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Vocabulary Word

Word: obsolete

Definition: outmoded; no longer used

Sentences Containing 'obsolete'

"Hyphessobrycon simulans" and "Cheirodon simulans" are obsolete synonyms.
"Nimb" is an obsolete form of the noun, but not a verb, except that the obsolete "nimbated", like the commoner "nimbate", means "furnished with a nimbus".
"Niveae" is an obsolete series within the former genus "Dryandra" (now "Banksia" ser.
'Mr. Wickfield is, I dare say, a man of very excellent intentions; but he is--in short, he is obsolete.'
70 in D major, but most writers today regard this usage as obsolete and recommend using a tie across the barline instead.
A kula is an obsolete unit of measurement.
A new teleportation technology makes travel by spaceship obsolete.
After only eight years of service it was made obsolete by the advent of diesel power.
All three were regarded as obsolete 15 years after they were completed, and they were sold in 1886–87.
Although the Koolhoven was an obsolete design by 1938, they began building a few FK.52s.
Another reason why Spell is considered obsolete is that it only supports the English language.
But I omit them as altogether obsolete; and can hardly help suspecting them for mere sounds, full of Leviathanism, but signifying nothing.
But this custom has now become obsolete; turn we then to the one proper mast-head, that of a whale-ship at sea.
By 1925 Wenzinger had mastered the viola da gamba, an instrument then usually considered obsolete.
Early floppy disk drives used this method, but they are now obsolete.
Following the small tour, the band went their separate ways before Book of Love became obsolete.
For 1972, the 5000 cc Group 5 Sports Car category was discontinued, and the 917 and its main rival, the Ferrari 512, became obsolete.
For this reason, I think, any temptation to use antiquated or obsolete language should be resisted.
Fort Breendonk was obsolete and was no answer to mechanized warfare.
It has been on display surrounded by the mechanical calculators that it was to make obsolete.
Its speed and firepower rendered all existing battleships obsolete.
McClellan Gate was rendered obsolete by 1932.
Now obsolete, it was a mask constructed of wire, and covered with cloth.
Obsolete and/or unacceptable terminology.
Obsolete routines are stored in the "HSL archive" and are available for personal non-commercial use by anyone following registration with HSL.
Obsolete scientific names for this moth thus may be encountered in the literature, and include:
Post-World War I. The Military Merit Medal became obsolete with the fall of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in November 1918.
Since R-VIIIs were quite obsolete by then, they were not used in combat.
Since the creation of the Government Office Regions in 1994 and their adoption for statistical purposes in 1999, some historical regional schemes have become obsolete.
Since then, the original Spell tool has been mostly considered obsolete.
Some rules in the penal codes, especially those relating to civil matters, were obsolete or not enforced.
Starting from 1985 the production of the replacement type KT8D5 should start, however this was by then obsolete.
The "Duane" then again returned to ocean station duty but this task was rapidly becoming obsolete.
The committee was abolished in 1921, along with many other obsolete committees.
The engine was retired in 1897, after advancements in locomotive design rendered it obsolete, and was planned to be scrapped.
The Miami and Erie canal became obsolete as a means of transportation, and was abandoned by the city in 1877.
The obsolete and useless are eliminated.
The obsolete Ilmor engines had been replaced by Ford ED V8s and a whole host of new sponsors were brought in.
The pod is now obsolete, and is being phased out in favor of newer systems like LANTIRN and AN/ASQ-228 ATFLIR.
The process, however, is now obsolete and is superseded by the extremely profitable and convenient Solvay process.
The reference to deafness in the name of the school had become obsolete because an increasing number of the students enrolled had communication difficulties but were normally hearing.
There was, and is when I write, at the end of that low-lying street, a dilapidated little wooden building, probably an obsolete old ferry-house.
There were no Air Force Technician Badges issued after the Korean War, however, and by the 1970s the badge was considered obsolete.
This list comprises the winners and nominees of the now obsolete "Best Comedy Performance" category.
Those words which once were common and ordinary, are now become obscure and obsolete; and so the names of men once commonly known and famous, are now become in a manner obscure and obsolete names.
Though obsolete and no longer in production, it can still be encountered in combat zones.
Tier 1 (Post-study work) is an obsolete immigration route.
While as fast as the new GM and Chrysler OHV V8s, they were perceived as obsolete by buyers.
With the British Invasion, the Brill Building songwriting machine has become obsolete.
_Lap_, in the old obsolete language, signifies high; and _untuh_, a governor; from which they say, by corruption, was derived _Laputa_, from _Lapuntuh_.

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