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Word: pacifist

Definition: one opposed to force; antimilitarist; ADJ. N. pacifism: opposition to war as a means of resolving disputes

Sentences Containing 'pacifist'

A pacifist and vegan, Kate breaks up a fight between Ratchet and Star.
After the war, his experience of reporting on the Bikini Atoll nuclear experiments turned him into a pacifist and a founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
Although Bryan himself was not a committed pacifist, he described the American public's anti-war sentiments in his lyrics.
An important thing to note is that Dutthagamani regretted his act, and this was also true of King Asoka, who became a pacifist after a series of bloody military campaigns.
At this time, she was a Marxist, pacifist, and trade unionist. While teaching in Le Puy, she became involved in local political activity, supporting the unemployed and striking workers despite criticism by some.
Committed, by the 1920s, to a personal vision of pacifist socialism, Aderca had far leftist inclinations: in the opening volume of his "Idei şi oameni", he adopted a radical stance, criticizing Romanian reformism, the moderate Marxism of philosopher Constantin Dobrogeanu-Gherea, and the Second International. Călinescu identified various diatribes against the exploitation of workers, or parallel comments made against war, throughout Aderca's essays, notably citing Aderca's strong denunciation of luxurious casinos newly built in the resort of Sinaia.
Elmasry supported this view by citing a 1953 book by French pacifist Jean Lasserre, "La Guerre et L'Evangile".
He described "1916" as being ruined by the pacifist agenda, a "manifesto" with which the novelist was "flogging a virtue", but reserved some praise for the "somber and dramatic" manner in which Aderca chose to render the war scenes.
He was a bugler in the third New Zealand Contingent to the Boer War in 1900–1901; the experience turned him into a pacifist. He worked in the Addington Railway Workshops and as a journalist. He was engaged in union and party activity, including 1909–1913 in England and Scotland.
He was a pacifist, and was twice gaoled in World War II as a conscientious objector.
He was not a pacifist, but instead argued for a wide-flung and deep-reaching offensive for democracy within our own borders and our own individual makeups."
Important Alien civilisations include the Puppeteers, paranoid pacifist herbivore centaurs, and the Kzinti, carnivorous warlike felines, who fought multiple wars over hundreds of years against the Humans, being defeated each time.
In his early pacifist texts, the novelist adopted a view based on class conflict, and viewed Marxism as an instrument for the masses.
In this period she worked for the Pacifist Socialist Party.
Lancelot however didn't inherit his father's acceptance of war, when he re-edited his father's memoirs he made it clear that he was a pacifist. He trained for ministry at Oriel College and was ordained by the Church of England in 1830.
Later, when the focus of "Journey Into Mystery" changes from Loki to Sif, Volstagg's pacifist daughter is struck by the broken sword of Fandral the Dashing thrown by an angry Sif.
Many of these recurrent features are notable for being so uncommon in the medium, for example the lack of evil or villain characters, the advocacy of a pacifist ethic and prominence of feminism.
Martin Boyd (1893-1972) was a distinguished memoirist, novelist and poet, whose works included social comedies and the serious reflections of a pacifist faced with a time of war.
Mohandas K. Gandhi's pacifist movement opposed the war even to the point of advocating that the British surrender, and that Jews offer only non-violent resistance to the Nazis.
Much of his press activity comprised pacifist and socialist opinion pieces, in which he condemned in equal terms the Entente countries and Central Powers.
On the other hand, he authorized the deportation of anarchists even "of the extreme pacifist type," because he thought the law required that.
One of the great ironies of his art is that, although he was to all intents and purposes a pacifist, his introduction to Royalty, the aristocracy and overseas politicians came as a result of his war art, particularly his posthumous portraits of the fallen in the First World War.
Pacifist opposition to World War II was limited.
Politically, Andreas Vollenweider is an outspoken pacifist and follower of the principles of non-violent conflict management of Mohandas Gandhi.
Published for the first time in the November 7, 1929 edition of "Robotnik" daily, it immediately became popular due to its strong pacifist and anti-war message.
She also identifies herself as adamantly pro-life, describing this stance as integral to her pacifist beliefs.
Soka Gakkai's pacifist stand has however been questioned for the group's support to the non-pacifist political party Komeito, without denying that the group is very active in "trying to establish the basis for world peace".
Symon Hill is a British Socialist, Pacifist, queer Christian, activist, and journalist. He is associate director of the left wing Christian think tank Ekklesia.
The 'Reds', who favoured closer cooperation with the left-wing socialist Pacifist Socialist Party (PSP) party and the communist Communist Party of the Netherlands (CPN) party, and the 'Greens', who favoured an independent Green Party, joined forces.
The main character is a fictional physicist and pacifist who studied and worked at Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory with Nunn May before the war.
The New Komeito is in favor of the post-war pacifist constitution of Japan, while the LDP (especially under Shinzo Abe) favors a revision to the Japanese constitution, and a more robust role for the Japanese self-defense forces.
The pavilion for the International Exhibition was supposed to represent the new Weimar Germany: democratic, culturally progressive, prospering, and thoroughly pacifist; a self-portrait through architecture.
The Stapleton Colony, based in Stapleton, North Yorkshire is a Christian pacifist and anarchist community, and the only remaining colony of the Brotherhood Church.
Therefore many like Villain were opposed to the pacifist policies of Jean Jaurès. Villain lived for some time in England, at Loughton, where he stayed with Mrs Annie Francis, who described him, according to The Observer on 6 June 1915, as "a gentle and very kind man".
These visits became controversial in the late 1980s, when the anarcho-pacifist organization "Wolność i Pokój" (Freedom and Peace, WiP), on November 17, 1985, used the anniversary of Schimek's death to announce their "Declaration of Principles".
Western socialists had promptly arrived from France and from the UK to convince the Russians to continue the fight but could not change the new pacifist mood of Russia.
When he hired Bob Meyerson as an editor stylist (a re-write editor), Meyerson (who was the only American pacifist living full-time in the USSR) became the only American working for any Soviet newspaper during the next three years, and he continued working for the paper until 1992.
When her lover is killed in World War I, a woman raises their son as a pacifist. However, when a second world war looms "between the United States and a country referred to as the Eurasian States in 1940", that belief is put to the test. Reginald Lawrence later worked with Cole Porter on the 1950 musical "Out of This World".
Zyid confronts Umasi and tells him that he must correct his mistake and kill Edward. Umasi doesn't want to, as he has become a pacifist and has never killed before.

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