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Word: overture

Definition: musical introduction to a long musical piece; first offer or proposal (to begin talks in the hope of reaching an agreement); Ex. overtures for peace

Sentences Containing 'overture'

"Hip Hop" samples "Overture" by Jerry Goldsmith.
1712 Overture and Other Musical Assaults
1712 Overture and Other Musical Assaults is a classical music album released in 1989 by Telarc Records.
32, uses A-flat major (VI) as its second key area, also allowing a major-mode restatement in the recapitulation - and the other exception, the Coriolan Overture, is only loosely in sonata form and still passes through III in the exposition and major-mode I in the recapitulation.
Although composer Jule Styne was actively involved in writing the overture, he has acknowledged that the final result was greatly helped by the thrilling orchestrations created by Ramin and Ginzler: “So I wrote this with Sid Ramin and Robert Ginzler, the orchestrators.
At the beginning of the film, "Bob Boins" (Bob Burns) introduces Ted Lewis who is seen playing "Plenty of Money and You", which segues into a caricature of orchestra conductor Leopold Stokowski leading the "Storm" movement from the "William Tell Overture".
Christophe Beck, a regular composer for the series, filled in the overture and coda and composed "Dawn's Ballet".
Danny arrives, in uniform, just in time to see the band win the competition with a stirring rendition of "The William Tell Overture", during which Phil notices his wife and children are in the audience.
Dogwood Dell Amphitheatre has annual summer concert and theatrical events, including a concert by the Richmond Concert Band that concludes with the 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire, the carillon, and a fireworks display on the 4th of July.
Ehlert composed a "Spring Symphony", an overture, and a "Requiem for a Child", as well as numerous pieces for piano, choral works, and lieder.
For a period of time in the late 1970s and into the 1980s, the program's introductory theme music used part of "Fool's Overture", a song by the UK band Supertramp.
He has received commissions to compose many of his works, such as the “1898 Overture” commissioned by the Puerto Rico Government’s 1998 Centennial Commission; “Conversations with Silence”, commissioned for the New Jersey Chamber Music Society; “Jersey Polyphony”, commissioned by the American Composer Forum Continental Harmony Project; "Danza" commissioned by the Casals Festival; "La cancion de las Antillas" commissioned by the Puerto Rico Symphony; and “Juris Oratorio” commissioned by the University of Puerto Rico. Other orchestral works include: "El Pais de los Cuatro Pisos", a symphonic poem; and "Sinfonia del Milenio" a symphonic tour of history from creation to present times in an audiovisual format.
He rejected Almeida's overture and challenged Ganga Zumba's leadership.
He resolved, therefore, to let things take their course without making any direct overture to the count.
http://www.musicals101.com/widowhist3.htm The operetta originally had no overture; Lehár wrote one for the Vienna Philharmonic to perform at his 70th birthday concert in April 1940.
In 1994 Hsiao used this hymn to conclude his "1947 Overture" for soprano, choir and orchestra.
In a French overture (and sometimes other Baroque music), notes written as dotted notes are often interpreted to mean double-dotted notes, and the following note is commensurately shortened; see Historically informed performance.
In the Odenwald forest Mathis lulls the haunted Regina to sleep with a description of a concert of angels, she joining in the folksong "Es sungen drei Engel" (this is the music, already heard in the overture, of the symphony's first movement).
It consisted of an overture with Erno Rapee and the Radio City Symphony; a solo on the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ; a performance by Jan Peerce; a Toy Shop Ballet; The Rockettes' performance of "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers", choreographed by their founder, Russell Markert; and "The Living Nativity".
Much of the oratorio is derived from the works of Handel, but Smith used an overture and six vocal items from his own oratorio of 1762 "The Feast of Darius".
Nicke Andersson, at the time the drummer in Entombed played all the lead guitars except for the guitar solo on "Override of the Overture", which is played by David Blomqvist. Track listing.
One of those, Li Cunhao (李存顥), tried to persuade Li Kening to take over the command himself, but Li Kening refused Li Cunhao's overture, going as far as to threaten him with execution.
Other classical composers influenced by the play include Henry Hugh Pearson ("Romeo and Juliet, overture for orchestra", Op.
Other much played works in Holsinger’s catalogue include "The War Trilogy: 1971", a special edition of the Kent State contest winner; "Abram’s Pursuit"; a rollicking overture based on a story from the Book of Genesis; and "Adagio", which was composed in the memory of a departed friend.
She can be heard on the 1984 Leonard Bernstein recording of "West Side Story", 1992 Metropolitan Opera recording of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" (Levine), Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet: Overture Fantasy" for Bridge Records and on Dvorak's three complete solo song cycles for the Opus record label.
Summit Entertainment handled foreign sales and presented "Pandorum" to buyers at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Overture Films distributed "Pandorum" in North America, Icon in the United Kingdom and Australia, Svensk in Scandinavia, and Movie Eye in Japan.
Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" Fantasy-Overture (1869, revised 1870 and 1880) is a 15 minute symphonic poem, containing the famous melody known as the "love theme".
The "overture", the most extended to any stage work by Gounod, opens with a passage which later serves as the "introduction to the tableau in the Crau", and with its horn calls and shimmering harmony is evocative of hot open spaces.
The A clarinet is not uncommon in clarinet choir arrangements—for instance, those of Lucien Calliet, including Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro" overture—though the instrument is often optional or cued in other voices.
The December performances of "Mireille" also included a revised ending to the overture (which has been used ever since, although the original slower coda is printed in the 1970 vocal score) and the 'valse-ariette' "O légère hirondelle" for Mireille in Act I. Opéra-Comique.
The game's music is an endless loop of the 1812 Overture.
The opening theme to the movie is based upon a slight inversion of a secondary theme from Brahms's "Academic Festival Overture".
The overture from "" is regarded by many specialists as one of musical theater’s greatest. Its brassy up-tempo sound has become synonymous with the quintessential big Broadway book musical of the 1950s and early 1960s.
The overture has been recorded by Hermann Scherchen conducting the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and by Antonio de Almeida with the Philharmonia Orchestra.
The work was based on a popular vaudeville, and included a ‘chaconne’ (also quoted in the overture) which became well known in its own right.
They performed Leonard Bernstein's Overture to Candide, Gustav Holst's First Suite in E-flat for Military Band, George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, featuring Dr. Katheryn Woodard, Donald Grantham's Southern Harmony, Percy Grainger's Children's March 'Over The Hills And Far Away', Frank Ticheli's Blue Shades, William Himes' version of Amazing Grace, Dr. David F. Wilborn's newly commissioned Concertante Caprice and John P. Sousa's The Freelance March.
They were not yet come to town, and my stay was uncertain, so I could not undertake it; but, from this incident, I thought it likely that, if I were to remain in England and open a swimming-school, I might get a good deal of money; and it struck me so strongly, that, had the overture been sooner made me, probably I should not so soon have returned to America.
Thinks I, Queequeg, under the circumstances, this is a very civilized overture; but, the truth is, these savages have an innate sense of delicacy, say what you will; it is marvellous how essentially polite they are.
Vsevolozhsky then planned a memorial concert to be given by the Imperial Ballet and Opera at the Mariinsky Theatre in honor of the composer, with the bill consisting of the first act of Tchaikovsky's opera "The Maid of Orleans", his overture from "Romeo and Juliet", his "Coronation Cantana", and the second scene of "Swan Lake".

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