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Vocabulary Word

Word: opaque

Definition: dark; not transparent; N. opacity

Sentences Containing 'opaque'

"Kentucky Route Zero" makes a point of asking you to describe their interior instead – and, by extension, yourself as well...A powerfully evocative and beautiful subversion of point-and-click rote, but occasionally opaque and disorienting."
500 copies of the album were pressed on blue and white opaque vinyl with a download coupon which included the complete album plus three previously unreleased B sides from the album sessions.
According to Allmusic, "Theme" has a "fresh, rootsy sound" reminiscent of The Band's "Music from Big Pink", derived from the combination of "Bruce's overdubbed piano and organ parts" and "the country-tinged lope of the rhythm section"."1001 Songs" profiles the number, describing it as an "elegant, masterfully-constructed piece of jazz-rock", though it suggests that Brown's lyrics for the song are "opaque at best".
Additionally, some United States groups use a cloth covering or opaque tights instead of duct tape.
All of the plate was affected by the sun except the portion protected by the horseshoe which, because it is opaque, would not allow light to pass through and reach the plate.
Batiste is a fine cloth made from cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend, and the softest of the lightweight opaque fabrics.
But the wind slides eastward over its opaque surface in vain, till it reaches the living surface beyond.
CDOs are viewed as complex and opaque financial instruments.
Certain states however may require an opaque or non-transparent container of all cremations.
Circa 1382–1389, Philippe de Mézières translated Petrarch's Latin text into French, adding a prologue which describes Griselda as an allegory of the Christian soul's unquestioning love for Jesus Christ. As far as Chaucer is concerned, critics think he used both Petrach's and de Mézières's texts, while managing to recapture Bocaccio's opaque irony.
He fixed his eyes on that window he distinguished a shadow in the darkness; then one of the panes became quite opaque, as if a sheet of paper were stuck on the outside, then the square cracked without falling.
However, these were almost always lined or worn over opaque undergarments or an underdress so that the wearer's modesty was preserved.
I turned back, and perceived a vast opaque body between me and the sun moving forwards towards the island: it seemed to be about two miles high, and hid the sun six or seven minutes; but I did not observe the air to be much colder, or the sky more darkened, than if I had stood under the shade of a mountain.
Images to be scanned are placed face down on the glass, an opaque cover is lowered over it to exclude ambient light, and the sensor array and light source move across the pane, reading the entire area.
Lawn and batiste do not receive the acid finish and, thus, remain opaque.
Lightweight opaque fabrics are very thin and light but not as transparent as sheer fabrics.
Literary critic Ignacio Valente described Contreras' prose as very good, as opaque in the best sense, like that of Kafka.
Located at the head of a canyon, the waters of Cracker Lake are an opaque turquoise from rock flour (silt) originating from Siyeh Glacier.
Opaque bodystockings can be worn in place of tights and a blouse.
Opaque Kuhnian paradigms and paradigm shifts do exist. A few years after the discovery of the mirror-neurons that provide a hard-wired basis for the human capacity for empathy, the scientists involved were unable to identify the incidents that had directed their attention to the issue.
Over a period of hours to days the loss of water turns it opaque white.
Paper prints were the positive opaque copies of their transparent film negative source.
Since it was translucent, thin layers of red lac were built up or glazed over a more opaque dark color to create a particularly deep and vivid color.
Such a paradigm is "opaque", appearing to be a direct view of the bedrock of reality itself, and obscuring the possibility that there might be other, alternative imageries hidden behind it.
The channels through which premium cuts such as fin whale tail meat are sold remain opaque.
The crossing of lines in shading gives a more opaque look.
The Herbst Glacier is located above the lake to the northwest. Rock flour (silt) from melting glaciers make the lake appear opaque turquoise in color.
The title of the fourth Roxy album, "Country Life", was intended as a parody of the well-known British rural magazine of the same name, and the visually punning front cover photo featured two models (two German fans, Constanze Karoli—sister of Can's Michael Karoli—and Eveline Grunwald) clad only in semi-transparent lingerie standing in a forest. As a result, in many areas of the United States the album was sold in an opaque plastic wrapper because retailers refused to display the cover.
The transparency of the finished casting depends on the size of the frit used: fine powder produces an opaque cast, medium or coarse frit may be used to cast a transparent piece.
This is useful to suggest the opaque appearance of the darker passage that occurs in that part of a shadow nearest the lights; and it is sometimes used in the half tones also.
We can always tell the direction from which light comes, either by the shadow cast or by the bright spot formed when an opening occurs in the opaque object casting the shadow.

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