through the gums of the upper jaw, from an early progenitor having well-developed teeth; and we may believe, that the teeth in the mature animal were formerly reduced by disuse owing to the tongue and palate, or lips, having become excellently fitted through natural selection to browse without their aid; whereas in the calf, the teeth have been left unaffected, and on the principle of inheritance at corresponding ages have been inherited from a remote period to the present day.
The common symptoms in all reported cases of primrose syndrome include ossified pinnae, learning disabilities or mental retardation, hearing problems, movement disorders (ataxia, paralysis, and parkinsonism among others (likely due, in part, to calcification of the basal ganglia), a torus palatinus (a neoplasm on the mouth's hard palate), muscle atrophy, and distorted facial features.
The contributing factors in the variability of success include the pre-surgical size of the tonsils, palate, uvula and tongue base.
The extremities and inner margins of all the plates are frayed into stiff bristles, which clothe the whole gigantic palate, and serve to strain or sift the water, and thus to secure the minute prey on which these great animals subsist.
The Hyperoodon bidens is destitute of true teeth in an efficient condition, but its palate is roughened, according to Lacepede, with small unequal, hard points of horn.
The incisive foramina, openings in the palate before the molars, are short.
The pterygoid is a paired bone forming part of the palate of many vertebrates, behind the palatine bones.
The two species also differ in details of the configuration of the palate.
There is a unique combination of traits: the snout is deep; the midline ridge on the palate towards the front reaches a position behind the third tooth pair.
There is a unique combination of traits: the upper profile of the snout is straight or lightly curved; the midline ridge on the palate is extended forwards until the level of the rear margins of the second tooth pair; to the rear the distance between the teeth gradually increases; the senond and third tooth pairs are obliquely pointed sideways; the front of the snout is slightly expanded.
There is, therefore, nothing improbable in supposing that some early Cetacean form was provided with similar points of horn on the palate, but rather more regularly placed, and which, like the knobs on the beak of the goose, aided it in seizing or tearing its food.
These may be correct and [can be explained—but maybe they won’t please your palate, and now I wished, they would be less correct, but more appetizing and agreeable to your taste.
They arise from the palate, and are attached by flexible membrane to the sides of the mandible.
They can be distinguished from both the family Spalacidae and the Eumuroida (all non-spalacid and non-platacanthomyid muroids), by the distinct shape of their infraorbital canal and by the presence of multiple openings in the palate of the skull.
This condition has several different names, The 22q11.2 Deletion Sydrome, Velocardiofacial syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, Conotruncal Anomaly Face syndrome, Opitz G/BBB Syndrome, Cayler Cardiofacial Syndrome.The effects of this disorder are different in each individual but similarities exist such as heart defects, immune system problems, a distinctive facial appearance, learning challenges, cleft palate, hearing loss, kidney problems, hypocalcemia, and sometimes psychiatric issues.
This is the story I promised to tell you, and if I have been tedious in telling it, I will not be slow to serve you; my hut is close by, and I have fresh milk and dainty cheese there, as well as a variety of toothsome fruit, no less pleasing to the eye than to the palate.
UPPP involves the removal of the tonsils, followed by removal of the anterior surface of the soft palate and uvula, folding of the uvula toward the soft palate and suturing it together as demonstrated in the figures.
While the ethnic groups that arrived a century or more ago exert a strong influence over regional cuisine, more recently arrived ethnic groups also have a great influence on Allentown's palate.
``Because your palate his not yet been attuned to the sublimity of the substances it flavors.
“To dine at the Du Bruls’ home was a feast for the palate and for the eyes in the presentation of dinner,” said Dr. Thomas Lakars, Assistant Professor of Oral Biology.

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