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Vocabulary Word

Word: ostensible

Definition: apparent; appearing as such; professed(pretended); pretended; Ex. ostensible purpose of the expedition

Sentences Containing 'ostensible'

Along with his son Mansur, Lu'lu' now assumed direct power over Aleppo, at first as ostensible guardians over Sa'id al-Dawla's sons Abu'l-Hasan Ali and Abu'l-Ma'ali Sharif, until, in 1003/4, he had them exiled to Egypt.
Events would include his rise with the Beach Boys and their esteemed "Pet Sounds" album, the experimental but volatile "Smile" recording sessions, Wilson's ostensible "recluse period" and notorious drug addictions thereon, and his comeback during the 1980s which immediately preceded the highly-publicized civil suit against Landy for his medical malpractice.
He was brushed and washed at the usual hour, and set off with his son to pursue his ostensible calling.
The cast of "Human Giant" were on-air on MTV and MTV2 for a twenty-four hour period between noon on Friday, May 18, 2007 to noon on Saturday, May 19, 2007, broadcasting from MTV's Times Square studio, during which time they were given free rein to perform skits, bring in guests, etc. The ostensible premise of the "marathon" was that their show would be given a second season if they could get a million hits on their website (which it did) during that time.
The House of Lords chose to extend the principal liability of employers, to cover fraudulent representations made by employees with no actual or ostensible authority to make them.
The ostensible reason why Ahab did not go on board of the whaler we had spoken was this: the wind and sea betokened storms.
The ostensible trilogy began its expansion to cover the entire European theater when the developers published a game on the German 1940 invasion of Norway, "Narvik", in 1974.
The priests who managed these powerful institutions wielded considerable influence, and despite their ostensible subordination to the king they sometimes posed significant challenges to his authority.
The team's ostensible classics leader, Italian Alessandro Ballan, did not win any race in 2011 and was again briefly suspended from racing pursuant to the ongoing Mantova doping investigation, as he had been in 2010.
These studies employ an unbiased approach to finding genetic associations with specific phenotypes and give equal weight to all regions of DNA, including those with no ostensible relationship to drug metabolism or response.
`Now as to this article,'said Cincinnati, slashing into the ostensible butter and holding forward a slab of it on his knife blade,`it's from our house; look at it smell of it taste it.
``I own that your question embarrasses me, Valentine, for I can not say that the count has rendered me any ostensible service.

More Vocab Words

::: schematic - of a schema or scheme; relating to an outline or diagram; using a system of symbols; N. schema: diagrammatic representation; outline
::: bicameral - two-chambered as a legislative body
::: dexterous - skillful; skill in using hands or mind; N. dexterity
::: inept - unsuited; inappropriate; lacking skill; incompetent; CF. inapt: (of statements or ideas) inappropriate
::: dislodge - remove (forcibly); force out of a position; Ex. dislodge the food caught in his throat; CF. lodge
::: palate - roof of the mouth; sense of the taste
::: florescence - condition or period of flowering
::: agenda - items of business at a meeting
::: domicile - home; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.
::: pronounced - distinct; very noticeable; Ex. pronounced limp