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Vocabulary Word

Word: oblivious

Definition: inattentive or unmindful; unaware; wholly absorbed; forgetful(having the habit of forgetting)

Sentences Containing 'oblivious'

A typical Bert and Ernie skit has Ernie coming up with a hare-brained idea and Bert trying to talk him out of it ending with Bert losing his temper while Ernie becomes oblivious to his own bad idea.
Altogether I was lost in amazement, and sat staring at her, quite oblivious, I am afraid, of the laws of politeness.
As Tóno attempts to explain to Mrs. Lautmannová, who is oblivious of the world outside and generally confused, that he has come to be her supervisor and owner of the store, Imrich Kuchár (Martin Hollý, Sr.), a Slovak opponent of Aryanization, steps in and reveals to Brtko that the business itself is less than profitable, as Lautmannová herself relies on donations.
At length as the craft was cast to one side, and ran ranging along with the White Whale's flank, he seemed strangely oblivious of its advance--as the whale sometimes will--and Ahab was fairly within the smoky mountain mist, which, thrown off from the whale's spout, curled round his great, Monadnock hump; he was even thus close to him; when, with body arched back, and both arms lengthwise high-lifted to the poise, he darted his fierce iron, and his far fiercer curse into the hated whale.
At work he sees Elizabeth, but she is completely oblivious to him.
bury thyself in a life which, to your now equally abhorred and abhorring, landed world, is more oblivious than death.
Genius Charles Butler assists Kathy in her side computer technology business and is in love with her, though she remains oblivious.
He is pretty naive, and says that he views the girls as younger sisters, oblivious to the fact that they have crushes on him.
He pointed out that the current definition of terrorism adopted is oblivious to violence committed by suppressive governments against civilian populations under their control.
How often, at hare and hounds, have I seen him mounted on a little knoll, cheering the whole field on to action, and waving his hat above his grey head, oblivious of King Charles the Martyr's head, and all belonging to it!
However, with the exception of the issues of entrance fees and the quality of the national tracks, the rank in file racers and families were largely oblivious.
Lu Kim thus remains oblivious about his true self.
Oblivious to Qiang's pursuit, Zhen falls for Simon but being a Casanova, he soon leaves Zhen for another woman.
Overall, the general public was left oblivious of the actions, and even of the existence, of the Order, so few if any secrets were disclosed.
Remonstrance was of no use, then; so I laughed, and admired, and was very much in love and very happy; and she showed me Jip's new trick of standing on his hind legs in a corner--which he did for about the space of a flash of lightning, and then fell down--and I don't know how long I should have stayed there, oblivious of Traddles, if Miss Lavinia had not come in to take me away.
see the omniscient gods oblivious of suffering man; and man, though idiotic, and knowing not what he does, yet full of the sweet things of love and gratitude.
Still reeling from a difficult year, Antonio is initially oblivious to the romantic attention of newfound friend Talia Sahid, his driven, no-nonsense partner on the police force.
Street names and landmarks do not exist as he remembers them, and the inhabitants of the town are similarly oblivious to their contradictory past. Peg proves intolerant of her husband's interest and abandons him while he explores the town.
The technique is used as a metaphor for how the main characters manipulate their environment at will, as opposed to normal people who are oblivious to what is going on.
Then it was he wished for the sword of Amadis, against which no enchantment whatever had any power; then he cursed his ill fortune; then he magnified the loss the world would sustain by his absence while he remained there enchanted, for that he believed he was beyond all doubt; then he once more took to thinking of his beloved Dulcinea del Toboso; then he called to his worthy squire Sancho Panza, who, buried in sleep and stretched upon the pack-saddle of his ass, was oblivious, at that moment, of the mother that bore him; then he called upon the sages Lirgandeo and Alquife to come to his aid; then he invoked his good friend Urganda to succour him; and then, at last, morning found him in such a state of desperation and perplexity that he was bellowing like a bull, for he had no hope that day would bring any relief to his suffering, which he believed would last for ever, inasmuch as he was enchanted; and of this he was convinced by seeing that Rocinante never stirred, much or little, and he felt persuaded that he and his horse were to remain in this state, without eating or drinking or sleeping, until the malign influence of the stars was overpast, or until some other more sage enchanter should disenchant him.

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