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Vocabulary Word

Word: ordeal

Definition: severe trial or affliction; difficult experience; trial(test of patience or endurance); affliction

Sentences Containing 'ordeal'

"Ordeal by Hunger", "Pickett's Charge", and other works are examinations of American history, but are unusual in their probing of the interaction of human beings with their physical and social environments.
A relieved Amaravathi says that she would be counting the songs, and would appear before him at the end of the ordeal. The court assembles next day at the vasantha madapam, and in the august presence of the King, ministers and scholars, Ambikapathy commences his soiree with a short invocation to Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning.
After a long voyage which includes a visit from Odin, who preaches heathenry and is hit on the head by the priest with his crucifix and falls overboard, and an ordeal on a lava field, they find Raknar's mound on a deserted island in the far north and with the priest's assistance, open it up.
After the ordeal is over, the young writer hugs Riddler, thanking him for saving her life.
After the ordeal, Daniel came to terms with his addiction and turned himself into the police.
And that night starts Savitri’s terrible ordeal. An apparition is visible only to her eye; an eerie song and the sound of anklets make themselves heard only to her ears.
Another novel, "Fire" (1948), and an historical work, "Ordeal by Hunger" (1936), also evoked environmental catastrophes.
Back with Mister Tom, William is much damaged by his ordeal, blaming himself for the death of his sister as he had not been able to provide enough milk to feed her whilst locked away, and becomes very depressed.
Blackspell is apprehended, but only after Batman suspects Riddler went to great lengths to orchestrate the ordeal, including poisoning himself with a nearly lethal dose of Joker gas to skirt suspicion and act on a grudge between him and Blackspell.
Critics suggest Boccacio was simply putting down elements from the oral tradition, notably the popular topos of the "ordeal", but the text was open enough to allow very misogynistic interpretations, giving Griselda's passivity as the norm for wifely conduct. In 1374, it was translated into Latin by Petrarch, who quotes the heroine, Griselda, as an "exemplum" of that most feminine of virtues, constancy.
Daniel, an agnostic before his possession by Eve, remembers crying out to God during his ordeal and knows that Eve was dispelled by a Bright Light he had always claimed never existed.
During one ordeal, Gen's father Daikichi again questions why so many American aircraft are constantly flying over Hiroshima without dropping any bombs, and expresses his fear that Hiroshima has been deliberately preserved and studied for a unique and terrible purpose.
During their hostage ordeal, they start to have passion for each other.
He led a breakout in the Battle of the Bulge after surviving a bloody ordeal in the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. Lanham earned the Distinguished Service Cross in the Huertgen Forest. It was in the Normandy battles that Lanham and Ernest Hemingway first met, and Hemingway later went with Lanham to Huertgen. Hemingway was doing battlefield stories for the American audience for Collier's and sought assignment with Lanham's regiment.
He survived the ordeal and was allegedly sent to the Trawniki concentration camp utilized for training guards recruited from Soviet POWs, later allegedly serving in Majdanek, Sobibor and Flossenbürg Nazi camps and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Stroop Report.
His account of the ordeal "A Night in the Snow" has become well known in Shropshire.
In 2009, she accepted an Alford plea to a single gross misdemeanor to resolve the case, maintaining her innocence throughout the ordeal. Education.
In his account of the ordeal, Chappel reported having seen human skeletons in a cave. In August 1851 visitors from Pitcairn Island also found skeletons in a cave and wreckage on the adjacent beach.
In January 2010, Bakari released an account of her ordeal in a French memoir, ""Moi Bahia, la miraculée"" ("I'm Bahia, the miracle girl"), published by "Jean-Claude Gawsewitch Éditeur" in Paris, France.
In the end she had one of her men undergo a trial by ordeal on her behalf to prove her innocence, but the man was badly burned.
In the first year of his employment, a woman who was set free from charges of sorcery, was threatened that if she was ever accused again, Håkan would expose her to the ordeal by water; two years later, he performed this test on two women in Jönköping - possibly the first time this method was used in Sweden - and in 1594, he was highly recommended for having exposed a woman called "German-billa" and making her admit to sorcery.
In the summer of 1218, Inga underwent a successful trial by ordeal (bore iron) in Bergen to show the paternity of her son.
Nitara smashes the orb into pieces on the floor, separating her realm from Outworld at last. The ordeal knocks her unconscious, but when she awakens, she is home.
