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Vocabulary Word

Word: outspoken

Definition: candid; blunt

Sentences Containing 'outspoken'

A former advisor to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, turned out to be one his outspoken critics in the 7th parliament.
After leaving the Governor’s Office, Murillo continued being an outspoken leader on issues of environment, democracy, security, and development.
An outspoken opponent of World War I, Panken was a member of the People's Council for Democracy and Peace in 1917.
Archie is a Republican and an outspoken supporter of Richard Nixon, as well as an early (1976) supporter of Ronald Reagan, correctly predicting his election in 1980.
As a result, the drivers after the Grand Prix that year became outspoken with their dislike of the event.
Blakemore is outspoken in his support of the use of animal testing in medical research, though he has publicly denounced fox hunting and animal testing for cosmetics.
But within three months of Mr. Ahmadinejad’s winning the election, Mr. Khoshchehreh had become one of his most outspoken critics.
Carey's outspoken support of the Oxford Movement led to objections that he supported Roman Catholic doctrine.
Chopra found similarities between her character and herself; both are outspoken, fun loving and honest, and cannot hide something that is wrong.
Christie enlisted the assistance of outspoken civil libertarian Dr. Gary Botting, who in 1984 had published a book on George Orwell and Jehovah's Witnesses.
Coleman is an outspoken critic of medical malpractice, the power of pharmaceutical companies, vaccination, conventional cancer treatment, animal testing and the European Union.
Dhasal was one of the famous and outspoken members of this group.
Due to his outspoken inaugural address he was suspended for two years by the Württemberg government.
Due to outspoken and entertaining nature he would often get invited on various TV and radio outlets across the country.
During the course of the series, Frank is seen as stubborn, hungry, outspoken, and rigidly masculine.
During the Nazi occupation of France, he was outspoken in attacking the German treatment of Jews and conscription of Frenchmen.
Etta Lubina Johanna Palm d'Aelders (April 1743 – 28 March 1799) was a Dutch feminist outspoken during the French Revolution.
Gettelfinger is an outspoken advocate for national single-payer health care in the United States.
He and his mother have been for many years and still are outspoken homeless advocates.
He became an outspoken advocate of reconciliation with former Loyalists and of equal representation for the residents of the backcountry.
He has been an outspoken critic of the decline in democracy in parliament and the increasing disempowerment of Members of Parliament.
He is very opinionated, outspoken, and has no problem insulting family members and strangers out in the open (this applies in particular to his wife, Marie).
He was already outspoken on race issues, first coming to media attention in November 1999 for his criticism of questions asked in promotion exams.
His best books resemble his conversation, and his autobiographical reminiscences are exceptionally realistic and outspoken.
His widow married James Bainham (another outspoken religious reformer), who was ultimately burned at the stake by Thomas More.
Houdry was outspoken in his opposition to wartime collaboration with the Germans by the French Vichy government of Marshall Henri P¸tain.
However, while the novel was written, Mann himself became an outspoken supporter of the Weimar Republic, which may explain why Settembrini, especially in the later chapters, becomes the authorial voice.
In the early 1920s Ghent emerged as an outspoken public opponent of the fledgling American Communist movement.
Janet Maslin's review of "Worth the Fighting For" in "The New York Times" called the interspersed format "curious" and said there was a lot of McCain "shooting from the hip ... in this unpredictable, outspoken memoir."
Jenna Miscavige Hill (born February 1, 1984) is an American former Scientologist. After leaving the Church of Scientology in 2005, has become an outspoken critic of the organization.
Jensen has a gained a reputation with the Australian media for being an outspoken advocate for evangelical Christianity.
Khodorovsky hired Yevgeny Kiselyov, an outspoken liberal journalist who started a scandal in the ranks by firing nine veteran journalists.
Later, Jacoby distinguished himself as an outspoken opponent of Otto von Bismarck.
One of Navdanya's founders, and outspoken members, is Vandana Shiva, an environmental activist, physicist, and author.
Phoa proved very outspoken and soon he was a viewed as a leader of Batavia's Chinese.
Politically, Andreas Vollenweider is an outspoken pacifist and follower of the principles of non-violent conflict management of Mohandas Gandhi.
Radney received many death threats to his family after this convention and for his many other outspoken actions of progressive change.
Safi has been outspoken about what he has described as a "concerted attack on the Muslim American organizations by the members of the far right."
Salgar was an outspoken opponent of President Julio César Turbay Ayala's Security Statute.
The book was written in an outspoken and polemic style and went through eight editions in 1662.
The Osgood's ancestry was directly linked to John Quincy Adams and Anne Hutchinson, and Molly was very proud and outspoken about this connection.
The outspoken founding couple founded another company, LightSurf, in the same year, to develop mobile phone photograph technology.
The outspoken views of Münsterberg on the issues of the upcoming the First World War raised storms of controversy about his ideals and position.
The outspoken Yorkshireman Fred Trueman called himself ""The Best Bloody English Fast Bowler That Ever Drew Bloody Breath"" and with considerable justification.
They pointed out that Wilson had personally adopted a number of liberal political stances and had attracted progressive sympathy for his outspoken environmentalism.
They were to gain the trust of and spy upon the most outspoken proponents of Alexander Dubček's new government.
Throughout her career, Ayola has been outspoken on the subject of racial discrimination in the entertainment industry.
Villalobos is now an outspoken critic of the left in Latin American countries.
While Wheelwright was contentious and outspoken, Cotton was mild and tractable.
Zindler is an outspoken opponent of Creationism and has participated in several Evolution v. Creation debates.

More Vocab Words

::: commonplace - ordinary; N: something ordinary or common; trite remark
::: insularity - narrow-mindedness; isolation; ADJ. insular: of an island; isolated; narrow-minded; CF. peninsula
::: mammoth - gigantic; enormous
::: indenture - bind as servant or apprentice to master; bind by indenture; N: contract binding one party into the service of another for a specified time (as between an apprentice and his master)
::: torrent - rushing stream; flood; Ex. The rain fell in torrents.
::: compress - force into less space; squeeze; contract; put into fewer words; N: thick mass of cloth pressed to part of the body to stop bleeding or swelling, reduce fever, etc.
::: commensurate - equal in extent; of the same size
::: trite - hackneyed; commonplace
::: discerning - mentally quick and observant; having insight; perceptive; able to make good judgments; V. discern: perceive
::: fledgling - (fledgeling) inexperienced; N: young bird that has acquired wing feathers and is learning to fly; inexperienced person