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Vocabulary Word

Word: overwhelm

Definition: (of water) cover completely; defeat completely by much greater force; Ex. overwhelmed by grief

Sentences Containing 'overwhelm'

/ His arms will never hold his child / Because a bullet running wild / Has struck him down..."), divorce ("Side by side two people stand/Together vowing, hand-in-hand/That love's imbedded in their hearts/But soon an empty feeling starts/To overwhelm their hollow lives") and suicide, ("High upon a lonely ledge/a figure teeters near the edge/And jeering crowds collect below/To egg him on with, "Go, man, go!") culminating in an existential question: "If the soul is darkened / By a fear it cannot name / If the mind is baffled / When the rules don't fit the game / Who will answer?"
Afraid of what was going to happen, she quickly changed the baby girl with another baby boy to overwhelm her mother-in-law and husband.
An innate part of the Turkish psyche, folkloric song and dance can erupt at any moment and overwhelm even the most intrepid expatriate.
And wreaths of dust were spinning round and round before the morning blast, as if the desert sand had risen far away, and the first spray of it in its advance had begun to overwhelm the city.
Anger', and most other movements, and Hammett seemed to overwhelm each other with different, terrible noise.
As the action continued, the Captain Pierre-Paul Gourège of "Aigle" ordered his crew to board and seize "Bellerophon", hoping to use their superiority of numbers to overwhelm the British crew.
At 'W' Beach, thereafter known as Lancashire Landing, the Lancashires were able to overwhelm the defences despite the loss of from . The battalions which landed at 'V' Beach suffered about . Six awards of the Victoria Cross were made among the Lancashires at 'W' Beach.
Chaced from the open country, these robbers fly into the forest, and lie in wait to break in upon every unguarded avenue of the mind, and overwhelm it with religious fears and prejudices.
Chan K'in urged his people to maintain a respectful distance from the outside world, taking some things of value, but not allowing outside influences to overwhelm the Lacandon way of life.
Dialogue and sound effects are often used deliberately like a physical element: i.e., two androids converse in four different but simultaneous streams that overwhelm the physical space of the other characters.
For psychoanalysts dreams can present a challenge as their interpretation often can overwhelm other aspects of a patients problem and take up much of the time spent on the patient, and in many cases interpretations served the interpreter and not the patient.
German defenders were to be suppressed by fire from the Lewis-gun and rifle-grenade sections, while the riflemen and hand-grenade sections moved forward, preferably by infiltrating round the flanks of the resistance, to overwhelm the defenders from the rear.
In France who, knowing me to have been a prisoner in the Bastille, would touch me, except to overwhelm me with embraces, or carry me in triumph.
Mask manages to overwhelm Renji before being defeated and then incinerated by the Soul Reaper's perfected Bankai.
Radars of the era did not have the ability to "look down"; if the radar were aimed down to detect targets at a lower altitude, the reflection of the ground would overwhelm the signal returned from a target.
Shinji is quite skilled with his hollow powers, using a single "cero" blast to easily overwhelm Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.
Similarly, universal suffrage was supervised and controlled by means of official candidature, by forbidding free speech and action in electoral matters to the Opposition, and by a gerrymandering in such a way as to overwhelm the Liberal vote in the mass of the rural population.
Sutton noted how DuPrau does not explain the history of Ember all at once, which would confuse and overwhelm the reader and instead, "allows the events of the story to convey the necessary information".
The heavily saturated synths Gonzalez favored early in his career invited plenty of My Bloody Valentine comparisons, but whereas pure shoegaze of that nature attempts to overwhelm and obliterate, "Hurry Up" is like a sonic planetarium, penetrable and totally geared toward enhancing the user experience."
The striking arts of Japan and Korea utilize linear form quickly to overwhelm opponents with powerful, focused blows, whereas the Chinese arts primarily respect linear movement as a method of staying in reference to the opponent's centerline, and for its necessary use in trapping,[http://www.granthammartialarts.com/classes%20GMA/WingChun/Rusty_Wang%20Jern.JPG] or close-range grappling exchanges (See Chin Na).
These reactions threaten to overwhelm the individuality of the infant.
Thus, the Godwins launch a preemptive attack at the engagement ceremony in Sol-Falena, Falena's capital. Arshtat and Ferid had anticipated and prepared for the attack, but not the involvement of the elite Nether Gate assassins, who overwhelm the palace's defenses.
What men call the chances of fate namely, ruin, change, circumstances I have fully anticipated, and if any of these should overtake me, yet it will not overwhelm me.
While doing so, other teams would attempt to fire at the target in order to overwhelm the Russians' ability to effectively counter the attack.
While swiftly moving cavalry could overwhelm infantry whose weapons fired accurately only 100 yards, the infantryman with a rifled musket (accurate to 300 yards or more) could fire multiple rounds in the time it took the cavalry to reach his position.
``Fernand,''cried he,``of my hundred names I need only tell you one, to overwhelm you!
``Oh, count, you overwhelm me with that coolness.

More Vocab Words

::: belligerent - quarrelsome
::: disapprobation - disapproval; condemnation
::: drudgery - hard unpleasant work; menial work
::: rebuttal - refutation; response with contrary evidence; V. rebut: refute; disprove
::: epigram - witty thought or saying, usually short
::: obliterate - destroy completely; wipe out; Ex. obliterate the village
::: contingent - dependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency
::: shimmer - shine with a flickering light; glimmer intermittently; Ex. The moonlight shimmered on the water; N.
::: remorse - deep regret for wrongdoing; guilt; self-reproach
::: institute - organization for a special purpose; V: establish