On August 5, 1955 22 candidates gathered at Camp Snapper Creek for their ordeal. Only a year later O-Shot-Caw had grown to more than 125 members.
Partway through the ordeal the student let some people leave but many others just ran outside, where a very large police force was gathered.
Providentially, only a few passengers were travelling on car 41 that day, and they came out of the ordeal unscathed, but the driver, who was new to the job, sustained some injury.
She was again exposed to the ordeal by water, and this time, she did not pass; when she was brought up from the water, she immediately said that if she had just been able to prepare herself, she knew a way to pass the test and would have passed it.
She was frequently visited by the various ministers, who came with the intention of reforming her thinking, but also collected evidence to use against her in the forthcoming church trial. The ordeal was difficult for John Cotton.
Six months later, at latitude 63°37’, the ship broke free, then sailed to South Georgia apparently none the worse for its ordeal. Shackleton thought that a similar experience might allow "Endurance" to make a second attempt to reach Vahsel Bay in the following Antarctic spring.
Stress in Russian may fall on any syllable and words can contrast based just on stress (e.g. мука 'ordeal, pain, anguish' vs. 'flour, meal, farina'); stress shifts can even occur within an inflexional paradigm: до́ма ('house' gen. sg.)
Stylus Magazine reviewed the album, saying "The first half of the record is primarily a happy ordeal. “Annie”, a song about a fan dying of an unnamed disease, even reaches ecstatic moments via its energetic backing track of Carlton’s Glassian circular piano loops and verses that reveals that, yes, indeed Stephen Jenkins (Third Eye Blind, boyfriend) is the co-producer of this record. By which it’s meant to say that they plod in a very enjoyable way.
Thankfully, Dr. Nez manages to live through the ordeal, which means the survey team can stay, despite Dr. Whittaker's actions.
The bailiff of Sunnberbo had asked for the assistance of Håkan from the governor in Jönköping, and he arrived with permission to perform the ordeal by water.
The executioner Håkan put her through the ordeal by water together with two other women, whose names are unknown.
The February 25 episode, "The Ordeal of Kevin Brooke", stars Mark Stevens in the tile role, with William Windom as Ed Henderson.
The next domestic trial we went through, was the Ordeal of Servants.
The ordeal had exhausted their creative output following the enormous success they had enjoyed with "Violator", leading to rumours and media speculation that the band would split.
The real witch-hunt was not to break out in Sweden until 1668, but Småland was a bit of an exception, and it is believed that in the beginning of the 17th century there were several, though badly documented, witch trials in Småland that included both the ordeal by water and torture.
The team opened with a win against Pittsburgh in the Hall of Fame Game, then faced Kansas City in Oklahoma, an ordeal which saw the team sit at the airport nearly all night.
Their friendship deepens after she expresses disgust over the prejudice he faces due to his disfigurement and is saddened at Raiden's explanation of Kabal's ordeal. After he helps the Earth defenders to victory, Kabal is extended the opportunity of a permanent position with the Earthrealmers but respectfully turns down the offer, opting to continue his battle against evil alone.
This kind of ordeal is typical of a special master who taught or passed knowledge of kamal to others.
Throughout his ordeal, Woodbridge defiantly refused to give information to his Japanese captors, about his codes or radio equipment.
Toda, who claimed to have only hit Ogasawara twice during the ordeal, was temporarily banned from entering the temple.
When Terra Venture was attacked by Trakeena following the ordeal in the Lost Galaxy, Commander Stanton had successfully evacuated Terra Venture.
While he successfully negotiated that ordeal, without taking time off, he continued to train as he had for the last two decades.
While the Bishop's previous failed landing helped to place Nikos in good light, there seems little to improve Nikos' ordeal. A planet suitable for human life has been discovered.
Wild’s thoughts were now turning seriously to the possibility of a boat trip to Deception Island—he planned to set out on 5 October, in the hoping of meeting a whaling ship— when, on 30 August 1916, the ordeal ended suddenly with the appearance of Shackleton and "Yelcho".
With the ordeal over, as Hutchinson walked toward the door, her friend, Mary Dyer, put her arm in Anne's, and walked out with her.

More Vocab Words

::: censorious - severely critical
::: chary - cautious; unwilling to take risks; sparing or restrained about giving; OP. bold
::: abate - subside or moderate
::: cavil - quibble; make frivolous objections; find fault unnecessarily
::: canter - slow gallop; V. CF. trot
::: arid - (of land) dry; barren; unproductive
::: laborious - demanding much work or care; tedious
::: rusticate - banish to the country; dwell in the country
::: redolent - odorous; fragrant; suggestive (of an odor); Ex. redolent of onions/mystery
::: forward - presumptuous or bold