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Vocabulary Word

Word: overt

Definition: open to view; public; not secret; CF. covert

Sentences Containing 'overt'

"The Economist" notes that China "has been careful not to encourage these language centres to act as overt purveyors of the party’s political viewpoints, and little suggests they are doing so... but officials do say that an important goal is to give the world a “correct” understanding of China."
A key component in the argument in favour of overt political independence is that new legislation and a new system of governance could best secure the future development of modern Québécois culture.
A more positive assessment comes from Lindsay Planer of Allmusic: "While arguably simplistic, both lyrics and tune boast Harrison's trademark optimism, especially during the affable and repeated chorus of 'Ring out the old/Ring in the new/Ring out the false/Ring in the true.'" In his 2010 Harrison biography, Ian Inglis observes that the song had neither the "overt political message" of Lennon's Christmas single nor the "unashamed commercialism" of fellow ex-Beatle Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmastime", and writes that "Ding Dong"'s "somewhat halfhearted festive appeal" seems out of place on "Dark Horse".
By the 14th century, most of the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Spain and Portugal) had been conquered by the Christian kingdoms of Castile, Aragon, Leon, Galicia, Navarre, and Portugal. Overt hostility against Jews became more pronounced, finding expression in brutal episodes of violence and oppression.
Cartoon Network had no specific editing policy with regard to gay characters, but that "overt sexuality or implied sexuality of any kind are not allowed".
During the 1980s and 1990s, Logan Circle, although dominated by Victorian homes which had survived mostly untouched by redevelopment or riots, was considered by many unsafe due to overt drug use and prostitution that existed in the neighborhood.
Examples include: Scotticisms are generally divided into two types: covert Scotticisms, which generally go unnoticed as being particularly Scottish by those using them, and overt Scotticisms, usually used for stylistic effect, with those using them aware of their Scottish nature.
Fearing a patriotic response to overt support of the German Empire would undermine his own more covert approach, he condemned the forming of an alien party within the United States as "a crime against the spirit of true Americanism" and said that its results would reach far beyond the time of the war.
Following this ruling, creationism was stripped of all overt biblical references and was then renamed creation science.
Furthermore, the Appeals Chamber noted that the relationship between the 3rd Corps of the Bosnian Army headed by Hadžihasanović and the El Mujahedin detachment was not one of subordination but was instead close to overt hostility since the only way to control the detachment was to attack them as if they were a distinct enemy force.
Greene argues that these episodes prefigure the Borg collective, a far more overt totalitarian (even Soviet) metaphor in the series "".
Hardcore punk scene, founded in the late 1980s, gained the mainstream popularity in the 1990s with the bands Sick Mother Fakers from Belgrade, which were one of the pioneers of the genre in Serbia, Ništa Ali Logopedi from Šabac, which featured accordion-oriented Serbian folk music combined with hardcore punk, the rapcore band Sunshine from Belgrade, which combined rap and hardcore punk with sexually overt lyrics, and the hardcore punk/metalcore band Overdrive from Zrenjanin.
Immediately prior to the Gulf War, the U.S. State Department noted that while there was no recent evidence of overt persecution of Jews, but travel, particularly to Israel, was restricted, as was contact with Jewish groups abroad.
In 1985, the United States established a separate, overt aid program to the non-communist resistance which came to be known as the Solarz Fund after one of its chief sponsors, Rep. Stephen Solarz.
In addition, his book incorporates passages of overt fiction, in which Mowat describes the lifestyles of the Albans in novelistic detail.
In recent decades, formal has become less violent yet still overt.
In spite of overt racism from at least one instructor and several classmates at this posting, Brown completed the rigorous training in August 1947.
In the Ukraine, there may have been some survival of semi-overt monasticism into the later 1930s.
In those with cirrhosis, the risk of developing hepatic encephalopathy is 20% per year, and at any time about 30–45% of people with cirrhosis exhibit evidence of overt encephalopathy.
Kelly faces overt hostility from his fellow students and confusion over his place in the school from the faculty.
Men and women often disagree on whether or not a specific incident should be considered sexist. In general, women and men tend to show more agreement in classifying extreme and overt expressions of sexism.
Next album "Hoćemo gusle" came out in 1989 and gave a small taste of much of Rambo's future musical direction - overt political activism.
Overt injustices linger long in the memory of football people and Stockport's then player manager, Mike Summerbee, later referred to that game as: "...the only time in my professional career that I was cheated out of a result." He was appointed to the Football League Cup Final of 1982, when Liverpool defeated Tottenham 3–1, after extra time.
