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Vocabulary Word

Word: obsessive

Definition: related to thinking about something constantly; of an obsession; preoccupying; N. obsession: compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea; compulsive idea; V. obsess: preoccupy the mind of excessively

Sentences Containing 'obsessive'

"Washington Post" columnist Richard Cohen is quoted as saying that Biden's candidacy might be endangered by his "manic-obsessive running of the mouth."
Cannabinoid medication might be useful in the treatment of the symptoms in patients with TS, but the 2009 review found that the two relevant studies of cannibinoids in treating tics had attrition bias, and that there was "not enough evidence to support the use of cannabinoids in treating tics and obsessive compulsive behaviour in people with Tourette's syndrome".
Charity became alarmed by Zoe's obsessive behaviour and tried to end the fling, but Zoe secretly recorded Charity confessing to the affair on tape and blackmailed her into signing a prenuptial agreement, so she would always have a hold over her.
Children with SMS are often given psychiatric diagnoses such as autism, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit disorder (ADD) and/or mood disorders.
Codrescu, who noted that he and his collaborator on the poem only met once in person by the time they started work, described the piece as "the complete story of a difficult love", commented on the writing process: "I was a sleepwalker and an obsessive person.
Columnist A. A. Gill, close friend of Clarkson and fellow "Sunday Times" columnist, described the programme as "a triumph of the craft of programme making, of the minute, obsessive, musical masonry of editing, the French polishing of colourwashing and grading".
Crosby developed an obsessive fascination with imagery centering on the sun.
During her tenure at Channel 7, Brenon was credited with breaking the story about Clint Malarchuk's obsessive compulsive disorder.
Eliot Cohen wrote in a prominent op-ed piece in "The Washington Post" that the academic working paper bears all the traditional hallmarks of anti-Semitism: "obsessive and irrationally hostile beliefs about Jews", accusations toward Jews of "disloyalty, subversion or treachery, of having occult powers and of participating in secret combinations that manipulate institutions and governments", as well as selection of "everything unfair, ugly or wrong about Jews as individuals or a group" and equally systematical suppression of "any exculpatory information".
First, its focus on the singular, or heroic, often oppositional author, helps situate a preoccupation with individualism and isolation that runs throughout MUFS’ activities (evidenced by the ways in which individual figures could determine society policy or filmic preoccupations - for example, in the late 60s one of the journals, Melbourne Film Bulletin, was swamped by Allan Finney’s obsession with Jerry Lewis, while the organisation was almost made bankrupt through the obsessive Carl Dreyer season envisioned by one 18-year-old cinephile).
He has investigated such contexts as embarrassing social predicaments, interpersonal conflict and criticism, relational transgressions, relationship termination, communication between former spouses, communication about sex, social and relational aggression, bullying, obsessive relationship pursuit, and stalking.
He took the opportunity to attack them mentally, changing a subtle attraction to full blown obsessive sexual desire between the two.
He was also distracted by his obsessive interest in the theater.
He was an obsessive recluse who was committed to having his diaries published to establish his immortality.
His madcap escape into the city of Moscow and his subsequent obsessive belief that he is destined to be Napoleon’s assassin show his submission to irrational impulses.
His wife committed suicide while he was away for the war, which author Jacob Schlesinger argued made Takeshita obsessive about his composure and highly reserved about showing anger to others.
In her teens, appeared in Mehboob Khan's Bahen (1941), a film about a brother's obsessive love for his sister.
It was nominated for the Harvey Award. He followed this up with the even darker book "Crumple" (first serialized in the pages of "Zero Zero"), about a square-headed little man in a world ultimately overrun by militant feminists, and the multi-issue series "Weasel", which featured the ongoing story "Ripple", about a frustrated illustrator who enters an obsessive relationship with one of his models.
Obsessive Relational Intrusion (ORI) Occurs when someone knowingly and repeatedly invades another person's privacy boundaries by using intrusive tactics to try and get closer to that person.
On June 14, 1949, Philadelphia Phillies first baseman Eddie Waitkus was shot and nearly killed by an obsessive fan at the hotel, 19-year-old Ruth Steinhagen; this later would be a large part of the inspiration behind Bernard Malamud's novel "The Natural".
On September 29, 2009, while promoting the album on the syndicated radio show "World Cafe", Smith disclosed she had dealt with obsessive compulsive disorder.
One time acts of harassing types of behavior are not obsessive, but isolated incidents.
Registered within realism, the drawing of Miguel Moyano is characterized by an obsessive search of perfection in form, in which the artist goes into the spirit of what it represents and reflects it in his work.
Roberts was found by the judge to be evasive, argumentative, intimidating, obsessive and untruthful.
Schizophrenia occurs along with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) considerably more often than could be explained by chance, although it can be difficult to distinguish obsessions that occur in OCD from the delusions of schizophrenia.
Sound editing and dubbing was done by Jim Atkinson, who Hodges described as "so obsessive about the job".
The articles "Obsessive Actions and Religious Practices" (1907b) and " 'Civilized' Sexual Morality and Modern Nervous Illness" (1908d) are evidence of this'.
The compulsive hoarding of cats, a symptom of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), has long been associated with "crazy cat ladies".
The judgement gives detailed descriptions of his obsessive behavior in dealing with a complaint against the South African Broadcasting Corporation.
They may include limb weakness or numbness, loss of memory, vision, and/or intellect, uncontrollable obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors, delusions, headache, cognitive and behavioral problems and sexual dysfunction.
This triggers an obsessive quest for the Cities of Gold on the part of the Spaniards Mendoza, Gomez, Gaspard and Francisco Pizarro.
Trevor Hall an ex-member of the Society for Psychical Research criticized SPR members as "credulous and obsessive wish... to believe."
Whedon commented that he was "obsessive about progressing a plot in a song, about saying things we haven't said", comparing the musical theater format to the fourth season episode "Hush", in which characters begin communicating when they stop talking.
While his obsessive search for street justice sickens him at first, Paul begins to enjoy it as Detective Frank Ochoa tries to find the man who is doing the police department's job for them.
Zalis noted: "Through a system of communicating vessels, we find, in Aderca, the rural and the urban epics, the erotic annotation and the obsessive fixation, the tribulation of a mindset as much as the traumatic drunkenness."
″Abby Leigh's recent paintings and ink drawings (2005–07), brought together under the title "The Eye is the First Circle," cast Yayoi Kusama's obsessive infinity nets over the visionary abstraction of Arthur Dove….”Landscape for the Profoundly Myopic” …might well herald myopia as a condition to be cultivated by 21st-century artist-visionaries."

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