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Vocabulary Word

Word: onslaught

Definition: vicious assault; fierce attack; Ex. unexpected onslaught of the enemy

Sentences Containing 'onslaught'

"Woodstock" had been the most recent film debuting prior to the onslaught of biological warfare, and Neville darkly remarks the film is so popular it was "held over for the third straight year".
Adams and Rivera were severely wounded in the onslaught.
An environmental holocaust, which happened because the sun created an onslaught of solar flares made up of red-hot, radiation ridden plasma that nearly destroyed Earth.
As he said to himself, "If, for my sins, or by my good fortune, I come across some giant hereabouts, a common occurrence with knights-errant, and overthrow him in one onslaught, or cleave him asunder to the waist, or, in short, vanquish and subdue him, will it not be well to have some one I may send him to as a present, that he may come in and fall on his knees before my sweet lady, and in a humble, submissive voice say, 'I am the giant Caraculiambro, lord of the island of Malindrania, vanquished in single combat by the never sufficiently extolled knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, who has commanded me to present myself before your Grace, that your Highness dispose of me at your pleasure'?"
As the events in South Vietnam’s II Corps Tactical Zone were beginning to unfold, intelligence reports from Saigon continued to warn General Phu of an imminent Communist onslaught on Ban Me Thuot.
Ava's renewed onslaught began in November 1416 (Tazaungmon 778 ME), and forced Razadarit to flee to Martaban.
Cooperative, on the other hand, sees player Overlords working together to either defend against a constant onslaught in Survival or attack powerful foes in Invasion.
During the Heroes Reborn event, many of the Avengers together with the Fantastic Four and others, died trying to stop the psychic entity Onslaught, although it was revealed that Franklin Richards preserved those heroes in a pocket universe.
He grasped his empty gun by the barrel and in a violent onslaught killed the crew.
However, Communist forces had several important advantages that translated into successful tactics to survive American bombing: The aerial onslaught.
I very much doubt whether you or your family could have survived a similar onslaught."
In the first film it is unknown to the mercenaries on the who Ryback is, believing he was just a mere cook which added an element of surprise to the onslaught which followed.
In the wake of this onslaught, Razadarit fled to Martaban.
It has been speculated had Colley received his reinforcements before the onslaught of the rain, he would probably have been able to defeat the Boers for the first time and give the British better bargaining power during the peace negotiations.
It has succeeded as an old Bulgarian settlement, which was destroyed in the late 14th century during the Ottoman onslaught.
Kingsley Amis's argument is that the Bond novels are substantial and complex works of fiction, and certainly not, as Ian Fleming's critics said, 'a systematic onslaught on everything decent and sensible in modern life’.
Many feel that the advertising onslaught by Sony at this time did not truly begin to take effect until many of the consumers who held out for the N64 became frustrated at the lack of software following the first few months after the system's release.
Meanwhile Overton had commenced a violent onslaught against the Westminster assembly, under the pseudonym of "Martin Marpriest", who was represented as the son of Martin Marprelate, the antagonist of the Elizabethan bishops.
Mikael Wood of "Spin" said that Rose's vocals are "still astounding" and felt that the songs' "memorable melodies" overcome the album's "aural onslaught."
On Earth, they face off against New Wakanda, a colony of humans who survived the zombie onslaught.
Roto and Yureka soon find themselves in a fiery pit fighting an onslaught of weak monsters before stronger ones pop out in the "Heart" of Lost Saga.
Some observers reckoned that the onslaught on Estonia was of a sophistication not seen before.
Targeting however was tightly controlled and limited, and while most major industrial centers had been destroyed by 1967, imports from Soviet bloc countries and China furnished most war-making material. The country continued to function for war despite the aerial onslaught.
The Annals of Ulster say:And men say that so many fell in this great battle that we find no comparable slaughter in a single onslaught and fierce conflict throughout all preceding ages.
The book is an expansion of the author's novella "The Onslaught from Rigel," originally published in the magazine "Wonder Stories Quarterly" in the issue for Winter 1932.
The muleteers, who had no idea of a joke and did not understand all this about battles and spoils, seeing that Don Quixote was some distance off talking to the travellers in the coach, fell upon Sancho, knocked him down, and leaving hardly a hair in his beard, belaboured him with kicks and left him stretched breathless and senseless on the ground; and without any more delay helped the friar to mount, who, trembling, terrified, and pale, as soon as he found himself in the saddle, spurred after his companion, who was standing at a distance looking on, watching the result of the onslaught; then, not caring to wait for the end of the affair just begun, they pursued their journey making more crosses than if they had the devil after them.
The onslaught of the foeman to repel By might of arm all vainly did they try, And when at length 'twas left them but to die, Wearied and few the last defenders fell.
The Parthian onslaught did not cease until nightfall.
These Dixicrats returned to the party by 1950, but Southern Democrats held off Republican inroads in the suburbs by arguing that only they could defend the region from the onslaught of northern liberals and the civil rights movement.
Thus in the present-day Temne we have a people who partly withstood the Mane onslaught: they kept their language, but became ruled by a line of Mane kings.
Ua Conchobair's rival, Cathal Carragh Ua Conchobair marched at the head of his army to give them battle but was killed in a combined Burke/Ua Conchobair onslaught after a week of skirmishing between the two sides.
Under a united Christian onslaught, Tripoli fell on 12 July 1109, completing the Kingdom of Jerusalem.
When she sees him, she launches into a non-stop soliloquy, enumerating her hurts and anger at his betrayal. Through her onslaught, it is clear that she cared dearly for him and the lost life they built together.
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