Pronin and Kugler's interpretation is that when people decide whether someone else is biased, they use overt behavior.
Signs may include: abdominal tenderness, weight loss, changes in bowel habits (increased frequency), fever, bleeding (overt or occult)/bloody stools, diarrhea, and distension.
Similar to the better known anti-Catholic bigotry and smears of the 1928 Al Smith campaign, the Seymour-Grant 1868 election was the most overt racist Presidential contest until the 1948 Dixiecrats.
Some studies use a "probe verification" task rather than an overt acceptability judgment; in this paradigm, each experimental sentence is followed by a "probe word", and subjects must answer whether or not the probe word had appeared in the sentence.
Such operations can range from overt (i.e., "white propaganda") radio and television broadcasts, to clandestine material purporting to be issued by the opposition (i.e., "black propaganda").
Surprisingly for a blaxploitation movie of this time period and despite its title, "Blackenstein" features little if any overt displays of racism, with even the angry tirade the white orderly directs toward the bedridden Eddie motivated more by bitter jealousy about not being able to join the army than any form of bigotry.
The 'Green Ribbon' was the badge of The Levellers in the English Civil Wars in which many of the members had fought and was an overt reminder of their radical origins.
The heretical sects attacked by Theodore showed their resentment in a way less overt, but perhaps more formidable.
The overt aid program channeled about $5 million per year of humanitarian aid to the non-communist resistance through USAID.
The overt cross-promotion reportedly met with resistance from commercial radio, so the label was hastily rebadged as "Spin" after only four singles.
The pressure group Mozaīka (Mosaic) have mostly organized Gay Rights Rallies that some religious organizations see as overt frontal attacks on the Latvian way of life.
The prevalence of minimal hepatic encephalopathy detectable on formal neuropsychological testing is 60–80%; this increases the likelihood of developing overt encephalopathy in the future.
The second has overt Christian references in keeping with the poet's vocation as a minister in the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.
The series is set in Toronto and, though similar to "Flashpoint" in that it does not make overt references, it does use local street names, such as King Street, Yonge Street and Jameson Avenue in Parkdale was the location of a call-out in the pilot episode.
The term "minimal encephalopathy" (MHE) is defined as encephalopathy that does not lead to clinically overt cognitive dysfunction, but can be demonstrated with neuropsychological studies.
There is a 50% risk over 10 years of progressing to overt diabetes.
These developments, though, made little overt impression in the USA.
They were using a multitude of covert and overt, legal and illegal means to acquire western military technologies.
This speech discusses the gap between the American dream and reality, saying that overt white supremacists have violated the dream, but also that "our federal government has also scarred the dream through its apathy and hypocrisy, its betrayal of the cause of justice".
Traditional conceptualizations of sexism focused almost entirely on overt hostility toward women.
Unlike formal discrimination, interpersonal discrimination is often not an overt or deliberate act of racism.
Urban’s grading policy is based on the belief that students do their most fruitful work in an atmosphere of support and cooperation that actively discourages overt competition and comparison.
West Texas had few blacks in residence at the time, and the quintet did not have overt black-sounding dialect. Johnson explained the dichotomy this way: "You got to realize, in the early sixties there were two music markets in the U.S. You had a black market, and you had a white market.
When asked what it would mean to be biased, subjects were more likely to define bias in terms of introspected thoughts and motives when it applied to themselves, but in terms of overt behavior when it applied to other people.
While schemas have an overt societal consequence, the strong development of them have lasting effect on recipients.
While the later stages of UN operations in Somalia suffered from overly ambitious goals resulting in the Battle of Mogadishu, SF teams preceded the United States Marine Corps unit that formed the first overt assistance force, and made contact with various clans whose cooperation was needed.
With Belgium under German occupation, Hergé decided to avoid the overt political content that he had included in previous Tintin stories, such as "The Blue Lotus", "The Broken Ear" and "King Ottokar's Sceptre".

More Vocab Words

::: advocate - speak in favor of; support (an idea or plan); urge; plead for
::: conspire - take part in a conspiracy; (of events) work together; combine; Ex. Events conspired to produce great difficulties.
::: syllogism - logical formula consisting of a major premise, a minor premise and a conclusion; deceptive or specious argument
::: biennial - every two years
::: propitious - favorable; auspicious; advantageous; fortunate; Ex. propitious day/sign
::: bureaucracy - overregulated administrative system marked by red tape; ADJ. bureaucratic
::: upbraid - reprimand; severely scold
::: monarchy - government under a single ruler
::: stupefy - stun; make numb (as with a drug); amaze
::: plutocracy - society ruled by the wealthy