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Vocabulary Word

Word: occult

Definition: mysterious; secret; supernatural; beyond human comprehension; CF. mysterious to human ?; OP. bare

Sentences Containing 'occult'

A few primarily Hermetic occult orders were founded in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.
A large number of these works were set in New Zealand and featured themes of mystery, adventure, war, crime and justice, the occult, mesmerism and romance.
A significant number of articles are translations of English essays already published, and many authors are occultists of considerable reputation in the occult scene.
According to (Wolffram, 2012) "argued that the hypnotic atmosphere of the darkened séance room and the suggestive effect of the experimenters’ social and scientific prestige could be used to explain why seemingly rational people vouchsafed occult phenomena."
After the death of her husband, Harry Ogden, in 1929, she sought comfort in spiritualism, soon forming an occult group called the School of Truth.
De Grandin was a French physician and expert on the occult and a former member of the French Sûreté who resembled a more physically dynamic blond, blue-eyed Hercule Poirot.
Ent was born at the disbandment of occult lore.
He used the proceeds from his publishing ventures and stage shows to purchase a mansion which became known as "The Palace of the Occult", which he renovated and turned into a luxurious interactive theatre for fortune telling games.
Her other writings have dealt with fantasy and occult subjects, including articles on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".
Himmler has also asked him to join the resurrection ceremony but Strasse declines due to his disbelief in the occult. Strasse continuously taunts Blazkowicz during his duel in the lab with an Übersoldat, commenting "Thus we will see the superiority of the machine over flesh and blood."
His later writings continue his interest in names, but also branch out to include mysticist or occult topics.
His plays can be divided into at least three distinct categories: social comedies, political dramas and plays that dramatize astrology, magic and other occult practices.
I began to think of genii, sylphs, gnomes, in short, of all the ministers of the occult sciences, until I laughed aloud at the freaks of my own imagination.
In 1952, the Warrens founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, the oldest ghost hunting group in New England, and opened The Warrens' Occult Museum.
In 2004 Department Q, a Ministry of Defence department originally created in the 1940s to combat nazi occult warfare, is privatised by the British government.
In addition to investigations, Lorraine also continues to run the private Occult Museum in the back of her house in Monroe, Connecticut with the help of her son-in-law, Tony Spera.
In the contrary, planets can completely occult a neutron star or a white dwarf which would be easily detectable from Earth.
In the third act, Axël's Rosicrucian tutor, Master Janus, prepares to initiate Axël into the occult mysteries.
It has been said that he comes from the activity of the occult that used to take place in the area at night.
It is implied that his knowledge of occult and folk legendarium is of Ph.D level.
It is published twice a year, on Beltane and Samhain, and covers a wide range of metaphysical, occult, and magical topics.
It was subsequently adopted into the pop-cultural mainstream, turning up in such diverse places as modern occult traditions and role-playing games.
Ivan (Nebojša Glogovac), a promising judoist in his teenage years, has since had a history of neurosis, psychotic episodes, hospitalization, being heavily medicated, involvement in various occult groups and practices, prior to having been baptized in the Orthodox Church.
Joseph A. Citro is a Vermont author and folklorist. Occasionally referred as the "Bard of the Bizarre" or "the Ghost-Master General", he has extensively researched and documented the folklore, hauntings, ghost stories, paranormal activity and occult happenings of New England.
Jules de Grandin is a fictional occult detective created by Seabury Quinn for "Weird Tales".
Kostabi announces that he has contracted their services as part of a new private ghost-busting outfit, to be known as Caballistics, Inc., and introduces them to their teammates, freelance occult investigators Hannah Chapter and Lawrence Verse.
McDonnell was, by some accounts, a believer in the occult, as shown by giving many of his aircraft occult names such as phantom, demon, goblin, banshee, and voodoo.
New Enemies - Occult Priest and X-Shepard. And the original Wolf 3D.
No one now objects to following out the results consequent on this unknown element of attraction; notwithstanding that Leibnitz formerly accused Newton of introducing "occult qualities and miracles into philosophy."
Regardie had once claimed that there are many occult orders which learned whatever they know of magic from what had been leaked from the Golden Dawn by those whom Regardie deemed "renegade members."
She is Marianna Blavatsky's pupil and a firm believer in the occult. Although a capable leader, Helga tries too hard and makes rash decisions that jeopardize the safety of her troops.
She tutored Standartenführer Von Bulow in the ways of the occult. Little is mentioned of her until the OSA learns of the ceremony.
Signs may include: abdominal tenderness, weight loss, changes in bowel habits (increased frequency), fever, bleeding (overt or occult)/bloody stools, diarrhea, and distension.
Spence's 1940 book "Occult Causes of the Present War" (ISBN 0766100510) seems to have been the first book in the field of Nazi occultism.
Summers' work on the occult is notorious for his unusual and old-fashioned writing style, his display of erudition, and his purported belief in the reality of the subjects he treats.
The essays in the book fall into three general categories, dealing with ancient civilizations and certain unscientific theories regarding them, occult-related subjects, and pseudoscience in general. Anecdotes from history and de Camp's travels to some of the locales he writes about pepper the narrative.
The magic plays include astonishing instances of the occult at a time when such practices were frowned upon.
The occult. Summers' career as an ostensibly Catholic clergyman was highly unusual. He wrote works of hagiography on Saint Catherine of Siena and Saint Anthony Maria Zaccaria, but his primary religious interest was in the subject of the occult. While Aleister Crowley, with whom he was acquainted, adopted the persona of a modern-day witch, Summers played the part of the learned Catholic witch-hunter.
The Order was a specifically Hermetic society that taught alchemy, kabbalah, and the magic of Hermes, along with the principles of occult science.
The plotline has an occult theme that features Prince Edward, Duke of Clarence but does not reference the Whitechapel murders.
The semi-occult methods he used brought him a brush with the ecclesiastical authorities in 1627 while in Brittany.
The supernatural element is based on the story of Castle Wewelsburg, a 17th-century castle occupied by the Germans under Heinrich Himmler's control, and used for occult rituals and practices.
The Temple of Set is an initiatory occult society claiming to be the world's leading left-hand path religious organization.
The temple plays an important role in many occult theories.
The title story introduces Campbell's fictitious book of occult lore (similar to Lovecraft's Necronomicon, "The revelations of Glaaki" (see Books of the Cthulhu Mythos).
The videos, which seemed genuine and presented lonelygirl15 as an actual person, initially dealt with typical teenage angst issues but soon after introduced a bizarre narrative surrounding secret occult practices within her family.
Their religious practices and use of astrology caused derivatives of the term "Magi" to be applied to the occult in general and led to the English term "magic", although Zoroastrianism was in fact strongly opposed to sorcery.
Therefore, a urinalysis to detect an occult urinary tract infection, and chest X-ray to look for occult pneumonia should be routinely performed.
These words circulate throughout occult and magical circles.
Unlike the other SS antagonists, Deathshead does not believe in the occult and would prefer to arm the Nazi war machine using advanced technology, but has been ordered to provide his creations to Operation Resurrection by Himmler himself.

More Vocab Words

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::: interstice - narrow space between things
::: vernal - pertaining to spring
::: megalomania - mania for doing grandiose things; mental disorder characterized by delusions of wealth, power, or importance
::: leery - (of someone) suspicious; wary; cautious
::: impenitent - not repentant
::: hirsute - hairy; having a lot of hair
::: check - stop motion; curb or restrain
::: privy - secret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
::: mercenary - motivated solely by money or gain; N.