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Vocabulary Word

Word: overturn

Definition: turn over; capsize; topple

Sentences Containing 'overturn'

'Well, well, ma'am,' said the Doctor cheerfully, 'I am not bigoted to my plans, and I can overturn them myself.
1997 November: Primosphere petitions the FCC to adopt foreign ownership restrictions for SDARS licensees in order to overturn both Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio's licenses.
A technical advisor in the press box with access to the television feeds will be able to stop a game for a replay review and potentially overturn a play, with no limit on the number of plays that can be reviewed.
Although the decision seems to distinguish the two cases rather than overturn Chenery I, and this has become part of the doctrine regarding agency action, Justices Douglas and Jackson, who were the sole remaining judges from the majority in Chenery I, both dissented in Chenery II.
And if he can't live there, he'll die there, sooner than he'll overturn the Doctor's plans.
As a member of the ruling class, he didn’t seek to overturn autocracy but to persuade his countrymen and superiors to give up some of their vested power.
As Brady dropped back to pass, he lost the ball while being tackled by former college teammate Charles Woodson, and Oakland linebacker Greg Biekert recovered it with 1:47 left. However, an instant replay challenge caused referee Walt Coleman to overturn the fumble, ruling Brady's arm had been moving forward while being tackled and making the play an incomplete pass.
As the Kansas debate over the teaching of evolution wound down in Fall 2006 after the conservative Republicans who approved the Critical Analysis of Evolution classroom standards lost their majority in a primary election and the moderate Republicans and Democrats vowed to overturn Discovery Institute-influenced 2005 school science standards and adopt those recommended by a State Board Science Hearing Committee that were rejected by the previous board, the Institute shifted the focus of The Stand Up For Science campaign from Kansas to Texas.
Because the petitioner did not ask to overturn the holding in "Grutter", that there is a compelling evidence in the educational benefits of diversity to justify racial preferences in university admissions, he joined with the majority in full.
Cogen’s legacy was to overturn this preconception and contribute to a new understanding of educators as professionals whose subservience could no longer be taken for granted by society.
From the start of the race Rock On Ruby, ridden by Noel Fehily tracked the leader Overturn and then moved up to dispute the lead two hurdles from the finish.
Gardner introduced legislation — passed and signed into law — to provide a full-time judge for Fremont County and to require that victims of crimes be informed of attempts by offenders to overturn convictions or halt sex offender registration.
He then argues that a need to overturn this "well-embedded paradigm" was met by the 1998 publication by Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley and Malcolm K. Hughes' of their "hockey stick graph" in "Nature".
He then attempted to overturn his father-in-law's will and get his hands on the remainder of his dead wife's money.
He took a decisive advantage turning into the straight and ran on strongly under pressure, showing what the "Daily Telegraph" described as "tremendous courage" to win going away by three and three quarter lengths from Overturn, Hurricane Fly and Binocular.
However, a heroic performance on Hala floor saw them overturn the Italians' lead and win the Cup in high style with a splendid 19-point victory.
I know him,' said the Old Soldier, fanning herself, in a sort of calm prophetic agony, 'and I know he'll die there, sooner than he'll overturn the Doctor's plans.'
I WON'T confine myself to four--eight, sixteen, two-and-thirty, rather than say anything calculated to overturn the Doctor's plans.'
In 1987 the group outlined their plan to overturn "Roe v. Wade" in a book titled "Abortion and the Constitution: Reversing Roe v. Wade Through the Courts".
In linking "The Deputy" to both views, Hochhuth sought to overturn both presuppositions about what constituted a tragedy (after reading "The Deputy" and "Soldiers," and corresponding with Hochhuth, Kaufmann recanted his position.)
It is this duty that the present trustee, Haringey council, is currently trying to overturn, protesters fear, by selling the building to a commercial developer.
Months later, after a shift in NLRB membership, Farmer assumed chairmanship of the board and was able to overturn "Southeastern Rubber Mfg.
Nevertheless, it is necessary that my will should be respected in my family, and that the folly of an old man and the caprice of a child should not be allowed to overturn a project which I have entertained for so many years.
Now we discover our error; a title and promotion attach you to the government we wish to overturn.
On March 19, 2010, defense attorneys for Leona Beldini filed a motion to overturn the verdict. Aftermath.
One of the group's early areas of focus was on building a case to persuade the Supreme Court to overturn its 1973 ruling.
Orders in Council were controversially used in 2004 to overturn a court ruling in the United Kingdom which held that the exile of the Chagossians from the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) was unlawful.
Overturn the world, change its character, yield to mad ideas, be even criminal but live.''
Police reported that the tanker broke a rear axle, and skidded, causing it to overturn.
Sections of the Taft-Hartley Act were designed to overturn these rulings.
The BBC fought to overturn a ruling by the Information Tribunal that the BBC was wrong to refuse to release to a member of the public under the Freedom of Information Act of 2000 (FOI) the Balen report on its Middle East coverage.
The following year, conservatives began urging Santa Anna to overturn the federal system and introduce centralism.
The Giles County school board met in June 2011 and voted to overturn the superintendent's decision to remove the display.
The Pennsylvania Superior Court rejected an appeal by three area newspapers ("Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review", and "New Castle News") to overturn Hodge's ruling and open the hearing to the public.
The pilot was used to gather data and did not interfere with games or overturn any missed calls.
The repast was magnificent; Monte Cristo had endeavored completely to overturn the Parisian ideas, and to feed the curiosity as much as the appetite of his guests.
Their tendency is not to overturn the natural balance of employments, but to render the work which is done in each as perfect and complete as possible.
They tend not to overturn that balance which naturally establishes itself among all the various employments of the society, but to hinder it from being overturned by the duty.
This lasted several minutes, until the frightful overturn of reason was accomplished; then uttering a loud cry followed by a burst of laughter, he rushed down the stairs.
Zerka came in as a substitute for Aboucherouane in the 55th minute of the match, but he was unable to help his team overturn Ghana's 2-0 lead.

More Vocab Words

::: filing - particle removed by a file
::: hermitage - home of a hermit
::: guileless - without deceit
::: correlate - either of the correlated things; V.
::: tendentious - promoting a particular point of view; biased; having an aim; designed to further a cause; Ex. tendentious rather than truth-seeking; CF. tend: move in a certain direction
::: undermine - weaken gradually; sap; dig a mine beneath
::: inveterate - deep-rooted; habitual; CF. grow old
::: narcissist - conceited person; N. narcissism; CF. narcissus
::: impuissance - powerlessness; feebleness
::: fraught - filled (with something unpleasant); full; Ex. fraught with danger and difficulties; CF. freight