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Vocabulary Word

Word: orator

Definition: public speaker

Sentences Containing 'orator'

A noted orator, he introduced Irish Republic President Éamon de Valera at Fenway Park on June 29, 1919.
Alfonso Jacquin Gutierrez (Santa Marta, Colombia 1953- Bogotá 1985) Colombian guerrilla, member of the National Direction of the M-19 and founder of this guerrilla. Lawyer of the University of the Atlantic, evolved like professor of Right in the Free University of Barranquilla. It was a brilliant orator.
Although he was unpleasant and pointedly controversial, Lassiter was a careful and engaging orator, building his monologues and telephone harassment with masterful diction, phrasing, and dynamics.
An article in the "Los Angeles Times" commented that the "matchless eloquence" displayed by King, "a supreme orator" of "a type so rare as almost to be forgotten in our age," put to shame the advocates of segregation by inspiring the "conscience of America" with the justice of the civil-rights cause.
And you are even the same: wrestler, gladiator, philosopher, orator all by turns and none of them with your whole soul.
Another was Seattle (also spelled Sealth, See-ahth, and Seathl, pronounced ), son of Schweabe, who was a great orator and peace-keeper during the turbulent times of the mid-19th century.
As a pleader and orator he was counted by his contemporaries hardly inferior to Tully himself, and as a teacher his aid was sought for the noblest youths of Rome.
Douglass has maintained his reputation as a great orator.
God is only the president of the day, and Webster is his orator.
Gomez describes Roemer as "a dynamic orator who could light up an audience with his first two sentences.
He acted every part of an orator, and I could observe many periods of threatenings, and others of promises, pity, and kindness.
He earned a reputation as a first rate orator.
He has subsequently served the University as Public Orator (2004–2010) and as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Engagement (2008–2010).
He is a good orator, both in Malayalam and English.
He served as Chief Rabbi in Netanya (1978–1988), and at that time developed his reputation as a popular orator.
He stood for election the same year, but lost. However, in 2004, he announced his candidacy and was elected to the State Assembly.Rajale's father, Appasaheb Rajale, used to win the same constituency for the State Assembly.Since then he has been popular among farmers and the youth.He is aspiring candidate for 2014 member of parliament election from Ahmednagar loksabha constituency.He is an excellent orator as he proved it through a speech delivered in Maharashtra Assembly during the Budget Session.His speech was applauded by number of MLAs.His great asset is wide knowledge of almost all the subjects.He is a studious man with great insight.He is well acquainted with the problems of farmers and labourers.He raised his voice for their empowerment.He is the firm believer that the farmers should get due justice for their hard work.His contribution for educational empowerment of the region is remarkable.He is the youth icon.He is an ardent lover of Arts.
He was a prolific writer, an orator, and brother of Zayd ibn Suhan.
He was an orator by nature in the first place, and later by the training of experience and practice.
He was much in demand as a public orator in Bengali, French and English.
His commanding stature, the symmetry of his form, the dark and melancholy beauty of his countenance, rather rendered piquant than impaired by an obliquity of vision, produced an imposing impression even before his deep and powerful voice had given utterance to its melodious thunders; and harsh and superficial half-truths enunciated with surpassing ease and grace of gesture, and not only with an air of absolute conviction but also with the authority of a prophetic messenger, in tones whose magical fascination was inspired by an earnestness beyond all imitation of art, acquired a plausibility and importance which, at least while the orator spoke, made his audience entirely forgetful of their preconceived objections against them.
However much we may admire the orator's occasional bursts of eloquence, the noblest written words are commonly as far behind or above the fleeting spoken language as the firmament with its stars is behind the clouds.
In "Silver Dollar, the Story of the Tabors," published in 1932, author David Karsner related that William Jennings Bryan, the politician and orator, visited the Tabors in 1890 shortly after the birth of their second daughter.
In 1901 Orator F. Cook created two new genera—"Curima", into which he put "A. minima", and "Tilmia", which housed "A. horrida".
In 1911, he held the title of “World Champion Intercollegiate Orator”.
In 1969, the school was renamed in honor of civil rights advocate and orator Malcolm X.
In effect, the orator (whose 'sneeze' reminds us of a newborn clearing his or her airways to take the first breath of life) is announcing that 'his' speech has now begun, and that his 'airways' are clear enough to give a suitable oration.
In one narrow, dark, and dirty street through which they passed, an excited orator, mounted on a stool, was addressing an excited audience on the crimes against the people, of the king and the royal family.
Ingersoll enjoyed a friendship with the poet Walt Whitman, who considered Ingersoll the greatest orator of his time.
Ingersoll was most noted as an orator, the most popular of the age, when oratory was public entertainment.
Like the declamation of the actor, the harangue of the orator, or the tune of the musician, the work of all of them perishes in the very instant of its production.
Magistrate and orator of great eloquence chancellor of France under Louis XV.
Max Nordau, an early Zionist orator and controversial racial anthropologist, insisted that Nietzsche had been insane since birth, and advocated "branding his disciples [...]
Moreover, that he was never commended by any man, as either a learned acute man, or an obsequious officious man, or a fine orator; but as a ripe mature man, a perfect sound man; one that could not endure to be flattered; able to govern both himself and others.
Mr Bagri was an excellent communicator and a brilliant orator.
Obama is frequently referred to as an exceptional orator.
On diverse occasions, his talent as an orator was made to contribution.
Oratory was an art to be practiced and learnt and good orators commanded respect; to become an effective orator was one of the objectives of education and learning.
Rathvon describes Lincoln as so tall and with such long legs that they went almost to the ground ; he also mentions the long eloquent speech given by Edward Everett of Massachusetts whom Rathvon accurately described as the "most finished orator of the day."
Robert Green "Bob" Ingersoll (August 11, 1833 – July 21, 1899) was a lawyer, a Civil War veteran, political leader, and orator of United States during the Golden Age of Freethought, noted for his broad range of culture and his defense of agnosticism.
Sarkozy is recognised by both the right and left's French parties as a skilled politician and striking orator.
Tamaha was known as a powerful orator and a diplomat of unusual ability.
That office consists in mincing the horse-pieces of blubber for the pots; an operation which is conducted at a curious wooden horse, planted endwise against the bulwarks, and with a capacious tub beneath it, into which the minced pieces drop, fast as the sheets from a rapt orator's desk.
The article having been read during the painful hush that followed, a universal shudder pervaded the assembly, and immediately the closest attention was given to the orator as he resumed his remarks.
The Council of the Serbs in Pest selected their delegates for Prague including Archimandrite Nikanor Grujić, a renowned orator, Archpriest Pavle Stamatovic, who led that delegation, Djordje Stojković, and Jovan Subotić.
The early beginnings of the national Mau movement began in 1908 with the 'Mau a Pule' resistance on Savai'i, led by orator chief Lauaki Namulau'ulu Mamoe.
The future orator and statesman was born in the Chateau de Bignon on 4 April 1749.
There was an impressive silence; Morcerf alone knew not why such profound attention was given to an orator who was not always listened to with so much complacency.
They hired the writer and orator George Copway (a member of the Ontario Ojibwa tribe) for some of their publications, implying that they intended their usage of "Native American" to include indigenous peoples.
Traveling extensively throughout America, Dr. Swensson was a popular orator, writer and author.

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