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Vocabulary Word

Word: outlook

Definition: point of view; view from a particular place; expectation for the future; prospect; Ex. outlook on life; Ex. pleasing outlook; Ex. weather outlook

Sentences Containing 'outlook'

"Living Marxism'"s introduction summarised its outlook as: Views.
As she shares the details of her file with her fellow students, she develops a new outlook on life.
Bannister currently hosts "Outlook" on the BBC World Service.
Beginning in 1981–1982, the following rules changes were implemented: Season outlook.
Both movements were restorationist in outlook, and influenced the later Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.
But he was completely social in his outlook, in his passion for justice, in his desire for the self-realization of all people regardless of race, color or creed.
During the sixteenth century, Scotland underwent a Protestant Reformation that created a predominately Calvinist national Church of Scotland (kirk), which was strongly Presbyterian in outlook.
For example, rather than using Outlook only for email and calendaring, an OBA might allow Outlook to also provide a view into an inventory system, a customer service system, or an HR system.
Hagen's philosophical outlook can most easily be spotted in her 1972 poem "Guds Tuntre" ("The Courtyard Tree of God").
He claimed the citizens were far too parochial in their outlook; they were far more concerned with domestic issues rather than national politics.
He had a very positive outlook on life in general and very loyal to his personal friends and very sincere to one and all.
He tries to counter Castorp's morbid fascination with death and disease, warns him against the ill Madame Chauchat, and tries to demonstrate a positive outlook on life.
He was a representation of part of my outlook and world view.
He wrote of how having been in contact with, in his own words, "the dirty work of Empire at close quarters" had affected his personal, political and social outlook.
His articles have been primarily liberal in outlook and critical of former American President George W. Bush.
His observation of both human vice and social outlook is contrasted with his conservative sense of duty, both to his work as a police officer and his relationship with his girlfriend.
His progressive and enthusiastic outlook on life makes him as strong willed as he is selfless.
His work offers a bleak, tragicomic outlook on human nature, often coupled with black comedy and gallows humour.
However if its outlook worsens then its CDS spread should widen and its stock price should fall.
In 1912, the editor of the magazine Guinness owned, "The Outlook", broke the Marconi scandal, accusing Lloyd George and other Liberal ministers of share frauds.
In 2010, the school was awarded the UNESCO school status (one of just 54 in the UK) for the "global outlook of students" at the Hardyes.
In further support of his collaborative outlook on climate change, Sarkozy has led the EU into a partnership with China.
In her "Spiritual Autobiography" however, Weil records that she always had a Christian outlook, taking to heart from her earliest childhood the idea of loving one's neighbour.
It uses the Microsoft Office System (such as Outlook, Word, or Excel) as the "front end" for a Line of Business (LOB) application.
Keita's perspective on griots provides a different outlook on the position of griots in modern Mali.
Like other émigré officers, D'Aspré had an aggressive outlook.
Microsoft Outlook was not included and used to be bundled with Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5.
Namrata Joshi from "Outlook" gave a rating of 4 out 5 and called "Kaminey" "a strikingly anarchic, unusually energetic, quirky and frenetic film".
Namrata Joshi from "Outlook" wrote that "Kaminey" reflects Bhardwaj's "enduring fascination for underdogs, characters on the margins of society and the morally compromised".
Outlook Festival is a musical event hosting all kinds of bass music held just outside of the city of Pula, Croatia.
Regarding divisions of practice, the "Mahāvibhāṣā" is known to employ the outlook of Buddhist practice as consisting of the Three Vehicles.
Regarding divisions of practice, the Vaibhāṣika Sarvāstivādins are known to have employed the outlook of Buddhist practice as consisting of the Three Vehicles: Views on the Buddha.
Religious skepticism, according to Paul Kurtz, is only one aspect of the secular humanistic outlook.
Several techniques have changed the outlook on Mars exploration.
SLA publishes "Information Outlook" (formerly "Special Libraries"), a magazine that is sent free of charge to all members eight times a year.
The Almohads, who had taken control of much of Islamic Iberia by 1172, far surpassed the Almoravides in fundamentalist outlook, and they treated the "dhimmis" harshly.
The International Futures model has also contributed to the United Nations "Human Development Report" and the "Global Environmental Outlook".
The long-term outlook for premature babies saved by NICUs has always been a concern.
The modern outlook on Mars exploration is not the same.
The personalized elements in Aderca's socialist outlook were in part held accountable for his conflicts with the authorities of Communist Romania.
The series dealt with how Beryl's new ideas, attitudes and outlook affected her family, friends and neighbours.
The UK Festival Awards gave Outlook the title of ‘Best Overseas Festival’ in 2011.
The whole campus is designed for the urban outlook.
These were Kindersley, Rosetown, Eston-Elrose, Outlook, Davidson and Biggar School Divisions.
They are also described as mannerly and manageable, eager to please, confident, courageous, alert, and loyal with a genuine sociable outlook.
They moved to London where Philippe was born and he considers himself British "though cosmopolitan in outlook".
They were moderate in their political outlook and some may have been Cathars, the very heretics the Whites were set up to destroy.
This alteration in the political outlook was accompanied, and in part occasioned, by economic changes of great significance.
This experience helped formulate Leslie's outlook and attitudes to economic matters generally.
[http://www.muzic.net.nz/artists/224.html] "Devil You Know", "Outlook For Thursday" and the more 80's sounding "Magic (What She Do)".

More Vocab Words

::: adherent - supporter; follower
::: undertaker - funeral director; one whose business is to arrange burials
::: surmount - overcome
::: gourmand - epicure; person who takes excessive pleasure in food and drink
::: mutter - utter (complaining words) indistinctly in low tones
::: salacious - lascivious; lustful; Ex. salacious monk
::: compulsive - resulting from compulsion
::: squalor - condition of being squalid; filth; degradation; dirty neglected state; ADJ. squalid: dirty; sordid; morally repulsive; Ex. squalid story
::: terminology - terms used in a science or art; study of nomenclature
::: unfaltering - steadfast; firm; not changing