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Vocabulary Word

Word: optimum

Definition: most favorable; optimal; N: most favorable condition

Sentences Containing 'optimum'

A Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions (DPICM) is an artillery or surface-to-surface missile warhead designed to burst into sub-munitions at an optimum altitude and distance from the desired target for dense area coverage.
A poikilotherm must either operate well below optimum efficiency most of the time, migrate, hibernate or expend extra resources producing a wider range of enzymes to cover the wider range of body temperatures.
After a regimen of exercise he was able to condition his body to an optimum.
As the race was over Brigadier Gerard's optimum distance of one mile, the relative merits of the two colts continued to be the subject of debate.
Because of the high temperatures at which these tires typically operate, use on the street is unsafe because the tires will typically not reach optimum temperature before a rider arrives, thus providing almost no grip "en route".
By combining the two units into one squadron the Air Force would retain the trained A-10 pilots and maintenance technicians in the area and create an optimum-sized and more effective squadron.
Drainage and under-pitch heating were installed to provide optimum growing conditions for the grass.
During spring overhauls in 2003 through 2005, the electrostatic precipitators were completely gutted and rebuilt for reliability and optimum performance.
For defect formation, the free energy of single defect formation is given by: The enthalpy term, formula_8 does not necessarily reflect the intermolecular forces between the molecules, it is the energy cost associated with disrupting the pattern and may be thought of as a region where optimum arrangement does not occur and the reduction of enthalpy associated with ideal self-assembly did not occur.
For optimum performance, steel should be rust-treated, (galvanized) or stainless steel.
Having taken advice from a number of sources, including the office of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, the committee recommended that the optimum shade of blue for the Saltire be Pantone 300.
He also won the prestigious Månadens Tipselitspelare prize with the jury's citation: "Oscar Hiljemark has been endowed with a massive winning attitude that he has used to the competitive environment for the optimum development.
He returned just as the water level fell below optimum, and immediately ordered departure.
In addition, Miculek is an experienced gunsmith who tunes and adjusts his own revolvers for optimum function.
In addition, the instrument cluster featured a shift indicator light that would notify the driver when to shift upwards in order to achieve optimum mileage.
In order to maintain optimum performance, the surface of stainless steel must be cared for regularly.
In the UK, the film was released on Blu-ray disc by Optimum Releasing on 26 January 2010.
MetroTV, previously known as MSG Metro Channel, was a mix of all three of the Metro Channels for Cablevision's systems that were not upgraded to Optimum TV yet.
News 12 Traffic Weather aired in its spot for a while, but it has since been replaced with SportsNet New York in those few systems that have not yet been upgraded to Optimum.
On smaller racing yachts and catamarans, the mast rotates to the optimum angle for the sail's airfoil.
Optimum sail angle can be approximated by pulling the sheet in just so far as to make the luffing stop, or by using of tell-tales - small ribbons or yarn attached each side of the sail that both stream horizontally to indicate a properly trimmed sail.
Optimum temperatures for sporulation and infection range from 10-18C.
Porritt is a patron of Population Matters, (formerly known as the Optimum Population Trust) and Denmark Farm Conservation Centre Ceredigion.
Prior to the climate optimum and following the deglaciation the glacier melted some 10,000 years before present.
Recommendations for magnesium have been put at a minimum of 10 mg/L with 20–30 mg/L optimum; for calcium a 20 mg/L minimum and a 40–80 mg/L optimum, and a total water hardness (adding magnesium and calcium) of 2–4 mmol/L. At water hardness above 5 mmol/L, higher incidence of gallstones, kidney stones, urinary stones, arthrosis, and arthropathies have been observed.
The BHT method tries to find the optimum threshold level that divides the histogram in two classes.
The car's first win came at the Donington Park round of the Britcar series; with Team LNT and Optimum Motorsport taking a G55 one-two.
The flat antenna may need some moving around, to achieve an optimum reception, but it eliminates a lot of manual manipulation which is inherent in use of the "Rabbit ears."
The GT3 car made its competitive debut at the Silverstone round of the Britcar GT series, with Optimum Motorsport entering it; they finished eighth overall, and third in Class 1.
The M14 is an accurate and reliable rifle, but it has had less than optimum results from being used with a sound suppressor.
The maximum range of a BB gun in the range is , provided the muzzle is elevated to the optimum angle.
The optimum egg-laying time for this species is known to be between July and October, when a clutch of up to 11 eggs will be laid.
The optimum pH for its activity lies between 4-4.5.
The optimum pH of the enzyme is 7.4~7.8.
The stream moves at hypersonic speeds (up to 25 times the speed of sound) in solid material and therefore erodes exclusively in the contact area of jet and armor material. The correct detonation point of the warhead and spacing is critical for optimum penetration, for two reasons: The key to the effectiveness of a HEAT round is the diameter of the warhead.
The UK-based Population Matters, (formerly known as the Optimum Population Trust), supports the view that Australia is overpopulated, and believes that to maintain the current standard of living in Australia, the optimum population is 10 million (rather than the present 20.86 million), or 21 million with a reduced standard of living.
This glacier reformed just short of 6000 years ago following the Holocene climate optimum and has existed continuously since.
To create the optimum grass playing surface in the stadium bowl, the roof was designed to maximise sunlight by using a ten-metre band of translucent polycarbonate at its periphery and the corners of the stadium have perforated walls with louvres that can be adjusted to provide airflow across the pitch.
Tripropellant rockets designs often try to use an optimum mix of propellants for launch vehicles.
When Optimum TV launched in 1996, it got a full-time location in those areas.
While payload sensors represent some of the reason the mission exists, it is the health sensors that measure and control systems to ensure optimum operation.

More Vocab Words

::: carcinogenic - causing cancer; N. carcinogen
::: solvent - able to pay all debts; N. solvency
::: verbiage - pompous array of words; too many unnecessary words; wordiness
::: seminal - related to seed or semen; germinal; creative; providing a basis for further development; influencing future developments; Ex. seminal research in a new field
::: gibe - mock; make jeering remarks; N: jeering remarks
::: makeshift - temporary expedient or substitute (in the case of urgent need); Ex. makeshift shelter
::: expurgate - clean; remove offensive parts of a book
::: derivation - deriving; origin or source of something; Ex. the derivation of the word
::: accretion - growth or increase in size by gradual addition; growth; increase; increase by natural growth; Ex. towers and other accretions of the castle; V. accrete
::: nondescript - undistinctive; ordinary; ordinary-looking; Ex. nondescript fellow in a crowd