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Vocabulary Word

Word: ordinance

Definition: decree; authoritative order

Sentences Containing 'ordinance'

559, which came into force on 4 April 2003 and repealed the Trade Mark Ordinance Cap 43.
A complete Lutheran church ordinance was not presented until the Swedish Church Ordinance 1571, defined in the Riksdag in 1591, with a statement of faith finalized by the Uppsala Synod in 1593.
A similar measure was proposed in New Castle County, Delaware in April 2006 and passed into law as a county ordinance in May 2006.
Alma Lovell did not contest the fact that she was distributing material in violation of this ordinance, but attested that the ordinance itself was unconstitutional, in that it violated her First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
An ordinance of the council established the university in 1869, giving it of land, and the power to grant degrees in Arts, Medicine, Law and Music.
As Laredo sometimes undergoes drought, a water conservation ordinance was implemented in 2003.
By the thirteenth century more goods were being exported through Dingle than Limerick, and in 1257 an ordinance of Henry III imposed customs on the port's exports.
Capital punishment in Hong Kong was formally abolished in 1993 (following the repealing of the Corporal Punishment Ordinance).
Due to the 1973 City of Dallas sign ordinance banning rooftop signs, the message sign went dark in 1973.
Government approval of flag day activities is enshrined in the government ordinance, specifically, the Summary Offences Ordinance, Cap. 228 Section 4(17)(i) in the Laws of Hong Kong.
He discouraged secession, but was active in sustaining the ordinance passed by Virginia on April 17, 1861.
He is currently involved with another lawsuit, involving a Farmers Branch, Texas ordinance that prevents landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.
In 2006, then President Pervez Musharraf again proposed reform of the ordinance.
In November 1915 a newly passed city ordinance officially abolished the wards.
In response, the ACLU and Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund sued in Federal District Court to block the ordinance.
In the 1990s Ypsilanti became the first city in Michigan to pass a living wage ordinance.
It was Darius the Great who laid down the "ordinance of good regulations" during his reign.
Later, Ypsilanti City Council, using its power of codification, deleted the ordinance.
More controversially, he proclaimed the Indemnity Ordinance, which granted immunity from prosecution to the assassins of Mujib.
On March 23, 1900 the government proclaimed Yala and Wilpattu reserves under the Forest Ordinance.
One of the first democratically elected Communist governments in the world, Namboodiripad and his cabinet are known for their introduction the Land Reform Ordinance and the Education Bill.
Punishments until now were awarded under the Tazir provision of the Hudood Ordinance.
Stories of great personal suffering by women who claimed to have been raped appeared in the press in the years following the passing of the Hudood Ordinance.
The 2006 Act has now totally deleted Zina Bil-jabbar from the Hudood Ordinance The Offence of Qazf (Enforcement of Hudood ) Ordinance ( VIII of 1979).
The Blue Spring was improved and walled up, and protected by ordinance.
The city passed an ordinance to change all German street names in the city.
The Court decided that the city ordinance was unconstitutionally overbroad.
The Execution of the Punishment of Whipping Ordinance (IX of 1979).
The Execution of the Punishment of Whipping Ordinance of 1979 was developed to make provision relating to the execution of the punishment of whipping.
The governments of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif both set up commissions to investigate the Hudood Ordinance.
The Hudood Ordinance negates the views of the founder of Pakistan.
The Long Parliament's ordinance of 1644 described maypoles as "a Heathenish vanity, generally abused to superstition and wickedness."
The Lords, naturally, were reluctant to approve an ordinance that would automatically exclude nobles from military command.
The Offence of Qazf (Enforcement of Hudood ) Ordinance of 1979 described the offence of false accusation of Zina (fornication and adultery).
The Offence of Zina ( Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance 1979 described the offences of Zina( fornication and adultery )and Zina Bil jabbar ( rape ).
The Offences Against Property (Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance of 1979 described the offence of theft. The Offence of Zina ( Enforcement of Hudood) Ordinance (VII of 1979).
The ordinance authorizing the County Clerk to issue the ID card was passed by the Board of Supervisors on November 20, 2007.
The reason for this ordinance was that the Zocalo still had severe flooding problems at this time.
The self-denying ordinance improved military unity by separating the quarrels in Parliament from the immediate operations of command.
The Self-denying Ordinance was passed by the Long Parliament of England on 3 April 1645.
The trade mark law of Hong Kong is based on the Trade Marks Ordinance Cap.
The trial judge declared the ordinance's requirement that Ypsilanti prosecute only under city law unenforceable.
The trust has been granted Tax Exemption under Section (1)(d) of the Income Tax Ordinance of 1979.
The voters who approved the ordinance on Oct. 24, 1861 also elected members to a convention to write the constitution for the new state.
These Islamic laws included the following: The Offences Against Property (Enforcement Of Hudood) Ordinance (VI of 1979).
They were defined separately in the Ordinance.
This act was repealed by the ordinance taking over assets and liabilities of both KCHC and ACME.
Through the efforts of Ives in the 1890s, then a member of the city council, an ordinance was passed authorizing the erection of an art building in Forest Park.
Two ballot measures to repeal the ordinance were led and bankrolled by conservatives, including Tom Monaghan.
When Ypsilanti prosecuted a man possessing 100 pounds of cannabis under state law, the defense argued he should have been charged under Ypsilanti's ordinance.

More Vocab Words

::: forthright - straightforward; direct; frank
::: maxim - proverb; truth pithily stated
::: whim - sudden capricious idea; fancy
::: accord - agreement
::: libidinous - lustful
::: factitious - artificial; produced artificially; sham; false; Ex. factitious tears
::: transcendental - going beyond common thought or ideas; impossible to understand by practical experiences or practices; known only by studying thoughts or intuition; OP. empirical; CF. transcendentalism
::: moribund - dying; at the point of death; CF. death
::: sensuous - giving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
::: alloy - mixture as of metals; something added that lowers in value or purity; V: mix; make less pure; lower in value or quality; spoil; CF. unalloyed: not in mixture with other maetals; pure; complete; unqualified; Ex. unalloyed happiness