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Vocabulary Word

Word: outrage

Definition: act of extreme violence or viciousness; resentful anger; V: commit an outrage on; produce anger in; ADJ. outrageous: offensive

Sentences Containing 'outrage'

'If you think, Steerforth,' said Mr. Mell, 'that I am not acquainted with the power you can establish over any mind here'--he laid his hand, without considering what he did (as I supposed), upon my head--'or that I have not observed you, within a few minutes, urging your juniors on to every sort of outrage against me, you are mistaken.'
A month later, during the MacWorld convention, Matt revealed the "hoax about the hoax" and joked about the fact many people took it seriously and the outrage it caused.
Blamed if he warn't the horriblest looking outrage I ever see.
Bracketed over what not place of special sacredness an outrage in water color, done by the young niece that came on a visit long ago, and died.
Castelli and Rodríguez demanded once again the convening of an open cabildo, and Cisneros reacted angrily, considering their request an outrage.
Consequently, outrage in Europe erupted and Moyer and other scientists at the Northern Research Laboratory were accused of stealing British ideas.
Depend upon it, by this time those dogs would have overtaken them and inflicted some outrage upon them.
Despite his family heritage, Pipes left the Democratic Party to express outrage over the selection of Agriculture Secretary Henry Wallace of Iowa as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee.
Fisk reacted with outrage [http://www.counterpunch.org/fisk0513.html]; Reporters sans Frontieres condemned Malkovich's comments, but Jayasekera dismissed them as "flippant" in a now-deleted online article for the "Index" website.
Ford also took over as caretaker manager on two separate occasions for Oxford when they were between managers and was working as assistant manager at the club when he was fired in 2003, a decision that caused outrage among Oxford fans.
Ford was involved in an incident at a party in which she threw her wine over Jonathan Aitken to express her outrage over his involvement in her sacking from the channel.
He also covered the story of Tawana Brawley, which he and four of his colleagues turned into "Outrage: The Story Behind the Tawana Brawley Hoax" in 1990.
He also said the TV broadcast should outrage parents and decent-minded individuals everywhere.
He is credited in England as a leading mediator, and was said to have encouraged young lawyers to "press the Outrage Button."
He received a lenient sentence, which led to considerable outrage among Canadians.
Her case created an outrage among the public, made worse by the fact that the Home Secretary, Reginald McKenna, denied that she had been force fed and that her illness was actually caused by her hunger strike.
In 2008, the company caused outrage after discontinuing the free side of bread after 20 years due to wheat costs and started charging 49 cents.
In November 2005, the government of Ethiopia detained Mesfin on charges of treason, genocide and outrage against the constitution, along with other leading members of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD).
In order to bring the point to a speedy decision, they have always recourse to the loudest clamour, and sometimes to the most shocking violence and outrage.
In the 1999 movie "", outrage on the part of American mothers to the duo's profane act leads to their arrest, and a war between Canada and the United States.
In the same manner as the latter inflame their workmen, to attack with violence and outrage the proposers of any such regulation; to attempt to reduce the army would be as dangerous as it has now become to attempt to diminish, in any respect, the monopoly which our manufacturers have obtained against us.
It was possible to outrage a man and all his generation by knocking down papaq from his head.
It would be the interest of the former, therefore, to cultivate that good-will, by complaining, with all the authority of a member of the legislature, of every outrage which any civil or military officer might be guilty of in those remote parts of the empire.
It's an all-fired outrage to tell any human creature that he's bound to hell.
Jinggoy Estrada said "The people will receive this with moral outrage and disgust. The time of reckoning will come.
Many believed that this election was marred by fraud because of the nationwide power outages, The public outrage over the presidential results prompted Newsweek to feature her and her rival on the cover with the question: "Was the Election Fair?"
On the second anniversary of the assassinations, protesters and piqueteros marched towards the Billinghurst base were the phone calls originated and proceeded to deface the property and manifest public outrage towards the organization.
Rev. Donald Coates, leader of a protest organization formed around the issue of the videos, "Enough is Enough!" said, "In the wake of the Imus affair, I began to think that the African-American community must be consistent in its outrage."
Revelations led to public outrage, particularly in Scotland, where there was great reverence for the dead.
The 93-year old author starts with a brief reference to his participation in the French Resistance at the end of the Second World War, pointing out that outrage was at its roots.
The Asquith government responded to the disappointment and outrage over Gallipoli and Kut by establishing commissions of inquiry into both episodes which had done much to "destroy its faltering reputation for competence".
The assassinations, which sparked outrage by Piquetero groups, made then interim President Eduardo Duhalde to call for elections earlier than planned, and since then, the federal government has established a non-repressive policy towards the Piqueteros.
The Evening Standard wrote that the film "caused outrage after graphic scenes showing activists attacking five deer-stalkers were posted on the internet, in a viral publicity campaign."
The KPM was introduced by a Royal Warrant of 7 July 1909, initially inspired by the need to recognise the gallantry of the police officers involved in the Tottenham Outrage.
The law prompted outrage by fashion and media mogul Marc Ecko who sued Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Councilmember Vallone on behalf of art students and "legitimate" graffiti artists.
The one great outrage of her life, demanding to be constantly avenged, was the passage of a donkey over that immaculate spot.
The Vix Note created a huge upsurge of nationalist outrage, and the Hungarians resolved to fight the Allies rather than accept the national borders.
There are people enough to tread upon me in my lowly state, without my doing outrage to their feelings by possessing learning.
There had been considerable outrage about the report during the day, with calls being made on phone-in radio programmes for a boycott of the newspaper unless the editor and others responsible for the report resigned or were sacked.
They plunder us, outrage us, beat us, kill us; but we have a little pride left, sometimes.
They were reinstated after he expressed his outrage to the FCO.
This appointment generated outrage at court, where it was felt Gabrielle's social status was insufficient for a post of that magnitude.
This caused an outrage amongst Australian basketball fans, who took to social networks Facebook and Twitter, voicing their concerns.
This incident among others also caused outrage from the RSPCA.
This led to outrage in the Coptic community who felt that these suspects should be in custody.
This sparked outrage from viewers, resulting in a letter-writing campaign to Viacom, CBS and local newspapers to push for "Sunday Morning"s return to channel 12.
This version featured "more propulsion from the horn section, and B.B. investing his vocal with far more outrage than can be detected on the laidback original".
Toji has been away from the Yoshioka dojo during his search for Musashi and, in outrage at Denshichirō's orders, attacks Musashi blindly only to be cut down with a single slash to the neck.
When Queen Violante was informed of the outrage, she condemned the inhabitants of the islands to pay a fine of 150,000 florins (or, according to some authorities, 104,000 florins).
Would now the wind but had a body; but all the things that most exasperate and outrage mortal man, all these things are bodiless, but only bodiless as objects, not as agents.
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